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Mike Turner

Mike Turner, editor of both Signal Investor and Quick Hit Trader, and founder of TurnerTrends Tools, made the decision to fire his brokers and financial advisors and do it himself back in 1998.  Mike took his three decades of running advanced software development companies and applied that technical knowledge to the design and development of an entirely new stock analysis system.

His financial, mathematical, computer science, and engineering background serve as the foundation for his disciplined rules-based approach to trading. Mike’s methodology and software systems are used to scan the universe of stocks and ETFs to find the highest scoring equities that have the greatest probability of success.

TurnerTrends Tools

With one click of your mouse, you can now discover stocks and ETFs with the highest probability of success. Designed by Mike Turner, TurnerTrends Tools uses a proprietary algorithm to score
6,000+ stocks and ETFs in the market today, based on 12 fundamental ratings and 5 technical ratings.

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Quick Hit Trader

This is the world’s simplest trading system. Each week, Mike presents his 3 best money making ideas, telling you only what to buy, when to buy, and when to sell. You’ll never have to wade through complicated analysis, unclear charts or confusing jargon. You’ll know everything you need to make money in just minutes.

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Signal Investor

Developed by Mike as an emotionless, rules-based program, Signal Investor lets you focus on making money. Because it’s based on pure mathematics and Mike’s 10 rules of investing, the system pinpoints the best investments with absolute numerical certainty – allowing you to capitalize on the market’s upside… and protect yourself from its downside.

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