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Fed Stimulus Ruling Over Market Risks

June 15, 2020

The headlines that everyone feared crossed the tape during the middle of last week, when a resurgence in the number of COVID-19 cases hit Texas, Arizona, Florida and California. The news offered a motive for some aggressive profit-taking in equity markets after a long rally that took the NASDAQ to a new all-time high and […]

Weak Dollar Signals Stimulus Overkill

June 8, 2020

The parade of stimulus packages brought forth by the Federal Reserve and Congress may create as much as $10 trillion in debt when all is said and done. And I use the word “done” lightly. The latest bill being campaigned through the Senate on Capitol Hill, named the Monthly Economic Crisis Support Act, was introduced […]

Beijing Security Law Will Spark Capital Flight From Hong Kong

June 1, 2020

China is back in the doghouse with the White House, and tensions are only going to rise following Friday’s press conference by President Trump addressing the withdrawal of the United States from the World Health Organization (WHO). After many requests by the United States seeking for the pro-China agenda within the WHO to be reformed, […]

The Big Short In Energy Looks Super Timely

May 25, 2020

One of the biggest stories of 2020, and one that will go down in history, is the total price collapse of crude oil and the subsequent spike in oil prices that followed. It was on April 20 that WTI crude plunged into negative territory, bottoming out at -$37.63 per barrel. As of last Friday’s close, […]

Rally Begs For Broader Sector Participation 

May 18, 2020

The U.S. stock market has put up a strong performance off the March 23 bottom if one is long the Nasdaq, S&P 500 and the leading mega tech and health care stocks. The draft horses of these sectors are big weightings in the Invesco Nasdaq QQQ Trust (QQQ) and SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) shares. […]

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“How to Catch Tomorrow’s Big Fish” Conference Call 05/12/20

May 12, 2020

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A V-Shaped Rally Feeds off a U-Shaped Recovery

May 11, 2020

It is almost impossible for a day to go by within the financial markets without hearing about how wonderfully the V-shaped market rally is reflating portfolio valuations. This is true if one is long in Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) Netflix (NASDAQ:NFLX) and Google’s parent Alphabet (NASDAQ:GOOG), as well as Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT) — forming the FAANG and MAGA stocks — […]

Data Center REITs to Pounce on Amidst any Market Retest

May 4, 2020

Just when it seemed like the investment community was buying into the V-shaped recovery due to the mother of all snapback rallies, investors took profits into the earnings reports of most of the heavy-weight stocks that had been hugely crowded trades. Those stocks consisted of the so-called FAANG companies of Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Amazon (NASDAQ:AMZN), Apple […]

Bulls See U.S. Economic Rebound Coming Into View

April 27, 2020

News of the Grand Reopening of America last week was complemented by President Trump signing $485 billion in additional stimulus money to keep the fire lit under what has been a remarkable rebound for the stock market. The notion of a “V-shaped” recovery was all but confirmed by Apple CEO Tim Cook in his phone […]

Will Stocks Hit an Earnings Wall? 

April 20, 2020

The snapback rally of the past two weeks has been nothing short of incredible, and the depth and speed of the correction show that emotional headlines simply got the best of the algorithms. Forced selling by index funds and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in utilities and consumer staples caused those sectors to fall 38.9% and 26.5%, […]

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