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Fed Puts a $2.3 Trillion Floor Under the Market

April 13, 2020

Before getting too wrapped around the axle about all the dire forecasts for the economy and the stock market that are being published by the various media outlets, it’s important to know that economists are operating in a fog and the remote economy has taken over. Economists and stock analysts are reverting to different ways […]

Bulls Look to ‘Win the Crowd’

April 6, 2020

As part of our strict quarantine in Virginia, I am watching classic movies again for some analogous direction in my weekly take on current market conditions. As far as data is concerned, investors are still flying blind. All information crossing the tape is through the rear-view mirror. However, one of the most accurate indicators of […]

Stimulus Package Jolts Key Income Sectors

March 30, 2020

Last week’s ferocious three-day rally, which had the S&P 500 gaining 18% off the Monday low of 2,187, was telling in a number of ways and not in others. What it did not foretell was whether the absolute low has been reached, because there is no telling when the worst of the spread of COVID-19 […]

The Sun Is A Mighty Force Against COVID-19

March 23, 2020

Amid all the laboratory science in the world that has been marshaled against the coronavirus, and all the money that is being spent to avoid a global economic depression, wouldn’t it be just amazing if the plateauing of the now-famous COVID-19 curve came from the start of spring, warm air and more sunshine? For starters, […]

Buy High Quality Blue-Chip Dividend Stocks After The Plunge

March 16, 2020

Yesterday, in what can only be viewed as a preemptive measure to keep the markets from seizing up, the Fed went ahead and slashed the short-term benchmark rate by a full 100 basis points. This dramatic move took the Fed Funds rate to 0.00%-0.25%. In addition to the rate cut, the Fed restarted quantitative easing […]

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Option Income Shines When Yield Is Scarce

March 9, 2020

So much for living through one’s golden years off of a portfolio driven by yields in fixed income assets. Anything with a maturity date that is investment-grade is seeing its yield crash. The flight to safety is historical in that Treasury yields have never fallen to the levels that we witnessed last week. There is […]

Blue Light Special In Utility Sector

March 2, 2020

Sales of antacids are soaring as investors have buckled up for what will likely be another volatile market defined by wild swings. Market participants are trying to get a rational handle on the impact of the global supply chain and the new case count of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outside China. The investing landscape has been […]

Bumpy Road for the Bulls Lies Ahead

February 24, 2020

Fifty-five days into the first quarter of 2020, I want to offer a few observations about stocks, bond yields, currencies, gold, debt and politics. I want to assess whether any single factor or combination may pose a risk to the bull trend that has the S&P on a trajectory to trade to 3,500 a lot […]

Who’s Your Mama? Yamana Gold! 

February 17, 2020

Every now and then I get a call from one of my longtime broker friends of the past three-plus decades about a stock from “back in the day” that makes a sudden and determined move higher, snapping out of a Rip Van Winkle-like slumber. Every gold bug in the world knows the name Yamana Gold […]

A Green Light for Technology REITs

February 10, 2020

After a period of relative calm following the finalizing of the Phase One trade deal, volatility has re-entered the market. This has sent stock valuations lower and bond prices sharply higher. Yields across the curve are plunging with the 2/10 year spread briefly inverting as of Jan. 31. The two-year T-Note yield is 1.58% and […]

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