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Thank you for being a part of Bryan Perry’s AI Wealth Summit.

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In this special investment report, you’ll find everything you need on both of the brand new recommendations identified by Bryan’s D.A.T.A. (Deep Analysis Through Artificial-Intelligence) system.

AI Trade #1

First up, you’ll find all of Bryan’s research on this close-to-$500 billion tech titan. Not only is it a dominant force in high tech, it’s also helping reshape the world’s retail industry.

Plus, this single company gives you an “in” into the worlds of financial services, smart vehicles, artificial intelligence and digital media.

If I told you the company’s name, you’d recognize it in an instant, but what you may not know about the $500 billion behemoth is that it’s posted stellar gains over the last two years – the type of profits usually reserved for penny stocks.

Company shares have boomed a remarkable 82% in the last year. Over two years, they’re up 157%. That’s quite a run…

But 2018’s shaping up to be even better, as this year’s revenues are forecast to surge by 56% to $38.9 billion… while earnings are estimated to spike by 42.5%.

With expectations like this, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Bryan’s D.A.T.A. system has ranked this company as the #1 play among all big cap tech stocks for the past month.

Its’ shares have scored a solid “A” rating, with an 88% probability of going higher in the next 10-22 days.

With the associated option play that Bryan recommends, this could double your money in that time as well.

This is just the first of Bryan’s two new recommendations…

AI Trade #2

The second one that’s punched out by his D.A.T.A system is a $6.7 billion tech company that produces advanced systems technology to improve its clients’ manufacturing and productivity processes.

Right now, its primary markets include semiconductor, capital equipment and general industrial and life sciences. And over the last couple of years, you’d be hard-pressed to find a business that’s done better for its investors.

Shares have risen 83% in the last year alone. Over the past 24 months, they’ve sky-rocketed 257%. 

Looking ahead, this company’s projected to be a superstar, with 2018 earnings forecasted to jump by 33.7%. 

With strength like this, it’s easy to understand how this company’s shares also scored an “A” rating from Bryan’s D.A.T.A. system.

It’s earned a massive 94% probability ranking that it’ll move higher in the next 22 days. 

You could easily double your money in that time with the options recommendation Bryan is making for this play.  

These companies represent the two best trades to make today, as identified by Bryan’s AI-driven platform.

But again, that’s just the start of a full year of triple-digit winners as a Hi-Tech Trader member. If you join today, you’re guaranteed 12 money-doubling trades over the next 12 months.

Plus, you’ll get a second, bonus special report – also absolutely free of charge. It’s called Options 101: How to Trade Like the Pros.

In this fast-reading primer on the world of options, Bryan will show you everything you need to know to be up and running making money with options, including:

  • A step-by-step breakdown of the entire options process… including the options strategy Bryan uses most. It’s actually easier than you may think.
  • How to make sure your trading account is set up to make options trades easily and quickly.
  • A breakdown of a typical options trade recommendation, and what to look for.
  • Simple trading mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • And much more.

With the power of Bryan’s system guiding you, combined with his expertise in options trading…

I have complete faith you’ll see 12 doubles in 12 months.

In fact, if Bryan doesn’t deliver those, you will get a second year of Hi-Tech Trader added to your account 100% free of any cost.

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Once you do, you’ll also receive all of the following members-only benefits (what you’ll get as a premiere subscriber to Hi-Tech Trader):

Hi-Tech Trader
Double Your Money Every
22 Days With AI Trading

Each month, Bryan Perry will send you approximately 2-3 new recommended trades, picked out by his D.A.T.A. system.

You’ll receive an email alert on each, revealing what price to pay for the stock…

And, for those who want to get more aggressive, you’ll get Bryan’s recommended options plays, which can supercharge returns.

You’ll also get…

Weekly Portfolio Updates

Bryan Perry is an industry veteran with more than 20 years helping investors grow their portfolios.

So, along with his alerts to guide you on each play, you’ll get weekly updates on each of the current positions in the portfolio, as well as Bryan’s current take on the economy and stock market as a whole.

Password Protected Access to the 
Secure Member Website

The best way to keep track of everything is on the Hi-Tech Trader website. You’ll find archived issues, a daily look at the portfolio, special reports, new buy and sell recommendations, and anything else you need.

A Member Services Team — 
At Your Service, Whenever Needed

If you ever have any questions, we have a member services team available to help you. Our goal is for you to feel 100% comfortable with the service. So, just give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.

For access to an AI-based trading system like those used by Hedge Fund managers and the like, you could easily be asked for more than $10,000 a year.  

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Now, because Bryan invited you to be a part of the AI-based plays today, and because they have the ability to double your money in 22 days, on average…

This is a very time-sensitive situation.

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If you can believe this… In the past, some people have signed up, received Bryan’s detailed work, and then instantly canceled.

It’s not right.

However, we still want to take away as much risk from your side of the table as possible.

So, as I stated in our event, we’re guaranteeing you 12 triple-digit winners over the next 12 months.

To put it simply: if you haven’t seen that outperformance by year’s end, just call up Eagle Financial Publications and we’ll tack on a full extra year to your Hi-Tech Trader subscription – without charging you one penny extra.

Beyond that, there’s a second part to our guarantee.

  • The 365-Day Satisfaction Guarantee: If you in any way aren’t satisfied with the service, you can call and transfer your existing membership over to a more suitable service for your needs.

But I think you’re going to be extremely happy with what Hi-Tech Trader delivers for you in the year ahead.

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H.W., Keizer, OR

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M.B., Charlotte, NC

“Bryan provides honest, straightforward advice…you don’t puff or fluff…you look at all sides.”

M.A. & B.B, St. Louis, MO

“Love your advice… I am getting closer to retiring, thanks to you! We have only been following your suggestions for about a year and are very pleased with your guidance.”

J.S., Gold River, CA

“I like Bryan’s picks, I like the alerts, and I like his explanations when he answers my questions! I also like that Bryan tells you when to sell — I have had other newsletters where the advisor never tells you to sell anything!”

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