Veteran investment advisor Bryan Perry finally reveals the truth about:

“The Options Underground”

And How You Could Have Turned $10,000 Into
$1.193 Million in Just 8 Months!

This little-known trading system generated an average
of two 40% winners per month during one of
the worst market downturns in 20 years!

Bryan Perry here.

I recently told some of my friends about an elite option trading group I was directing – one taking advantage of so-called underground option trades not available to Main Street investors. 

My friends thought it sounded too good to be true.

But then they saw the results.

In 2022, starting with $10,000 and reinvesting the winners, you could have made up to $1,193,917 in just 8 months following my “underground” options trading system.

Here’s what it looked like:

These were REAL trade recommendations issued in real time. They are not back-tested or hypothetical recommendations.

When one trade closed, you could have simply rolled the gains into the next one.

This is what could have happened had you started with $10,000 and not added a single penny extra to your account the entire time.

There were 23 trade recommendations total in this period. 

Yet using just 13 of them could have made you a millionaire in just 8 months.

That’s less than two trades a month.

Had you been a member of this select group, you as well could have turned $10,000 into a million-plus.

Of course, you didn’t have to start with a full $10,000.

If you had begun trading with just $5,000, you could have ended up with half that – or $596,958.

That’s the power of joining what I like to call the “options underground.”

And that’s why I’m telling you about this right now. 

In the next few weeks, I’m launching a NEW series of “underground” option recommendations for members of this elite trading circle. 

No guarantees, but I expect we will do as well over the coming year, or better, as we did in the previous year.

Of course, there’s nothing illegal or unethical about these trades. 

I call the group that uses these trades the “options underground” because this type of trading is normally off-limits to individual investors.

You see, I’ve developed a unique options trading system that maximizes new artificial intelligence (AI) technologies and massive data feeds not available to the general public. 

But these “underground” trades are 100% legal.

You just can’t get access to these specific trading recommendations anywhere else, no matter how much you’re willing to pay.

In fact, most Wall Street brokers and advisors can’t either.

Yet since I launched this “underground” trading system, it’s produced an astonishing 57.8% annualized return. 

This is the same system that you could have used to turn a $10,000 trading account into as much as $1.193 million in just 8 months.

(I’ll show you how we did all this, trade by trade, in just a minute.)

But first, let me tell you who I am.

The Most Profitable Trading System I’ve Ever Created

Again, my name is Bryan Perry.

You might recognize me from my market commentaries on Forbes, Business Week and CBS’ MarketWatch… or maybe you’ve seen me as a guest speaker at numerous investment forums and regional money shows around the nation.

But in my 30-plus years as a trader and investing advisor, I’ve never seen a trading system make as much money as this one, and in so little time.

It’s unheard of for an AI system this advanced to be used outside of the big trading firms on Wall Street… and for individual investors to get access to a system like this.

Best of all, I’ve taken the same advanced AI trading system I used in my own trading and simplified it into a series of monthly “underground” options recommendations that even a high school student could make.

Even investors who have never traded options before can follow my recommendations to a seven-figure bonanza.

Just like the select group of investors who used this system in 2022…

That’s why I’m contacting you today.

I’m opening up the system to a NEW group of options traders – mostly investors and retirees.

My goal is to prove that anyone can use this system to bank huge amounts of profits very quickly.

Eventually, I’m planning on opening up this “underground” trading system to the general public. 

But first, I’m only going to let small groups of 50 new traders in at a time.

That way, we’ll make sure we don’t dilute the profits of my trades before adding the next new group of investors.

No guarantees. But according to my research, conditions are perfect for another million-dollar year in 2023-24.

Now, before I show you how you can become one of our “underground” option trading millionaires, let me answer the one question I get the most:

Do I Need to Know How to Trade Options to Get Started?

The answer is NO.

All you need is a trading account and authorization from your brokerage firm to make these trades.

That’s it. 

After that, you just have to follow my recommendations.

The “underground” trading recommendations come directly to you, in real time, and with plain-English directions. 

You can either enter them online yourself or read them to your broker on the phone.

In short, I do ALL the work for you.

I send you an email (and a text to your phone, if you choose) explaining precisely how to make every trade… with detailed instructions.

Here’s an example of a real trade recommendation:

“Place an order to buy the JNJ June 16 $180 Calls at market. The calls are currently quoted at $6.50 per contract.”

And then I do the same, when it’s time to close the trade. Here’s an example of a closing recommendation:

“Place a limit order to sell the PINS Jan. 23 $23 Calls at $5.00 per contract, good till canceled.”

Plus, the great thing about the AI-based “underground” system is that it doesn’t take very much money at all to get started.

In fact, some trades cost as little as $200 to get in.

The secret of our success lies in stringing together so many consistent, fast, big gains, that you could turn $10K into $1.1 million in a matter of months.

As soon as my system identifies a potential winning opportunity, you’ll hear from me right away.

Plus, you don’t have to be chained to your computer, staring at the screen for hours.

Simply make sure you can access your email or text when the market is open.

Then follow my instructions.

And as the profits quickly pile up, as my system is designed to do…

We’ll have the experience of a lifetime together.

So now it’s time to show you…

Precisely How You Could Have Turned $10,000 Into $1,193,917 in Just 8 Months

It’s an astounding amount of money, I know.

And you could have made it very quickly.

Here’s how you could have done it – trading alongside a small group of “underground” option traders – in only eight months.

The chart below shows you how your account balance increases after each trade:

(You may have had brokerage fees, like commissions and margin requirements,
which we did not figure into these calculations.)

Right off the bat, your first trade would have been with Starbucks (SBUX).

Early in 2022, Starbucks shares were plunging like those of most other stocks.

My system triggered an alert, so on February 16, 2022, I recommended hopping aboard, buying as many June 19 $95 put options as you could from an initial $10,000 account.

Of course, the great thing about put options is that their value increases when the value of a stock decreases. That’s why you can make tremendous amounts of money trading options whether the market is rising or falling.

Well, just as my system predicted, Starbucks shares kept falling… and falling… and falling.

Within two weeks, the put options we bought increased in value from $610 per contract to $885 per contract.

By investing in this trade, you could have ended up making 45% on your money in just 13 days.

That’s a $4,508 profit from 16 contracts in just under 2 weeks.

Your total so far: $10,000 starting balance plus your $4,508 profit.

Your new balance was $14,508, which you could have rolled into the next available trade – which popped up the very next day, March 2.

That’s when my advanced Options Underground AI system recommended that we buy the June 17 $70 put options on Shake Shack Inc. (SHAK), a restaurant chain based in New York.

At this time, the market overall is in free fall. 

Everything seems to be plunging.

Yet you could have made $6,019 in 14 days with 21 contracts as the company’s shares were caught up in the market sell-off that stretched from January to October. 

The value of the put options increased from $699 to $989 each in just two weeks.

As a result, your new balance was $20,527. 

On the very same day you could have taken profits on Shake Shack, you could have invested in your next trade.

Which was an energy ETF called Energy Select Sector SPDR (XLE).

The energy sector is one of the few that are soaring as the effects of the Biden Administration’s policies kick in. 

The entire energy sector was on fire – and my Options Underground system began flashing RED ALERT!

On March 16, I recommended you buy the June 17 $70 call options on XLE for $545 each. It looked like oil companies’ shares were going to SOAR as oil prices skyrocketed.

Just a week later, I told you to take profits when the value of the call options jumped to $943.

You could have pocketed $14,991 in pure profit from Energy Select Sector – an eye-popping gain of 73% in just 7 days.

*Your new balance jumped to $35,518 – which you could have then invested in your next trade.

Which was none other than Starbucks again, STILL plunging in value.

(We often keep trading the same stocks over and over again.)

On the same day you could have taken profits from XLE, March 23, I recommended you buy the June 17 $70 Starbucks puts for $675 per contract.

In late March 2022, the market was rising sharply, but my underground AI trading system predicted another big sell-off coming.

Had you poured your money into the Starbuck puts I recommended, right on schedule you could have seen Starbucks shares start diving again. 

The value of the puts exploded from $675 per contract to $940 per contract.

On April 6, you could have banked another $13,944. That was a 39.2% gain in just 14 days.

Your account could have swelled to $49,462.

Next up: Back to the energy ETF Energy Select Sector SPDR, which was continuing to climb higher and higher even as many other stocks continued to sink lower.

On the same day you sold your Starbucks puts, April 6, I recommended you buy the June 17 XLE $72 calls for $735 each. They quickly rose in value to $1,030 each.

As a result, you bank another 40% gain – or $19,852 in profits  – this time in just 12 days.

This could have brought your new balance to $69,314, which you could have rolled right into your next trade… Shake Shack again!

This time you could have bagged a 51.9% winner in just 6 days with Shake Shack puts… giving you a $35,995 payout.

Your new balance rocketed to $105,309 – and you rolled it into your next trade: Merck & Co. (MRK)

Next you collect a $45,132 payout from buying Merck calls – one of the world’s biggest pharmaceutical companies whose stock has been climbing higher all year.

Now it’s mid-May.

With your profits from the Merck trade, your total was a whopping $150,442 after starting with a mere $10,000 and reinvesting your profits into each new trade.

Let’s look at the chart again, this time showing your progress thus far:

You’ve done extraordinarily well already.

Yet Here’s Where the REAL Fun Begins

On May 18, I sent out a trade that could have brought in $53,383 in profits in 7 days trading Noble Corp (NE) calls.

An offshore drilling contractor for the oil and gas industry worldwide, Noble was super volatile all throughout 2022 – which is precisely the kind of up-and-down action my options underground system likes the most. 

With this win, your new balance stood at $203,824, which you go “all-in” on your next trade.

Next, you get paid $66,177 in just 14 days from trading Oneok Inc. (OKE) calls, cashing in on yet another soaring energy trade.

*Your new total was $270,001, and you decided to roll all of it into your next trade.

It was now late June. And with each amazing win, your confidence was growing. Even if you took a loss at this point, you’d still likely be way ahead.

Next trade: You could have made an amazing $98,487 in just 5 days from trading contracts of Sempra Energy (SRE), an energy services holding company that owns the San Diego Gas & Electric Company.

Revenues and net income were through the roof, thanks in part to rising energy prices nationwide.

Your new total: a stunning $368,487, and, once again, you decided to reinvest the whole amount into your next trade.

In July, we recommended a trade for Applied Materials (AMAT).

We did so because the share price had been plunging all through June, and the “underground” trading system my group used predicted a big bounce.

Once again, the AI system behind these “underground” trades was uncannily accurate. The call options you could have bought for $670 per contract shot up to $915 in just nine days.

That could have resulted in $134,745 in profits.

*Your new total was $503,233… right in time for some BIG winners.

It was now July 27, and the energy sector was cooling off.

The “underground” AI system identified a big opportunity with the Boeing Company (BA). It had been trending down all year, hitting a new low of $120 a share in late May. 

But it was rising in late July, so I recommended trading the January 2023 $180 calls for $1,028 per contract.

As expected, Boeing shares kept going higher. In 12 days, the calls were worth $1,550 per contract, a 50.7% gain.

This trade could have handed you $255,533 in just under two weeks, setting you up for the biggest winner of them all.

The final trade in the series was for a company called Corteva Inc. (CTVA), an agricultural business based in Indiana.

Like energy companies, Corteva defied the downward trend of the market all throughout 2022 and kept hitting new highs.

In late September, my “underground” trading system flagged Corteva as a big opportunity for our group – and on September 21, 2022, I recommended buying the January 2023 Corteva calls for $483 per contract.

Here’s what happened:

It took 35 days, but Corteva shares kept going up.   

The value of your calls could have soared from $483 per contract to $760 per contract – a gain of 57.3%.

If you had reinvested your past profits in this trade, you could have walked away with an additional $435,151.

Your grand total for the past 8 months: $1.193 million.

Here’s the final chart again:

And here are the profits again in an Excel spreadsheet:

Just 13 trades. Only 8 months. Nearly 1.2 million dollars.


And all it took was $10,000 to get started, and to follow my recommendations to the “T.”

Of course, we don’t recommend that investors roll over their profits like this…

I’m just showing you the awesome potential for profits when you win as consistently as members of the options underground do, investing in options trades that Main Street investors never hear about.  

Yet now that you’ve seen the proof about what is possible, you may still be wondering…

Why Haven’t I Heard About “Underground” Options?

Well, it’s because Wall Street wants it that way, for one thing. The advanced AI trading systems behind “underground” option trades are used every day by the fat cats.

I know all about them, thanks to 20 years working on the Street.

That’s where I was a high-wealth advisor for elite trading firms like Paine Webber, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers.

For years, the big Wall Street trading houses have been using advanced AI trading systems to trade options.

They just don’t want YOU having access to them.

And for good reason.

That’s because this is a part of the trading world where big profits are being made… on a DAILY, even hourly basis.

I’m talking about trades that turn $300 into $1,000… $1,000 into $3,000… and $5,000 into $15,000.

The thing is, you can join the options underground too and trade “underground” options thanks to my AI system.

You probably just never knew you could.

Again, that’s not your fault.

That’s by design.

What I’m calling “underground” options have been shrouded in mystery for years.

Wall Street has conspired to keep you out of this back channel of the financial world – for good.

There’s a reason why the Wall Street elite only tell you about mutual funds or blue-chip stocks…

All the while keeping silent about the advanced AI option trading systems they are using themselves.

They couldn’t care less about your future or your family’s future, for that matter.

They aren’t in the business of making you money. They just want to make themselves money.

But we’re going to change that now, by showing you…

Exactly How “Underground” Options Work

I’ve boiled down my entire option trading system into a simple, easy-to-read dossier, which I call  The Underground Options Blueprint

This report maps out simple instructions on how to compound your trades into the fastest million dollars you’ve ever seen.

But how do these trades work?

 The Underground Options Blueprint gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions on how to make these AI-generated trades –

… and how to tap into my compounding strategy and pull out returns like the ones I’ve just shown you – 51.9% in 6 days… 36.5% in 5 days… 42% in 6 days… up to 73% in just 7 days.

All with an average holding time of just 48 days each.

That’s why my team and I put together this dossier…

To take you by the hand and walk you through one of the fastest, most lucrative trading systems around.

So in just a few minutes, you’ll be able to take advantage of my “underground” recommendations with ease.

All you’ll need is:

My expectation is that – after your first few trades – you’ll be amazed at how easy the process is.

You’ll likely make your next trades without even needing the blueprint again.

But as I said, you can’t get this dossier anywhere, at any price.

There’s only one way to receive The Underground Options Blueprint.

In order to get it in your hands, you must be one of only 50 traders today to…

Put the Astonishing Power of Underground” Options to Work for You

As you can imagine, this is a strictly limited offer.

The “underground” options system used by members of my elite trading group is unlike any other resource available.

I’ve traded variations on this system for years, as the AI algorithms grow increasingly sophisticated and the databases of instant information grow bigger and bigger. 

And as you’ve seen, my system has been a HUGE winner – even in today’s whipsawed market!

In fact, the market downturn in 2022 made my system even BETTER.

Here’s why.

I saw inflation was going to devastate many stocks.

So I turbocharged a new version of my system, with two important upgrades:

  1. First, by focusing on companies that enjoy an advantage in this market turmoil
  2. And second, by selecting plays that would allow us to rapidly COMPOUND our profits if we wished

Needless to say, the profits generated by those two upgrades were HUGE.

To be exact: up to $1,193,917 in 8 months!

Of course, not every investor following my recommendations would’ve chosen to roll all their money into the next trade.

But even if you hadn’t, you could’ve still profited enormously had you followed this series of trades.

Now, during this presentation you’ve seen how we can pull double-digit wins even faster when the markets are in an uproar.

You’ve seen how, by starting with a small account of $5,000 or $10,000…

…my “underground” AI trading system can make tens of thousands of dollars in trade after trade…

…and how these huge profits come in with shocking regularity, at an average of just 48 days each…

Plus, you’ve seen how rolling over one trade’s gains into the next could make you even larger profits – in fact, up to $1.193 million in just over 8 months in 2022.

So now there’s only one thing left for me to do:

Invite You to Join Another Group of Traders Willing to Battle-Test My “Underground” Options System

That’s what I’ve come to offer you today.

Before I release this “underground” system to the masses and to professional traders, I’m conducting one final test.

You see, when I released the new version of my options trading system in 2022, I upgraded the system algorithms to maximize the potential for compounded profits.

And the results far exceeded my expectations.

My easy-to-follow trade recommendations gave readers the opportunity to collect up to $1,193,917 in profits in just over 8 months.

I took it to the next level by concentrating on a handful of volatile energy and blue-chip stocks.

And reduced the average hold time to only 48 days.

This made it possible for my followers to potentially bank up to $1,193,917 in 8 months, starting with just $10,000.

And just before this year began, I added a few more refinements so the system could…

And it’s done great! 

On December 21, 2022, we closed out ANOTHER winner with Boeing, banking 60.1% profits in just 14 days.

And on January 11, 2023, we banked yet another 56% on D.H. Horton calls.

I am amazed at the sheer speed with which this AI-based “underground” system can identify high-profit opportunities…

And at how BIG the compounded returns can be.

That’s why I’m inviting another 50 individual investors to try out my system and join the options underground today.

The Next 12 Months Could Be Your Most Lucrative Yet

I don’t think these 50 slots will be available for long.

And if you’re able to claim a spot in our program today, I’ll expect three things from you:

  1. You place the trades exactly as I explain (even if you’re simply paper-trading on a spreadsheet).
  2. You provide some feedback. This may come in the form of a short survey, so you can share your experiences. All feedback will be welcome.
  3. You agree not to disclose or share any of my trades, or the strategies behind them, to any other person or entity.

The reason for the secrecy is simple.

The fact is, my “underground” AI trading system is knocking it out of the ballpark.

So, after this final run-through…

…once we release this system to investors all across America…

…we know that we can ask for up to $10,000 per year…

Because potentially making a million dollars in 8 months is worth it.

Clearly, I wouldn’t want my elite “underground” AI system leaked to anyone outside our select circle of traders.

And once the 50th slot is filled, likely today, we’ll be unable to accept new members into the program for some time. 

We won’t even have a waiting list for this one.

After the next round of testing, I’ll have more than enough success stories to launch this program at full price.

Yet this is IMPORTANT: As a member of this special group, you won’t have to invest a FRACTION of what others will in the future, as I’ll show you in a minute.

So How Do You Apply to Join the Options Underground?

The name of the service that releases my “underground” option trades is Breakout Options Alert.

I call it that for a specific reason.

You see, the AI system behind these “underground” option trades is designed to sift through BILLIONS of pieces of stock data to identify “breakout” opportunities – trades that are making a big move up OR down.

This is why we’re able to bag gains as high as 73% in just 7 days. 

And it’s why we can make money even when the stock market is plunging.

It’s also why I’m confident you’ll look back on today as the day your life changed – forever.

So if you’re one of 50 investors who want to lock in a spot today, you’ll get the following right away:

Breakout Options Alert Benefit #1: The Underground Options Blueprint.

With this dossier, you’ll learn the exact steps that could lead you to your first million dollars in trading gains. It’s all written in plain English, and my team and I have gone to great lengths to cover everything you need to get started trading alongside me.

Breakout Options Alert Benefit #2: Weekly Hotline Alerts with NEW Recommendations:

Every week, you’ll get my full updates, and any new recommendations showing you what stocks to trade, when to trade them, and when to close your positions. No guesswork involved.

Breakout Options Alert Benefit #3: Special Email and/or Text Message Alerts

To make sure you never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation or updates to your Trainee portfolio, I will send you an email and a text message (if you choose to opt in for text), so you can take immediate action to capture the big profit moves before other traders.

Breakout Options Alert Benefit #4: 24/7 V.I.P. Access to My Breakout Options Alert Website

You’ll get your own password to the members-only section of my website.

Here you can read all about Breakout Options Alert and my breaking research on companies that fit what the AI system is looking for when generating “underground” option trades.

The website houses all my current recommendations, the positions of your open trades, and a comprehensive library of videos, tutorials, and special reports.

Breakout Options Alert Benefit #5: Investing Master Class

From our good friends at Consistent Profits. You’ll learn the seven pillars that can help you rig the markets for your success, three elements to increase your trading results in surprising ways, learn how you can better control your long-term profitability… and more. You’ll also get a 30-45 minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.

You get all the above, backed by my research skills and leadership experience gained from 20 years in the trenches on Wall Street. 

It’s everything you need to siphon off seven figures from the markets… whether the market soars or plunges off a cliff.

Does your financial advisor do that for you?

All you have to do is choose to make the trades I recommend… and choose to follow my instructions on when to close them.

Which means I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

But even so…

Joining the Underground and Becoming a Member of Breakout Options Alert May Not Be Right for You

Quite frankly, trading “underground” options the way we do is not for everyone.

Yes, I’ve shown you the actual recommendations I gave to our Breakout Options Alert members in 2022 – recommendations you could have used to turn just $10,000 into as much as $1.193 million in less than a year.

And I’ve shown you what I believe may be the simplest way ever created to make a million dollars in short order….

…simply by following my exact instructions once or twice a month.

And it’s true that I spoon-feed these Breakout Options Alert plays to my subscribers, along with plain-English instructions on what to trade, when to trade, and when to take your profits.

All you’ll need to do is follow my recommendations.

Breakout Options Alert Is an Easy, Simple, Yet Fast-Paced, Professional-Level System

The bad news is that we plan on eventually releasing my AI-based “underground” option trading system to the general public and to professional traders, at a Wall Street-level price.

Even at $10,000 annually, this should be a drop in the bucket in exchange for an opportunity to make a million bucks in 8 months.

Which is why I want to offer YOU a way to try out our system for a ridiculously low investment.

Quite frankly, I’ve never seen a better opportunity to generate extra cash trading.

In fact, most traders would walk through fire even for the chance to make a million in eight months.

But again, it’s not for everyone.

Anything that makes this much money this quickly is an aggressive system.

You don’t make 7 figures in 8 months being passive.

So, make no mistake: This is a professional-level service, and 12 months from now it will have a professional price to match.

However, right now your investment will be so low you won’t believe it…

And if you’re one of the next 50 traders to take advantage of this program today…

Let Me Sweeten the Pot With These Mega-Bonuses

I’m going out of my way to make this a no-brainer for you today. Check out what else you get by joining me today:

Bonus #1: Breakout Options Alert Video Series

I’m in the process of creating an educational video series that shows you how to take advantage of our trading system.

I’m taking everything I’ve learned in my 30-plus-year career as an investment advisor and boiling it all down to this multi-video series – each video less than five minutes long.

You’ll be happy to know that these videos not only detail how you can make quick income consistently, but they also reveal the theory and secrets behind my system.

Bonus #2: LIVE Conference Calls

In addition, every 3 or 4 months – sometimes more often – you can hop on a LIVE conference call with me personally and your fellow members.

You’ll get my portfolio updates, along with my forecasts of which sectors and companies can pay you the most explosive returns in the coming months.  

I’d be hard-pressed to put a value on this call.

But others have said they’d readily pay as much as $500 to be on the line each time we hold one of our LIVE conference calls.

Yet it doesn’t cost you anything as a subscriber to Breakout Options Alert.

So let’s sum up all the benefits you’ll receive:

Benefit Value Your Cost
The Underground Options Blueprint
Weekly Hotlines with Private Trade Recommendations
Email and/or Text Message Alerts
V.I.P. Website Access with Critical Research, Updates and Special Reports Library
Breakout Options Alert Video Series
Investing MasterClass from Consistent Profits
LIVE Conference Calls with Bryan Perry

The value of this Breakout Options Alert package, with all the frills, comes up to a whopping $9,300.

But you’ll get all of this for a tiny fraction of its overall value.

Which leaves me with just one question…

How Much Is Joining the Options Underground Worth to You?

Think of it this way…

Where else can you get even the CHANCE of making up to $1,193,917 in just 8 months

Starting with a tiny account of just $5,000 or $10,000?

The closest I’ve seen are the big trading houses like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, or Morgan Stanley.

But trust me on this: They don’t let individual investors like you and me into their club.

And even if you could gain access, you’d have to pay them tens of thousands of dollars – PER MONTH – to join, not to mention a percentage of all your wins.

Even at that price, I’d be surprised if your gains would be as high as those you’d experience with Breakout Options Alert.

That’s why, after this next 12 months of recommendations, I’m confident I’ll have professional option traders lining up to pay $10,000 for this service.

Yet just in exchange for your feedback, I’m willing to give you everything I mentioned above for a tiny fraction of that price. 

For a FULL YEAR of options trading recommendations that can grow into as much as $1.193 million, your investment is only:

$9,300 $995

You may be thinking: That can’t be right! 

You could make that back with just a single trade!

And that’s absolutely correct – you could.

You can get immediate access to my “underground” trade recommendations and Breakout Options Alert for the absurdly low investment of only $995.

I expect the 50 available spots to be snatched up almost immediately, within the next few hours, so I recommend you act as soon as possible.

Of course, if now is not a good time for you, or if joining the options underground and Breakout Options Alert isn’t right for you, there’s no hard feelings.

All I ask is that you simply step aside and let someone else… who maybe needs the money more than you do…  take one of the open spots.

Yet if you’ve read this far…

…I believe you’re likely just the kind of investor who will take this opportunity seriously.

So if you’re interested in enjoying a seven-figure retirement and are willing to follow my instructions to the letter, I sincerely welcome you.

Click the button below right now and let’s get started:

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Bryan Perry
Bryan Perry
Editor & Investment Director, Breakout Options Alert

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