Dear Investor,

On Wednesday, June 19, 2019…

Behind closed doors in Washington DC…

Twelve men will make a decision that could literally determine the future of America.

This decision alone has the power to rock the markets… and even devastate your retirement.

I take no pleasure in saying this, but the evidence is overwhelming. My research shows up to $100 billion in funds could disappear from this single decision alone.

Reaction will be sudden and swift, but the days that follow will be even worse as losses continue to pile up.

I’m not the only one who thinks so:

Even worse… this decision’s shockwaves could ravage complete classes of investments.

I’m not talking about ultra-risky junk bonds, futures or anything exotic like that. I’m talking about investments — many of them income investments — that have been counted on for years for their consistency and profitability.

When this decision comes down, a number of these former stalwarts could get crushed.

But while I’ve been shouting this warning from the rooftops to fellow advisors, friends, and family members, not 1 in 100 investors are prepared for the coming carnage.


First, Wall Street’s mum on the subject.

The last thing those brokerage billionaires want is money flowing out of the markets. They know what’s going to happen. But they won’t tell you. The “Masters of the Universe” like Jamie Dimon and Lloyd Blankfein are covering THEIR assets, not yours.

Second, there’s an appalling lack of coverage in the media.

Unless it’s a political scandal, a celebrity wedding, or a reality show, it’s not covered.

Third, and worse, too many brokers are flat-out lazy.

They’re completely content to wallow in fees and commissions, so they’re not following this as closely as they should be.

Which means the vast majority of investors are unaware they may own investments that are about to get taken down, starting on June 19, 2019.

If you think you’re immune, don’t make that mistake.

Even if you don’t own shares outright, chances are you hold one or more of these soon-to-be-toxic plays through funds, IRAs or 401(k)s.

If so, you can kiss goodbye to as much as 30% of your portfolio after the decision of June 19.

But, you may be wondering…

How Can I Be Sure this
Day of Reckoning Is Coming?

My name is Bryan Perry.

I’m the editor of Cash Machine. I started trading 34 years ago on Wall Street. I spent 10 years as a bond trader… and more than 20 years as a financial advisor for firms like Paine Webber and Bear Stearns.

But I didn’t love it. That’s why, since 2006, I’ve enjoyed the most rewarding phase of my career ever:

Helping individual investors like you get paid safe, double-digit yields… while also getting double-digit annual share price growth.

Important: My Single Biggest Rule

Rule #1: Do NOT lose money. If you get nothing else from this presentation today, get this.

I relentlessly research thousands of funds, REITs, and MLPs, because they MUST meet my rigid safety criteria…

And that’s before I even consider how much money they can make for you. I end up tossing 99 out of 100 on the scrap heap, because very few of them can average…

  • Blended yields of 8.5% (that’s the average of all investments) in my portfolio
  • Minimum total returns above 10%
  • High volume – no thinly traded investments here – just the cream-of-the-crop cash flow generators for a secure income.

For over three decades, income investing has been my passion.

While other advisors would buy analysts’ reports, trying to guess which growth stocks would boom or bust (always a crapshoot at best)…

I was talking one-on-one with company executives, asking tough questions, grilling them on their financial statements… and finding out firsthand if I wanted to recommend them to my subscribers.

 There’s no substitute for hardcore, in-the-trenches research, talking to the workers at a company, looking the CEO in the eye… and cutting through the B.S.

If their company makes the cut – and only 1 in 100 do – I’ll recommend them to you.

I know of no other advisor that goes to this extent.

People like A.G., from Chehalis, Washington, who wrote, “My wife and I are retired and in our 80s, living off the dividends from the portfolio…

Or J.R., from Lake Forest, Illinois, who told me about three generations he’s help provide for, “… maintaining my same standard of living with my wife, children, and grandchildren.

These kinds of results give me tremendous satisfaction… much more so than I ever got as a Wall Street bond trader. I’m far happier with my 12-year track record on Main Street, giving my members these conservative, secure investments that average double-digit total returns of 10.34%…  

And by “average double-digit total returns of 10.34%,” I mean I’m counting both gains AND losses. Now, what does that mean to you?

Now, I don’t know any other analyst that shows his TOTAL track record, both wins and losses, through up and down markets, like I have for the past 12 years.

But I do it so you know who you can trust. In fact…

You May Think
It’s Weird to Warn
You at this Time

After all, the stock market keeps making all-time highs… and the economy is growing under our new president.

Things just feel so “normal” to many today…

But please… at least hear me out and then judge for yourself.

What you’re feeling is just the calm before a devastating storm… a storm that’s destroyed retiree’s wealth each time it’s reared its ugly head.

This storm is unavoidable. It will start as early as June 19, 2019. And the evidence I’ll show you is undeniable.

But I’ll also show you exactly what you can do before the hammer falls and what you can do to preserve your portfolio.

I’ll point out the stocks and funds that are critically exposed, so you can get out of them now. If you do, you’ll be safer than those who are clueless about the coming crisis.

I know. I’ve lived through the consequences of a decision like the one coming down three times before. If ever there was a time to let history be our guide, it’s now.

So what is this nightmare scenario? As Forbes recently warned…

“Higher Interest Rates Crushed
Stocks Before, And They Will
Crush Them Again”

Blame it on the Fed.

They’re the 12 ominous figures I told you about at the beginning – the ones whose decisions have the power to control U.S. economy, crush the stock market, even ravage your retirement or income.

And if they decide to jack-up rates again on June 19, the stock market dominoes will start to fall even faster.

Three times before, the Fed traveled down the same route they’re on now… accelerating rate increases. And three times before, they ended up sending the market into a tailspin:

History proves the Fed is as reckless with rates as teenage boys are with beer and car keys.

Any economist worth their salt will tell you their interest rate manipulations are behind every boom and bust cycle since 1913.

And now, the Fed is raising rates again, hurtling the market headfirst towards another crash.

Even with all this historical evidence pointing to bad times ahead, as interest rates rise…

Only a few isolated voices are speaking out against this.

Pimco, for example, warns of a “risk of monetary policy overkill.

Forbes warned, “Higher interest rates crushed stocks before and will crush them again.

And CNBC recently leaked that the gigantic volatility spike of 2018 – and the 11.6% dive in the Dow – “…is about one thing: Fear of rising interest rates.

Take a look at how Dow dived 11.6% in fear of rising interest rates:

Now look at the corresponding volatility chart, as represented by Volatility Index (VIX). You can see where volatility spiked, after CNBC said there was, “Fear of rising interest rates:

But this is just the beginning.

Look, you may not read about it here in the U.S. but, already, Fed rate-raising fears are echoing around the globe.

Naeem Aslam, chief market analyst for Think Markets UK, wrote higher interest rates could trigger a sell-off in bonds and become “the Armageddon event…

And the Russian Times predicts, “The ‘Great Crash’ will start in the bond market…” because bonds are interest rate sensitive.

That’s why bonds are a bellwether for income investors. They are directly responsive to interest rate changes.

And that’s why they’re the first investment on…

“The Blacklist”

Like the watchman on the walls, I must warn you of coming dangers. And my FREE Blacklist special report is how I’m getting the word out to as many investors as possible.

The Blacklist alerts you to the dangers created by the Fed’s aggressive rate policy and identifies the specific investments most at risk from this strategy, beginning with…

Blacklist Investment #1: T-bonds and Bond Equivalents Will Wither on the Vine and Rot in Your Portfolio…

Finally, a bad investment the media is not overlooking… Maybe because the writing’s on the wall and too obvious to ignore.

In a rising-rate environment, existing T-bonds and their equivalents face stiff headwinds. Why?

Because, as new, higher-return bonds are issued at higher interest rates, the value of lower-rate bonds will implode. Holding today’s lower interest rate bonds means fighting a losing battle, as they drop in value with each raise in rates.

So there will be immediate pressure to sell existing T-bonds and bond funds as new, higher interest rate bonds are issued with each Fed rate increase.

The Fed started to jack up the Federal Funds Rate on December 16, 2015, raising it from 0.25% to 0.5%. Since then, they have raised it six more times.

That brings us to today, where the Federal Funds rate stands at 2%, and they’re going to raise rates two more times (at least) in 2019 alone.

At the present rate of increase, the 10-year bond will be close to 4% by the end of 2019.

Just for reference, billionaire bond investor Jeff Gundlach said it would be a “big deal” (and not in a good way) if 10-year yields rise above 2.63%.

We’ll be there soon, and the results won’t be pretty:

While T-bonds and equivalents have offered safe returns in the past, look for turmoil in the immediate future as rates rise.

According to the Investment Company Institute (ICI), inflows of money into government bonds had already been diving hard since September 2017. Today, new inflows are headed towards zero, as shown below:

And the number of households who bought and owned individual bonds has fallen to a shocking 1.3%, according to MarketWatch.

People are already running away from government bonds. As they continue to dump bonds, prices will plunge.

That’s my fear for you: If you have T-bonds and bond equivalents, you could get hammered.

That’s why, in my Blacklist report, I give you the names of bonds and bond funds most likely to get wiped out — investments you should ditch today — like:

However, bonds are not all that are at risk. There are many more plunging market dangers you may face in the days ahead. And that brings us to…

Blacklist Investment #2: The $1.101 Trillion Investment Becoming a House Built on Sand…

With 225 of these funds on the major indexes – 190 on the New York Stock Exchange alone – and with a combined market cap of $1.101 trillion…

Chances are, many of you have exposure to these death-spiral investments today, especially if you own mutual funds or ETFs.

That’s understandable though as, less than a decade ago, they were considered one of the most reliable income investments in the market.

But then, in 2004, politics got involved and the Fed aggressively raised its Funds rate from 1% to 5.5% by 2006 (see below).

At every upwards move in interest rates, this conservative, dependable investment – this rock of America – began to destabilize, bouncing up-and-down…

The higher rates went, the worse the returns became for this play (see below):

Specifically, during that time, these investments felt the pain of the Fed’s meddling…

The index of this market was down 49.16% in 2008, according to the New York Times, while  some investments in this class slashed dividends 40% in 2009, according to asset managers Cohen & Steers.

As you can see below, while the S&P 500 plunged 53.3% over this 3+ year period, these investments were hit hard. Many even dropped further than the broader market itself, plunging 56.4% and 76.4%:

The failure of this investment shook the confidence of a generation of investors… and helped to usher in the Great Recession of 2008.

However, with the appearance of near-zero interest rates in late 2009… this low-rate superstar was born again.

Investors began to pile back in.

From 2009-2015, as you can see in the chart below, returns grew nearly 5-fold again. Plus these plays started another round of massive dividends:

You know what’s coming next, I bet.

Déjà vu all over again,” as Yogi Berra might say.

Starting in 2015, the Fed began aggressively raising rates again. And history’s already started to repeat itself.

First the index that had posted 5x returns over that time leveled off.

By late 2017, it began to plunge in the wake of additional Fed interest rate increases:

It’s an ugly trend and, with more interest rate raises on the way, the writing’s on the wall.

It’s only going to go from bad to worse.

This is an investment you want to dump NOW.

In my Blacklist report, you’ll discover exactly what these diving investments are, and which of them may be most vulnerable. 

I’ll tell you how to get your FREE copy of this report in just a second, right after I reveal…

Blacklist Investment #3: How a Fund-Class Worth $262 Billion Could Get Crushed by 30%…

With every raise in interest rates… one enormous class of funds gets pummeled harder than others. We’re talking about a $262 billion total market – probably involving millions of investors.

These funds are so popular – and have so many investors – because they use a sophisticated trading strategy to create bigger returns, sometimes 2x or 3x larger than what other investors would get.

That’s because the managers of these funds borrow on their total value, so they can buy even more assets.

Think of it as taking out a second mortgage on your home to buy a rental house for an investment. Sure, you have twice the assets, but you also have twice the loans to repay – and twice the vulnerability to rate increases.

So this kind of strategy only works at low interest rates. Which means, when the Fed raises rates, these funds plummet.

What’s worse is how deeply they can cut dividends when things go sour.

The Chicago Tribune reports this double whammy happens “Not only because underlying stocks are going through an economic downturn … but also because of the structure of [these] funds, which may require [them] to cut or suspend their dividends to cover investment positions.”  

As if it weren’t bad enough that investors were losing their incomes, after rates peaked in 2006, these funds’ total net assets plunged from $298 billion to $188 billion by 2008.

That’s a 36.9% loss – more than $100 billion in total assets – gone.  

And get this…

From 2006-2008, according to the Washington Post, some of the individual share price losses were simply “outrageous,” including:

One fund plummeting 74.2%, another sinking 61.5% and a third down more than 43%.

During this time, the Dow was down just 24.9%.  

And now today, with interest rates climbing, I’m not surprised these funds are already flashing alarms again.

Year-to-date, even with the S&P 500 coming off of recent highs, we’ve witnessed average negative returns on many of these plays.

In fact, as you can see below, the share prices of the top four ETFs tracking this investment have lost -3.39%, -4.91%, -5.24% and -5.6% YTD.

On top of that, these ETFs have also seen their Net Asset Values decline, shown below:

These results are eerily similar to what we saw before. If history repeats itself, we could see Net Asset Values drop more than 50%! 

Bottom line: As interest rates rise, these quick-gaining funds – and their quicker losses – will break your heart and bust your portfolio. You need to dump these types of funds NOW.

You’ll find out what kind of funds these are in my Blacklist special report. I’ll tell you how to get it at no charge to you in just a moment…

But there is one final investment type you need to avoid like the plague. It’s the final toxic group on my blacklist…

Blacklist Investment #4: The Looming Massive $3.7 Trillion Meltdown

This is going to hurt.

According to Forbes, historically, investors have liked this next type of investment because they preserve capital and reduce risk.

But we’re experiencing the opposite effect today.

During the first half of 2018, an overwhelming 90% of these funds, according to Morningstar, lost money. In fact, they had their worst January in 38 years!

And we still have more interest rate increases too!

Quickly, here are three reasons why this $3.7 trillion market belongs on the blacklist:

  1. About 50% of these investments (or $1.9 trillion) are held directly or indirectly by individual investors. So, if panic selling starts, these plays could dive fast.
  2. There is no central stock exchange to track these investments… meaning investors have to get their information through other means.
  3. In 2009, there were $6.9 billion in outright defaults of these investments, leaving investors holding the bag.

Those are three powerful reasons to stay away from these investments in 2019…

And it’s a warning that many people should heed.

With a market value of $3.7 trillion, my guess is you may hold some of these investments in mutual funds or ETFs in your portfolio.

If so, then you probably know they’ve been diving since last September’s interest rate rise (see below):

Sure, it may only be a 3% dive. It may not seem like much at first glance. But I’m troubled by two additional things:

  1. This market drop comes when the Dow is up about 13% in that time. That’s a wide spread, and it talks to the weakness in this investment class.
  2. Historically, small drops under these conditions have led to large drops.

Even worse: tax law changes could cause up to 30% of institutional investors to dump these plays, according to Peter Hayes, group head at BlackRock.

The negatives in the market appear to be winning out over the positives,” he said.

That certainly sounds like a market you should steer clear of…

Which is why I’m shouting from the rooftops to get out of this Blacklist investment – as well as the other three – and do it fast.

The next rate decision hits on or around June 19…

That could be the tipping point that causes any of the four Blacklist investments to go South.

That’s why I’m urging you to get your FREE copy of my Blacklist report as soon as possible. If you’d like to get your copy right now, click the button below now:

By now, though, you may be wondering…

What If I’m Wrong?
There’s Only 3 Ways This Can Go…

Are my predictions for June 19 too dire?

I’ve given you the evidence – you decide. Basically, you can do one of three things:

  1. I’m right, and you own Blacklist assets, and don’t take action… It could be as bad for you as 2008. $110 billion could vanish, and up to 30% of your portfolio’s value with it.
  2. I’m right, and you dump every Blacklist asset in your portfolio, switch to the investments I’ll show you in a moment, and bank enough cash to keep your family safe, secure, and comfortable even as others lose their shirts.
  3. I’m completely wrong. The market continues upward. But that would go against everything I’ve just shared with you. If you want to roll the dice, and hope for the best, good luck.

There you have it. The only way you can lose is to not take my advice. But I’m 100% convinced once you look inside the Blacklist, you’ll KNOW you need to take immediate action, before….

The Blacklist breaks down the 4 types of plays most vulnerable to rising rates, and reveals the names of companies or investments likely to suffer in each.

The sooner you get the Blacklist, the sooner you can take action to protect your wealth.

But protection’s only half the battle.

And every crisis also presents opportunity. Even when the market tanks you can find sectors, companies, regions or unique investments to make money.

The same thing happened in 2008, when the vast majority of investors saw their portfolios evaporate, a savvy few still scored life-changing gains because they knew exactly where to look.

Just like I do today.

And just like I’ve been sharing with investors for the past 12 years.

Since I first started helping Main Street investors, in 2006, my followers have enjoyed annual yields of 8.5%, while CDs and Treasuries continued to offer nothing. 

On top of that, they’ve had the chance to pocket substantial share price growth, including profits like these:

Over the last 12 years, we’ve been through booms, busts and every market condition in between.

Yet my readers have continued to make money throughout… and they enjoy telling me about it.

D.M. in San Mateo, CA, wrote and said: “I started with about $100,000 and now have about $550,000 – some of the funds being investment growth, some of it being ‘new money,’ and some from trading profits.

One of my readers, Hal W. of Keizer, OR, created something like a “Family Hedge Fund:”

I joined Cash Machine… to help generate income for a family member’s account. It sustained her very well and a family friend asked me to do the same for her… Since then, my account has doubled … with Bryan’s guidance…

Truth be told, I really like letters like these. But enough of that…

Let’s get to the investments you need to make today. I call them…

The Green List:
Your Income Protection Kit

There’s a silver lining in the coming calamity.

Even in the worst storm, there are people that found protection – and prospered. And, since the latest round of Fed interest rate raise began, I’ve been studying every way possible to keep your money safe and growing.

I’ve compiled two in-depth research reports that will help you do just that. Both of them together are called the Green List: Your Income Protection Kit

And I assure you: The Green List contains two of the most important research reports I’ve ever created. Think of them together as your income protection kit.

Here’s the first…

“3 Ultra-Safe, High-Yield Superstars”

Contrary to popular opinion…

Not all investments plunge when the market melts down. Some stocks and funds soar when the market tanks.  

When the market crashed in 2008, several investments returned double-digits: Vanguard GNMA, Hasbro, H&R Block, AutoZone, Walmart, Gilead, Celgene, and Amgen, to name a few. 

My recommendations are selected to do the same… not just give you a safe place to park your cash…

But also make you double-digit returns in the dark days ahead.

These three Safe Haven Yield Superstars can increase your income AND annual gains, with investments that have:

  1. Exploited the high-tech sector with a beefy 6.60% yield, and has racked up a 28.22% total return, YTD…
  2. Delivered a solid 6.09% yield, paid out monthly like clockwork, and has created total returns of 19.34%, YTD….
  3. Generated a robust 6.20% yield, paid quarterly, and has amassed total returns of 22.48%, YTD.

Going forward, the future looks bright when you find and buy rare investments that achieve high growth AND high income

So please put them to work in your portfolio immediately.

Let them create a premium income and powerful gains for you, even if other funds lose hundreds of millions of dollars in the months ahead.

Now, these three funds alone can give you a safe haven.

But that’s only half of this two-part Green List.

So let me tell you about the second of your free reports…

“3 High-Yield Hogs to
Exploit Higher Rates”

Big banks love to serve big blue-chip companies.

Small community banks love to serve small businesses.

But there is a large “middle-market”– a niche market for lenders – that doesn’t fit either kind of banks.

These are mid-sized businesses too small for Wall Street, and too big for the corner Main Street bank, according to Forbes.

Yet mid-sized businesses still need loans for expansions, inventories, and shortfalls.

Enter the Business Development Corporation (BDC). A BDC is a private venture capitalist that provides alternative financing, mostly to medium-sized businesses.

As a BDC, they return profit and yield to their investors because – by law – they MUST pay out 90% of their taxable income to shareholders as fat yields…

BDC’s, Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs), and other non-bank financial businesses can make out like bandits in a rising rate environment… while paying out annual yields that you can grow fat on.

I call companies like this High-Yield Hogs. Here’s a quick glimpse of the three you’ll find in The Green List:

By the way… recent regulatory changes, included in the $1.3 trillion omnibus bill, have created massive tailwinds for BDCs, MLPs and niche financial businesses. Now, they’re even more favorable for income investments.

These 3 High-Yield Hogs, along with my 3 Ultra-Safe, High-Yield Superstars give you a complete income protection system. That’s my Green List.

When you combine it with my Blacklist, you have everything you need to survive and thrive as the Fed juices rates and ultimately kills the bull market.

Now, all you have to do, to get both the Blacklist and the Green List, at no cost to you, is to accept a 30-day preview of…

Cash Machine: The Industry’s Premiere Income Advisory

My Cash Machine is the industry’s premier income investing advisory…

Since 2006, it’s been the top income generator for retirees. It’s my baby. I pour my heart and soul into it.

Cash Machine, as the name implies, gives you high-yield investments for safe, predictable, and high income… with total returns averaging above 10.34% over the last 12 years.

Plus, Cash Machine offers three different model portfolios, each tailored to a specific investing style. Here’s a quick description of each:

Remember, each of the investments in these portfolios offer you share price appreciation as well.

During your 30-day preview, you’ll get access to all three of those portfolios, along with these other Cash Machine benefits:

Now, you may be wondering…

Is this Great Advisory Expensive?

Not unless you consider 13 cents per day expensive. You could pay for that with money you find between the couch cushions.

Heck, one pack of Wrigley’s spearmint gum costs 10 times that much at your local drug store.

Now, most high-end advisories like this charge upwards of $995 per year… and don’t offer you half the income of Cash Machine. But you won’t even pay one-tenth of that…

Moreover, consider the value of what you’ll get as a Cash Machine member:

Benefits Retail Value Your Price
The Blacklist
The Green List
– 3 Ultra-Safe, High-Yield Superstars
– 3 High-Yield Hogs to Exploit Higher Rates
4 Live, Private Webinars & Conference Calls
Cash Machine Annual Subscription
Total Member Benefits
Retail Value: $2,723
Your Price: $49.95

But since you’ve come with me this far, I’m willing to knock off a whopping 80% from the normal subscription price of $249 per year…

And you’ll still get all the benefits of membership – a $2,723 value.

That makes your price a trifling $49.95 for the next 12 months.

Just $49.95? That’s a steal.

You save $2,673… a tremendous value!

Better yet, all of these benefits come with my 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Here’s my official “100% Money-Back Guarantee” Certificate:

Take a whole 30 days to try out my recommendations.

No fine print. No excuses.

You MUST be 100% satisfied with Cash Machine… or just let me know within 30 days and I’ll rush you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Even if you do cancel, you’ll keep all of the special reports, issues and recommendations you received during your 30-day preview.

Or, If You Want to Save Even More…

You can get an incredible $5,169 savings if you subscribe for two years, and your cost would only be $89.

You STILL get the same iron-clad 30-day guaranteed protection.

And, since I take good care of my subscribers, you’ll get three more gifts as a two-year subscriber, absolutely FREE:

Gift #1: Retirement Rebates: Collect Up to $8,500 in Monthly Cash Payments

Even with higher interest rates on the way that can wreck the economy…

You get three investments that pay out up to $8,500 per month… in consistent “retirement rebates.”

There are more than 400 businesses today that offer “rebate programs” like these. The “rebates” they pay take the form of cash payouts to employees and others who are involved in these “programs.”

The best of these programs have doled out payments for years… sometimes several decades.

But to be eligible to receive a company’s next rebate, you must join its rebate program – by purchasing shares in the company by a specific date.  

And when you do… sit back and smile, as the cash begins to pour in.

Inside of this report, you’ll find three investments that pay out consistent “retirement rebates:”

  1. Fly the income-friendly skies with an airline business that cashes in with acquisitions, leases, and sales of commercial jets. Right now, it pays out a rock-solid 5.38% dividend… and it offers great appreciation potential. You’ll want to be on board when shares take off in 2019.
  2. Nobody makes money like financials in a rising rate environment. And no financial company makes money like this $40 billion giant. Its healthy 7.02% yield is complemented by the company’s 12.07% share price gain, YTD. They’re setting up for a great run – in terms of both capital appreciation and income distributions – as rates continue to climb.
  3. Earn a fat double-digit yield from the one REIT to play in a rising rate environment. This particular play operates on the fringe of the mortgage market and currently yields a whopping 11.03%, paid out quarterly. Unlike its real estate brethren, as the Fed continues juicing rates, it’ll keep paying out.

This special report lets you collect up to $8,500 in monthly cash payments. It’s worth far more than its $79 cover price… but you won’t have to pay one single cent.

However, we’re not done yet. Let’s talk about…

Gift #2: Three Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2019

Why wait for quarterly paydays? I’ll bet your monthly bills don’t.

Instead, you get three picks, each paying a yield in excess of 6%, with a total return over 10%… giving you many more times what CDs and Treasuries are yielding today.

And they pay you your dividends monthly.

  1. Collect a hefty 8.38% yield from a financial sector company that is made-to-order for a rising rate environment. It pays off so consistently, you can think of this investment more like an income fund – one that will pay off for years, and through different market cycles, as it focuses on long-term value.
  2. Reap a robust 8.5% yield from a closed-end fund holding convertible bonds. Convertible bonds allow you to have your cake and eat it too. When the market goes up, you make money from the underlying, market-leading stocks. When it goes down, you’re protected with higher-yield, fixed-maturity-date assets that will continue to pay off like clockwork.
  3. Earn a rock-solid 6.02% with this financial company that siphons off dividend and interest income from the underlying portfolio of stocks and fixed-income securities. By also employing a sophisticated – and successful – option spread strategy, they boost yield even more. YTD, shares are up 19.34%, and look to continue on that path as long as rates don’t go down.
  4. Open the floodgates to your income stream with a rip-roarin’ 67% dividend yield.
    To generate that tsunami of cash, they siphon off dividend and interest income from the underlying portfolio of stocks and fixed-income securities. They also pursue an “overlay strategy” to generate additional income through the use of index-based, out-of-the money put and call spreads.

This report is usually $79… but you get it FREE, just for taking a 30-day preview of Cash Machine.

Gift #3: Cash Machine Quick Start Guide

My publisher likes to say that my reputation in the industry is second-to-none when it comes to identifying high-yield investments.

While I’m very humbled by such accolades, I work as hard as humanly possible to take care of my subscribers better than anyone else takes care of theirs.

That’s why I hired a special team to pore over every inch of my website and newsletter to create a comprehensive guide to getting the most from Cash Machine.

Why would I go to that trouble? Because, with the Fed threatening the markets, interest rates on the rise… and a catastrophe on the way… there’s not a moment to lose.   

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Everyone wants a guaranteed paycheck in the mail. That’s why my Cash Machine service takes a three-tiered approach toward high-income markets. This way, aggressive, conservative and cautious investors can all invest in various assets that pay three times what their bank does on guaranteed fixed-income securities.

This guide makes it easy to understand my three-tiered Cash Machine approach and my recommendations for ultra-conservative, conservative, and aggressive investors:

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The Blacklist
The Green List
– 3 Ultra-Safe, High-Yield Superstars
– 3 High-Yield Hogs to Exploit Higher Rates
Retirement Rebates: Collect up to $8,500 in Monthly Cash Payments
Three Double-Digit MONTHLY Payers for 2019
Cash Machine Quick Start Guide
8 Live, Private Webinars & Conference Calls
Cash Machine 2-Year Subscription
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Bryan Perry
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