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YES, Bryan, protect my portfolio from the Fed’s over-aggressive rate plan. I agree with you (and the following experts) that the government’s rush to raise rates is setting the stage for disaster:

  • …We’re saying 2019: recession,” warns Robin Bew, CEO of the Economist Intelligence Unit.
  • Markets are on a “collision course for disaster,” alerts Guggenheim’s Investment Chief Scott Minerd.
  • MarketWatch sounds the alarm: “…it is important for investors to be extra alert,” because “a crash in the stock market is not out of the question.

Thank you for revealing how the Fed’s wrong-headed rate strategy is putting my portfolio at risk again.

History Proves It!

Three times in the last 30 years, this same aggressive rate policy has slammed the stock market, causing…

  • Black Monday, October 1987, the biggest Dow drop in history… brought on by higher rates tightening credit
  • The March 2000 tech plunge… low interest rates flooded the market with liquidity, so when rates rose again, it caused the tech bubble to burst
  • The 2008 mortgage meltdown… when adjustable rate mortgages started to rise, waves of defaults wiped out the housing market

And now, the Fed is aggressively raising rates again, hurtling the market headfirst towards another crash.

So thank you, Bryan, for your Blacklist report. Thank you for revealing the four investment types most vulnerable to rapidly rising interest rates.

  • Blacklist Investment #1: Treasuries and bond equivalents that will wither on the vine and rot in my portfolio
  • Blacklist Investment #2: The $1.1 trillion investment that’s really just a house built on sand, ready to crumble
  • Blacklist Investment #3: The $262 billion investment that could plummet 30% in value – and lose more than $110 billion
  • Blacklist Investment #4: The $3.7 trillion investment with a history of melting down when rates ramp up

I know that avoiding these Blacklist plays is just half of the battle. That’s why I’m also excited to get…

The “Green List
Your Income Protection Kit

Thank you for your Green List, too. I can’t wait to dig into it and find out about:

3 Ultra-Safe, High-Yield Superstars: These three rock-solid investments offer robust yields over 6%. But they also give me the chance at fatter total gains, as YTD returns from these three go as high as 28.22%:

3 High-Yield Hogs to Exploit High-Interest Rate Markets: These three businesses go nuts in a rising rate environment, and pay out huge dividends to investors. Today, they offer yields up to 11.47% and total YTD returns as high as 17.38%.

Bryan’s Green List – his 3 High-Yield Hogs, and 3 Ultra-Safe High-Yield Superstars give me a complete income protection system…

When I combine it with your Blacklist, I have everything I need to survive and thrive as the Fed screws with rates again.

Now, all I have to do to get both the Blacklist and Green List – FREE – is accept a 30-day test-drive of…

The Cash Machine

Since 2006, Bryan Perry’s monthly advisory – Cash Machine – has been among the TOP income generators for retirees.

Over that time, Bryan’s recommendations have averaged a healthy 8.5% yield. That’s safe, predictable, high income… Even better, total returns since inception have averaged 10.34%.

Best of all, Bryan takes into account different tolerances for risk when he makes recommendations. He offers investors like me three different model portfolios, each tailored to different styles:

  • Safe Haven Portfolio: The ultimate in ultra-safe income investing. It targets dividend yields up to 5%. It’s a key foundation for a reliable, robust income, and the portfolio of choice for the most risk-averse investors.
  • Conservative High-Yield Portfolio: Delivering dividends in the 6-9% range (plus share price gains), this portfolio offers higher yields for slightly more risk.
  • Aggressive High-Yield Portfolio: Offering yields in the 10-20% range, these are the highest dividend payers Bryan recommends, but they come with the most risk of the three portfolios.

Access to Bryan’s three model portfolios isn’t the only benefit I’ll get during my test-drive of Cash Machine. Just like every other regular member, I’ll also enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Monthly Newsletter — Delivered to my e-mail inbox, I’ll find Bryan’s latest in-depth analysis of the high-yield income market and particular sectors, his latest income and profit recommendations, his thoughts on the market at large, and so much more…
  • Weekly “Hotline” Updates — Sent to my inbox every Tuesday, this is where Bryan gives me his latest perspectives on all open picks, and one-of-a-kind insights on the markets, the economy, global “macro” events… and more.
  • Urgent Action Alerts — When events rock the economy, market, or our specific holdings, Bryan rushes out alerts to make sure I have the information I need to protect my money.
  • Live, Private Webinars and Conference Calls — At least four times per year, I’ll get an invitation to these events, allowing me a chance to hear directly from Bryan about the hottest income investment trends, macro-economic events, and even giving me the chance to ask him my most burning and pertinent questions.
  • V.I.P. Access to Bryan’s 24/7 Members-Only Website Cash Machine is at my fingertips, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, through Bryan’s private website. Here, I’ll find a complete archive of his weekly updates, monthly issues, and a library of special reports, plus so much more.

Now, to get all of these benefits for an entire year, I’d normally pay $249.

But because I’m acting today I can get a full year of Cash Machine, along with both the Blacklist, Green List and all the benefits of regular membership for the ridiculously low price of just $49.95.

Or, I can take advantage of a two-year offer, and get 24 full months of Cash Machine, your Blacklist, Green List, all the regular benefits AND these three gifts:

Gift #1: Retirement Rebates: Collect up to $8,500 in Monthly Cash Payments – This special report will introduce me to a special class of high-yielding investments capable of paying out thousands of dollars every year.

Gift #2: Three Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2019 – Here I’ll find Bryan’s top three monthly income investments offer either double-digit yields or double-digit total gains each month (on average). They pay out 12 times a year (or more), giving me income I can bank on

Gift #3: Cash Machine Quick Start Guide – Every new member should start with this step-by-step guide for getting the most out of Cash Machine. With this, I’ll hit the ground running.

With the 2-year offer, I’ll get these three reports free of charge, the Blacklist, the Green List, all of the other benefits of regular membership, and I’ll get them for two full years for just $89

That’s a full $409 off of the regular 2-year price of $498.

On top of all that, I select the one- or two-year offer, I’m protected by Bryan’s 30-day, no-risk guarantee:

Bryan Perry’s “100% Satisfaction Guarantee”:

You’re entitled to a 100% refund of all money paid within the first 30 days of your subscription.

Take a whole 30 days to try out my publication, Cash Machine, my recommendations, my research and my analysis.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your Cash Machine subscription, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll rush you a complete refund, no questions asked.

Even if you do cancel, you’ll keep all of the special reports, issues and recommendations you received during your 30-day preview.

With this guarantee, I have nothing to lose…

Especially when I combine that with the value of everything I’ll receive just for test-driving Cash Machine

Best Value!

5 Bonus Reports FREE!

  1. The Blacklist
  2. The Green List
  3. Retirement Rebates: Collect up to $8,500 in Monthly Cash Payments
  4. Three Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2019
  5. Cash Machine Quick Start Guide
Good value

2 Bonus Reports FREE!

  1. The Blacklist
  2. The Green List

Lifetime Membership

Save even more money with a lifetime subscription to Cash Machine. For just $249 today (*and a small annual maintenance fee of $29), you’ll receive all the benefits that come with a 2-year subscription, including the FREE special reports listed above.

On top of that, you’ll also receive every single special report Bryan Perry has or will ever write. All of these benefits are yours for as long as Bryan publishes Cash Machine. It’s the absolute best deal we offer, the most bang for the buck… and you can pass on this membership to your children.

Take us up to access ALL of Bryan’s special reports. Look everything over for 30 days and, if you decide it’s not for you, just let us know. We’ll refund 100% of your money. No questions asked. All the issues and special reports are yours to keep for FREE.

And this really is a no-brainer decision.

Here’s my information below. Let’s get started!