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Frankly, they use a modified version of the 3-6-3 rule that bankers have been living on for centuries:

  1. Pay 3% on deposits.
  2. Earn 6% on loans.
  3. Be on the golf course by 3 o’clock every afternoon.

Only this company make a whole lot more money on the spread. How?

  1. By providing total return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation, while seeking to provide downside protection against capital loss
  2. By employing a combination of convertible securities, debt and other income-producing instruments, such as common stocks and other equity securities
  3. By investing in various sectors, including technology, healthcare, industrials, energy, telecommunications, biotechnology, food and staples retailing, Internet software/services, semiconductors and semiconductor equipment, and media

Talk about a Triple Crown winner!

That, my friend, is precisely how they can pay you a rock solid 7.93% annual dividend, payable in monthly installments, with the next payout coming in less than 30 days.

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I speak, for example, of solid companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo & Company, Microchip Incorporated, Wright Medical Group, Herbalife Nutrition, Advanced Micro Devices, and many others.

This is why the world’s top institutional and mutual fund holders own millions of shares, too, including:

You see, not only does the fund own their shares… but the banks own shares as well.

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Bryan Perry
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