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The Fed is set to shake the markets with its interest rate hikes. Inflation is poised to stick around for years…

You’ll need to PROTECT your portfolio and put yourself in a position to PROFIT.

The Inflation Profit Portfolio is your BEST bet in this unstable market environment.

Dear Investor,

Inflation, rate hikes and the Federal Reserve are ripping apart portfolios left and right.

They can destroy your portfolio and cause a lot of short-term pain — that’s why the market has been focused on the Fed’s actions and rate hikes.

Gone are the days of buying just about any stock and seeing it rise up with the market.

A large chunk of the market is bleeding red now… so what are you to do?

Well, I’ll tell you it’ll be a lot more challenging to generate alpha — and you’ll need to pick and choose wisely.

Listen, if there’s a consistently rising inflation rate, the Federal Reserve will be forced to continue with rate hikes. Those economic catalysts can be damaging to a lot of companies and, consequently, shareholders for years to come.

So how can you turn these major catalysts into your gain?

The best way: Utilize income-generating machines that can stave off inflation shocks and interest rate hikes.

There are specific investments out there that can benefit from a rise in inflation and interest rate hikes…

No, I’m not talking about bonds or gold.

I’m talking about investments that can produce INCOME while providing upside potential and protecting your portfolio.

They’re what I’ve been alluding to…

And what this 30+ year Wall Street veteran is advocating today…

They’re Known as REITs or
Real Estate Investment Trusts

No, this investment doesn’t require you to tie up your capital for extended periods. You can buy and sell them on an exchange, just as you can stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

Let me show you why and how REITs make the perfect investment for nearly ANY market environment…

But more importantly, how they can cushion your portfolio from the blows of inflation…

Serve as a hedge against rate hikes…

And, best of all — put you in a position to GENERATE INCOME.

Why This Wall Street Veteran Is
Pounding the Table on REITs

Bryan Perry was in the trenches of Wall Street for more than 20 years — working as a financial adviser for major firms.

He’s also got 10+ years’ experience teaching and showing investors how to make money.

He’s seen various markets, and I wouldn’t bet against someone who’s been successful in the game for that long.

Bryan’s unique approach to investing can help nearly anyone.

You see, his multi-decade experience allows him to see opportunities where others aren’t looking.

Often, these are “set it and forget it” investments for him.

That way, he can grow a portfolio while generating income and dedicate his attention to his real passion — teaching others how to invest.

Contrary to popular belief, REITs aren’t boring investments. Not only do some offer immense growth potential, but they also offer big dividends.

I don’t know about you, but generating income while participating in growth isn’t boring.

That said, I just want you to keep an open mind as I walk you through why Bryan is pushing his chips into REITs.

When it comes to REITs, they can offer portfolio protection, diversification, and income.

Let me show you how they’re safer than other securities out there, especially in today’s environment.

REITs Are Sweet When
the Economy Turns Sour

During high-inflation environments, real estate rents and prices tend to rise. In turn, this can help grow REITs’ dividends, rewarding shareholders with a reliable stream of income.

You see, in order to be considered a REIT, a company must follow stringent requirements:

That means during high-inflation environments, REITs can generate higher taxable income. Consequently, 90% of that gets paid out to shareholders.

Here’s a look at the data Bryan passed along.

Source: Reit.com

In this chart, you’ll see the comparison between REIT dividend growth and the Consumer Price Index (CPI) — a tool to measure inflation. 

Historically, REIT dividend growth outpaced the CPI growth rate — over a 20-year period, the average annual growth rate for REIT dividends was 9.4% while the average growth rate for consumer prices was 2.1%.

That means REITs can actually mitigate some of the risks associated with your portfolio during high-inflation periods. In other words, if you’re heavy into growth and tech stocks, then REITs can help diversify your portfolio and generate income.

You might be skeptical about all this at first…

And that’s perfectly fine because I want you to be.

When it comes to low-risk, high-income investments, REITs are among some of the best. Here’s a look at the returns of REITs compared to the S&P 500 during various periods of inflation.

As you can see, with low inflation, the S&P 500 has slightly outperformed REITs. However, when there’s moderate or high inflation…

The S&P 500’s returns pale in comparison to those of REITs. Not to mention all the whipsawing the market can go through in periods of moderate and high inflation.

When the economy and markets experience periods of moderate and high inflation, the Federal Reserve is typically forced to step in to ease the markets.

Its best weapon to calm inflation is to raise rates. However, this can damage A LOT of stocks and ETFs. 

Rising Rates? REITs Can
Still Beat the Market

When interest rates rise, REITs have still shown the ability to generate positive returns. 

Not only can you collect dividends when you invest in REITs, but you also can participate in upside potential.

You see, when it comes to REITs, there’s a correlation.

The chart by Nareit is a little complicated, so don’t worry about all the details. 

What’s important is that it indicates that REITs have generated positive total returns in 84% of the months when Treasury yields were rising, measured over the period Q1 1993 to Q2 2021.

In other words, with price appreciation and dividend payments, even when rates are rising, REITs can perform well — and boost a portfolio.

There’s even more statistical evidence to back up why REITs can be the best risk-reward opportunities in this environment.

In addition to overperforming during inflationary times, REITs have also outperformed broad stock indices in rising interest rate environments. 

Remember, we’re talking about publicly traded REITs here, which means you can buy and sell them just as you would stocks or ETFs.

There are HUNDREDS of REITs out there, and not every one will outperform the market.

How do you narrow down the list to just a handful of low-risk, high-reward potential REITs?

Bryan Perry Uncovered REITs that Can “Bulletproof” Portfolios

Now, there are three categories of REITs that cover many sectors — and there are specific REITs that can benefit from this market environment.

REITs can either be considered equity, mortgage, or hybrid.

When it comes to REITs, Bryan Perry is mainly focused on equity REITs, and he’s narrowed it down to a few sectors he wants exposure to in this environment.

You can’t just blindly buy any REIT and expect to make money. It’s essential to stay on top of trends — and Bryan Perry is doing JUST THAT.

According to Bryan, there are five sectors he’s targeting for the coming years.

Source: REIT.com

If you look at the U.S. REIT sector performance from the pandemic’s start to November 2021, you’ll realize why Wall Street veteran Bryan Perry hand-selected those sectors.

First up, Bryan wants to play the rebound in health care and lodging and resorts (which includes entertainment, gaming, and hospitality). If they can reclaim their pre-pandemic highs… expect massive total returns.

He’s filtered down plays in those areas and uncovered some undervalued REITs that offer attractive yields. They’re low risk and can provide exponential total returns over the long run.

With the most challenging part of the pandemic behind us, those REITs are well-positioned to benefit.

Next up, industrials — specifically the logistics industry — which can ride on the coattails of the expansion of the e-commerce industry. Logistics REITs provide a unique opportunity to gain exposure to e-commerce without all the risk.

You see, without logistics REITs, companies would suffer, and consumers wouldn’t be able to receive their goods in a timely fashion. Since retail companies are going more digital, there can be explosive demand for logistics and industrial real estate.

Consequently, that could boost the dividends and prices of logistics REITs — directly benefiting shareholders.

Last, but not least, data center REITs offer a high-growth and income opportunity. We’ve all heard how companies are going digital… and without data centers, it would be nearly impossible for a bevy of companies to operate.

Bryan has already narrowed down and created a REIT portfolio with exposure to all of those sectors…

And if the Inflation Profit Portfolio is anything like his others…


Right now, it’s a unique and rare opportunity for you to not only profit from but also protect your portfolio from inflation and rising rates.

It’s time for you to get in on the REIT action… before you miss out.

There’s a potential gold mine in REITs that have flown under the radar — and when it comes to all the opportunities in the market…

Bryan believes they’re the BEST INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES out there right now.

Heck, even billionaire investor Warren Buffett is jumping in on the REIT action.

Berkshire Hathaway owns a whopping 24.41M shares of Store Capital Corp. (STOR) — just under a 10% stake in the REIT.

It makes total sense. Store Capital caters to various industries such as retail and manufacturing. Warren Buffett’s investment philosophy is built around purchasing companies with economic models that can survive financial shocks…

And there are a number of REITs out there that fit that philosophy.

Here’s what’s going on:

Listen, just because we’ve proven how REITs can help generate ALPHA during periods of moderate and high inflation, as well as high interest rates…

It doesn’t mean you can just look at all the REITs out there, dump your money into whatever REITs you see and profit.

You see, there are some REITs that can get battered due to the rate hikes.

That means if you happen to have bad luck and select a handful of REITs in the wrong industry or sector… your portfolio may suffer.

You have to understand how to pick and choose the suitable REITs with the right investment strategy and investment philosophy.

That’s why I’m so stoked to let you know Bryan is making a splash in REITs, and you have the exclusive opportunity to find out what he’s in right now.

As I said, when it comes to investing, I haven’t met a lot of investors with as much knowledge and experience as Bryan has… not to mention he’s got skin in the game and puts his money behind his investment ideas.

That’s how much confidence he has in his abilities.

I mean, just take a look at some of his most recent wins.

Bryan invested in Compass Diversified Holdings (CODI), buying at $18.20 and then selling for $30.23. Plus, he collected $2.32 in dividends per share. That means the total return for just that one investment was a WHOPPING 78.85%.

How about a total return of 74.75% on Virtus Allianz GI Diversified Income & Convertible Fund (ACV)? 

Bryan bought at $22.36 and sold at $32.68… all while collecting dividends per share of $6.39 during his hold period.

And what about Enviva Inc. (EVA), when Bryan bought at $28.35 and sold at $43.00 — collecting dividends per share of $8.98 over the holding period.

That was good for a total return of 83.35%!

Listen, I can go on and on about all of Bryan’s successful investments. I mean, the man has been in the markets for 30+ years — he’s got so many wins…

But judging from how much conviction he has on REITs right now, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his picks generates triple-digit percentage returns over the long run.

That’s why I’m so thrilled to let you know you’re invited to be a part of the REIT revolution.

Join the REIT Revolution with Bryan Perry’s Flagship Service: Cash Machine

When you become a member of Cash Machine, you can see what’s inside Bryan’s Inflation Profit Portfolio.

Don’t get it twisted, though. The REITs inside that portfolio can perform extraordinarily well in nearly ANY environment. That said, the Inflation Profit Portfolio can beat the market in total returns when there’s moderate and high inflation, as well as rate hikes.

You’ve seen the numbers to back it up — and how you can generate income… and participate in price appreciation… all while hedging against inflation and interest-rate risk.

Bryan Perry wants to walk eager investors through the Income-Generating verse and teach them how to get PAID for holding some of the best REITs out there.

Whoever says buy and hold is dead definitely didn’t do their research. Buying and holding the right stocks in the hot sectors is a huge part of this as well. That’s why Bryan also rotates into the hot sectors when the time is right.

The goal here is not only to build a diversified portfolio that you’re proud of… but also one that generates passive income and potentially large returns… with minimal work.

With the way the market is shaping up, the smart investors are jumping into REITs… we already know Warren Buffett has one in his coveted Berkshire Hathaway portfolio.

Who knows whether he’s considering another one… and it could be one that’s in Bryan Perry’s Inflation Profit Portfolio.

While I want to show you what’s in that portfolio, I can’t do it in this letter because it can eat at others’ trading edge.

What I will do is give you a taste of what one of them is.

It’s a technology REIT that offers high-growth potential while providing an attractive dividend — a play for the digital future, so there is a bit more risk involved in this one. 

However, when the company is trusted by the likes of Adobe, LinkedIn, Verizon, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM — just to name a few…

It offers a unique way to gain exposure to the ever-growing tech sector.

I’ll tell you this, the other REITs in the portfolio are even more attractive.

The Inflation Profit Portfolio is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Bryan Perry’s Cash Machine, which is the ONLY place you can see which REITs he’s in.

Behind Cash Machine’s members-only wall, you’ll also be privy to Bryan’s Accelerated Income Portfolio:

Data as of Feb. 25, 2022

Extreme Income Portfolio:

Data as of Feb. 25, 2022

Safe Haven Portfolio:

Data as of Feb. 25, 2022

With access to Bryan’s portfolios, you can put yourself in a position to become an income-generating machine.

When it comes to this environment, putting your money into any investment is an entirely different game when compared to what we’ve seen in recent years.

That’s why you don’t just get to see what’s in Bryan’s portfolio… you’ll see it as soon as you subscribe.

You’ll also get weekly hotline updates, providing you with ideas and plays to keep on your watchlist… and insights on where the market and macroeconomics may be headed.

He’ll also deliver his monthly Cash Machine issue — giving you actionable ideas, his insights on the overall market, updates on the portfolio, and top buys in his portfolios.

That’s not all the jam-packed monthly Cash Machine issue offers…

You’ll also discover Bryan’s #1 Pick of the Month.

Whenever the Cash Machine issue comes out, I love to dig deep and find out what’s on Bryan’s mind. I mean, we’re talking about a Wall Street veteran with 30+ years of experience…

And it’s one of the easiest ways to get up to speed on the markets without spending hours at your computer like day traders do.

I’ve had first-hand experience reading these issues over the years, and I’ll tell you…

Bryan’s research is just as good as — if not BETTER than — the reports the hedge funds and banks dole out to their wealthiest clients.

That kind of research is worth thousands alone, but Bryan is only charging pennies on the dollar because he wants to help as many people as possible become Cash Machine members.

Of course, Bryan wants to help you the best way he can, and one of the best parts about the Cash Machine members-only area is the archive of his Online & Phone Conferences.

With Bryan’s Online & Phone Conferences, you’ll be privy to his best ideas. When there are catalysts on the table and he has actionable ideas, you’ll know in advance to pin it to your calendar…

If you can’t make it, no sweat… you can access the recording behind the Cash Machine members-only wall.

These sessions are filled with gems and golden nuggets, and — sometimes — you’ll find out Bryan’s next investment ideas.

Of course, Bryan wants everyone to succeed SO BAD that he even has a special Q&A Area, where you can find out what’s on other investors’ minds… and even ask your own questions.

The ability to even talk to a 30+ year Wall Street veteran can be worth THOUSANDS if not TENS OF THOUSANDS alone.

But you won’t pay anything close to that.

Here’s the kicker… it’s an entirely risk-free offer.

Before I get to what’s at stake here and how to join Cash Machine at this heavily discounted price, I want to tell you about the added bonuses Bryan is throwing in at zero cost.

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TODAY ONLY, Bryan is giving you access to his latest actionable Special Reports.

These Special Reports provide actionable insights useful not only in this market environment but nearly any. Heck, some are even filled with alpha-generating plays.

That’s why I urge everyone to get their hands on these Cash Machine Special Reports today… before this deal gets taken off the table.

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You’ll also learn how you can protect your portfolio from rate hikes and inflation while putting yourself in a position to PROFIT, as well as the #1 income-generating asset class, and why they thrive in this market environment.

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If you’re one of those people who want to accelerate their portfolio and get to retirement faster… this special report was written for you. Bryan details three “backdoor” bonanza plays that offer attractive dividends and the potential for price appreciation.

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But you won’t have to pay anything near that.

When you become a member of Cash Machine, you’ll have access to:

With the way the market is shaping up, it’s the perfect time to consider income stocks.

Scared of inflation and rising rates?

No problem; there are specific REITs that can protect your portfolio and put you in a position to make money.

You see, Bryan has already uncovered and hand-picked REITs that can thrive for years to come, and when you become a member of Cash Machine.

You’ll find out what REITs he’s holding and generating passive income from.

Of course, you probably have some doubts about Bryan Perry… and that’s great to hear because that means you’re serious about turning the markets into your personal cash machine.

Don’t take it from me, just take a look at what some members have had to say about Cash Machine:

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There’s plenty more where that came from.

Listen, I’ve already shown you how much VALUE Cash Machine offers… it’s well into the thousands.

Since Bryan has already had a successful 30+ year career on Wall Street, he wants to give back by showing you the secret techniques he learned over the years.

Normally, the annual membership fee is $249 for Cash Machine — which comes out to about 68 cents per day. I mean, it’s a steal already at that price.

However, since REITs have already started to pop off, Bryan wanted to make this a no-brainer decision. That’s how badly he wants you to be successful and seize the opportunity at hand.

Bryan and I are so excited about his REIT portfolio, so much so that…

We’ve slashed the price from $249 to as little as $49.95 as an initial one-year offer.

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For 30 days, you’ll have access to Cash Machine and some of the bonuses I laid out above. If you’re not 100% happy with what it offers, just call our Dedicated Support Team within the first 30 days for a complete refund.

Seriously, what do you have to lose here?

You’d be hard-pressed to find anything as good as Cash Machine at this insane price.

It’s a perfect market for REITs to outperform major indices, and we don’t want you to miss out on all the action.

If you’re serious — and only if you’re serious — about learning how to become a cash machine, just click the button below.

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That means once the clock strikes midnight, this offer could disappear.

It’s a no-brainer.

Get in on the REIT revolution and discover how you can be a cash machine.

Thank you for your time today.


Roger Michalski
Publisher, Eagle Financial Publications