The 25% Retirement Shortcut

Tired of earning just 2% to 3% on your money?
Take this “shortcut” instead. It’s that easy.


Dear Investor,

Bryan Perry here.

What I’m about to show you could turn out to be the biggest income investment of the century.

I’ve never seen anything like it. That’s why I call it my 25% Retirement Shortcut.

It pays an astonishing 25.02% annual yield… with payments every quarter, giving you a three-month shortcut to an ultra-high income.

And it’s no fluke, either.

In 2022, its share price was up 48%… while the S&P sank 16%.

Its share price is ultra-low, though nowhere near a penny stock.

And it can help you build a high-wealth retirement fast

But you must get in before this 25% Retirement Shortcut’s fast-approaching ex-dividend date.

Because when you do, it’s like a shortcut to three months’ worth of dividends into your retirement account… in just a few days.

For example, high-net-worth investors, who wisely bought $1 million of this stock, are eyeballing a monstrous first-quarter dividend as high as $62,500.

Now, if they had started with a million in this stock, at the beginning of 2022… they could have grabbed quarterly dividend checks totaling $496,200.

That adds up to a near 50% return during 2022’s plunging markets.

But you don’t have to invest a million dollars to get a near 50% return.

Its share price is trifling. It’s less than an entree at most restaurants.

So anybody can afford to load up on this company.

The time to buy is NOW.

In fact, Barron’s shouts out:

Forbes called this resource sector stock:

Zacks put it this way:

But is it safe? 

In a moment, you’ll see how some of the biggest, most conservative investors in the world have large holdings of this stock.

But first, there’s more good news:

Value investors have reason to start flocking to this resource sector stock, bringing fast price gains. 

I say this because Bloomberg proclaims:

Yahoo Finance claims “It should be on investors’ short lists because of its impressive earnings and VALUATION.”

They rate it as “Undervalued.”

That means its current price is far too low.

So for now, it’s oversold… but could reward shareholders in the next month with a big share price jump.

Plus, it closed out last year with a bargain-priced P/E (Profits to Earnings Ratio) of 2.04%.

And it’s ready to be gobbled up at a bargain price by both value AND income investors.

Zacks agrees with Yahoo Finance, calling this resource sector play:

Therefore, it’s urgent to get in now… because with these numbers, the company’s poised for a moonshot share price increase.

But it’s even more crucial to buy immediately because the ex-dividend date is closing in.

I don’t want you to miss one single day of this stock handing you an affluent lifelong future. 

Look, I’m recommending this investment to all my readers.  

And because this is a resource sector stock, it earns big money fast.

It’s aggressive, no matter what the market’s doing.

That’s why the most respected online analysts announced this stock:

And just one week later, when the market surged, they proclaimed this stock:

So, it profits when the market dips… and profits when the market gains.

Apparently, this stock doesn’t care what the market is doing.

It appears to be in a market of its own. 

That’s why I depend on this stock to pay an oversized dividend.

And while so many other income investments LOST double digits last year…

The 25% Retirement Shortcut PAID OUT double-digit yields.

Seeking Alpha loves this stock, calling it:

A major financial publisher recommended it as an:

I couldn’t agree more.

And here’s another thing.

This resource sector company recently won an international award for debt reduction.

Why? They’re a $68 billion company. But they just finished a record $88 billion debt paydown.

This means they just finished paying down a debt larger than their market cap.

That MUST be a world record.

And it also makes them a super-friendly-for-investors company.

It’s like they just hung up a flashing green light that says…

With all this going for this resource sector stock, you may be wondering…

Why Haven’t I Heard of This 25% Retirement Shortcut?

To be blunt: Companies in the resource sector seldom make headlines… no matter how HUGE their profits.

They’re not glitzy, like electric cars, crypto, or vaccine makers. They’re not glamorous.

Let me ask you… when was the last time you saw a flashy headline about iron ore, corn, or silver?

Yet this company is a resource giant, making money hand over fist.

This is why you’ve seen how analysts rave about this company.

But analysts crunch numbers on outstanding stocks. They don’t write headlines.

You’ll find their reports buried on websites or deep in the financial section of a newspaper.

Even though resource sector stocks can pay out enormous profits… you hardly ever hear about them, regardless of their many high-profit opportunities.

So you’re not to blame if you’re not aware of these big plays. You haven’t had access to trades that can rapidly build HUGE retirement incomes.

But for you, that ends today.

That’s because it’s my mission… actually my passion to find high-level income stocks that protect and grow the value of your portfolio.

My goal is to give you a safe, easy, and prosperous retirement.

And the financial independence that comes with it.

And I’ve got over 40 years’ experience doing exactly that.

I’ve helped retirees like Steve M., who stuffs his bank account each month with a high-dividend income while his principal grows:

Or Christopher, who also enjoys a strong income on top of a growing share price:

And now I’ve uncovered the cash generator of the century.

It shortcuts your way to a HUGE income or retirement savings by giving you a big deposit every three months:

The company pays a 25.02% dividend yield… and takes advantage of share price appreciation.

And in the next 10 minutes, I’ll reveal…

It’s my goal for you to stuff your retirement account full of dividend payouts. Read on to see how I can make that push-button easy for you.

Let’s get started with the most important intel on this stock. And that is…

WHY You Get a 25.02% Yield

What makes this stock so powerful that it can even overcome down markets?

For starters, elite investors hold millions of shares of this stock.

They’re building their portfolios and protecting their wealth with this 25% Retirement Shortcut.  

For example, hedge fund mogul Jon Bauer has amassed 6.53 million shares.

It’s the same for investing giant Ken Fischer, hoarding 20,130 shares.

It’s the same for billionaire fund owner Jeremy Grantham, sitting on 3,520 thousand shares.

It’s also the same for many of Wall Street’s mega-size investing houses and funds. 

Like Goldman Sachs, which owns 96 million shares … and just added 5 million more.

It’s the same for Vanguard, which owns 72 million shares… and just added 43 thousand more.

It’s the same for another Vanguard fund, which owns 60 million shares… and just added 501 thousand more.

It’s the same for global investing giant Baillie Gifford, which owns 15.64 million shares.

It’s the same for a Fidelity fund, which owns 10.97 million shares.

It’s the same for another Fidelity fund with 9.60 million shares.

But what about institutional holders? Don’t we need their holdings for us to have confidence in a stock?

Well, there are currently 603 institutions stockpiling this resource sector company’s stock.

Like BlackRock, which owns 209 million shares… and just added 9 million more.

It’s the same for Charles Schwab, which owns 35 million shares… and just added another 5 million.

And it’s the same for JPMorgan, which holds 20.9 million.

This is why I say the big money loves this 25.02% dividend stock.

And you should, too.

Now there’s something you should know: The big money buys and sells cautiously. And conservatively.

They are careful because there’s safety in numbers.

In this case, very large numbers. Literally hundreds of millions of shares.

Yet I’ve only scratched the surface. There are many more who hold large blocks of shares privately.

Out of the public’s eye.

I could name names. But out of respect for their privacy, I won’t.

But as long as we’re talking money… this $68 billion company made a stunning $9 billion in earnings just last quarter.

That’s a 70% profit in this three-month wealth shortcut. No wonder they have a 25.02% dividend yield.

And it’s why 25% Retirement Shortcut shareholders are now “SWIMMING in cash!”reports Seeking Alpha.

And check this out… My 25% Retirement Shortcut outproduces this sector’s market leader, which is seven times larger.

But this market leader only pays a scrawny annual dividend of 3.4%.

Can you imagine? It’s like the new kid on the block beating up on the neighborhood bully. And now the new kid’s distributing the bully’s lunch money to all the new kid’s friends.

The closer you look at this investment, the more exciting it gets.

And let’s not forget: Analysts project this company’s share price will increase 50% this year.

And there’s…

Great News for Future Growth!

This company’s not sitting on its hands.

They’re proud of being an income growth machine, doing business in multiple countries.

Plus, they are investing an aggressive $64.74 billion in exploration and development.

Industry leaders expect this to accelerate the company into a resource sector giant… much like Microsoft grew to dominate software technology worldwide.

This company is on the move… and you can get in cheap now, at its ultra-low cost per share. At this price, it’s accessible to anybody.

And you still can get in before the next ex-dividend date, letting you shortcut three months of income into just a few days.

Now, all these facts add up to one thing:

This 25% Retirement Shortcut is the biggest income play I’ve ever seen. One that can build a retirement quickly.

It’s certainly one of the most unique opportunities out there.

That’s why one highly specialized private firm – whose mandate is to buy high dividend stocks in the resource sector – claims they’ve “NEVER seen anything like it.”

So even the experts are excited about this one-of-a-kind wealth builder.

I agree. The 25% Retirement Shortcut is matchless. I haven’t ever seen any income investment that can touch it.

In fact, there may never be a fast growth and cash-flow opportunity like this again in our lifetime.

And I’m also excited about this because it just may be…

The Last Income Investment
You’ll Ever Need!

What could possibly pay you more?

Not value stocks. They sank 5.4%.

Not bonds. They’ve faced “the worst year ever,” down 11%.

Not growth stocks, which have crashed 31%.

And not tech stocks, which have plunged 39%.

Yet you could have simply parked your money in my #1 income play – and sat back for a fat payment of 25.02%.

The 25% Retirement Shortcut also crushed…

CDs, which only paid 1.5% at the time.

Short-term treasuries, paying a tiny 4.5%.

Goldman Sachs, which is paying a puny 3.3% on a savings account.

Closed-end funds, which dropped 16.4%.

REITs, which tanked 26.2%.

This is proof that…

All You Need Is the
25% Retirement Shortcut

It’s time to forget the pathetic yields most securities pay.

No one can hold a candle to this investment.

That’s why the time is now for you to tap into this 25.02% yield… before it goes ex-dividend.

Look, there’s no bigger income generator I know of today.

Just the sheer size of this payout will have you refusing to consider another income investment ever.

You’ll know what it feels like to be in the company of the Wall Street elite. People who are raking in a 25.02% dividend…

Like Goldman Sachs investors, Fidelity fund managers, Baillie Gifford’s multinational commercial traders…

And the other 603 institutional insiders that are pocketing obscene amounts of income from this hyper-yielding play.

These pros KNOW because of this resource company’s low debt and aggressive production…

This is the kind of stock that can make their career.

Just like it can make you a rich retiree. And a hero to your family.

This is why I want you to take a position in this stock before it goes ex-dividend.

And to help you do just that, I’ve created an investing blueprint for this 25% Retirement Shortcut to make it push-button easy to get into it.

With this simple blueprint… your investing is about to change forever. And for the better…

Because I want to give you high-income plays like the big Wall Street trading houses make, as you’ve seen above.

So take the stress out of your money concerns. Kiss them goodbye, and…

Make 25% the Easy Way

And here’s how: I want to GIVE you my special blueprint: The 25% Retirement Shortcut.

It has all you need to put this resource stock to work for you.

Inside this blueprint, you not only get the name and ticker symbol… you also get all the juicy details of why this stock is so highly desired by many of Wall Street’s heavy hitters. 

You’ll see why they own millions of shares… why they think it’s such a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity… and why they KEEP their holdings in this income play.

And as you hold your quarterly dividend checks in your hand, you’ll smile, knowing you’ve made a wise investment. One that can set you up for life.

The 25% Retirement Shortcut blueprint is easily worth $197. 

But I’m not going to charge you one single cent.

All I ask is that you take a risk-free 30-day preview of…

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How different would your retirement be today if you’d had a steady stream of safe, secure, and dependable double-digit yields for 15 years?

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That’s why I’ve designed my Cash Machine to do one thing and one thing only: 

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With all these benefits, maybe you’re wondering…

“Bryan, Is Your Cash Machine Affordable?”


It’s surprisingly inexpensive.

I want to make your choice a “no-brainer” to get this stock before the ex-dividend date… so you get a new low price for 2023.

Now, I know some “gurus” want upwards of $2,000… even $4,000 for three portfolios stuffed full of safe, dependable, double-digit income generators.

Why? Because few advisors can find even ONE stable double-digit income play.

But not everyone has the advantage of my AI-driven research.

That means double-digit income investors are in a small club.

But $2,000 to $4,000 is far too much money for everyday investors.

Look, I’ve made my fortune. I paid my dues for decades at Paine Webber, Lehman Brothers, and Bear Stearns.

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I write Cash Machine because it’s personally satisfying that I’m helping people… and it’s fun. 

And I wouldn’t dream of asking retirement savers to pay $2,000 or $4,000 for income plays, no matter how high the yield.

I don’t even want half that much.

Not even one-tenth that much.

Here’s the thing: I want to make it affordable for nearly anyone to subscribe.

But first, let me sweeten the deal. I also want to give you two bonuses:

Bonus #1: Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2023

I want you to have this $197 report to boost your retirement income through the roof: Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2023.

Some say that monthly income is the Holy Grail of income investing. It’s like a pension check… or a second Social Security check.

So my gift for you is to show you how to get four monthly income checks.

And even better… each pays a double-digit yield (or has recently… markets change fast). But best of all, each of these four’s share prices could skyrocket in the next six months to a year.

Bonus #2: 3 “Backdoor” Bonanza Plays to Retire Faster and Richer

I’ve found three “backdoor” high-paying dividend plays.

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My sole purpose for publishing this report is to help my readers retire richer and faster. And I would ask that you not share this with anyone, as the research is private.

But the yields are all hovering around the double-digit mark.

A $197 value, IF it were for sale (it is not), and you get it free for trying out my Cash Machine for a 100% risk-free 30-day trial.

Let’s Review All You Get:

Benefit Value Your Cost
The 25% Retirement Shortcut Blueprint
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V.I.P. Website Access with Critical Research, Updates and Special Reports Library
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$500 (X4 = $2,000)
Investing Master Class from Consistent Profits

The value of Cash Machine, with its generous benefits, comes to $4,611.

But like I said, I’ve already made all the money I’ll ever need.

My joy is seeing other people financially secure, living life as they choose.

So you may be surprised to see the normal annual membership fee for Cash Machine is a mere $250.

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And you get a dividend stock that helps you enjoy an unprecedented income stream.

But in case you have any doubts whatsoever, let me take all the risk on my shoulders, and away from you.

You get…

My Cringe-Free 30-Day Guarantee:
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I’d like to make this easy:

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But I have every confidence you will love Cash Machine.

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And you’re about to experience them firsthand…

Great income plays… high-yield investments my AI finds that aren’t on other investors’ radar yet… and the opportunity to live your golden years worry-free, in peace and prosperity.

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And my no-cringe 30-day guarantee means you have nothing to lose.

But There’s One Catch…

This stock is going ex-dividend soon.

And you either get in, or get locked out.

Trust your instincts.

Join me and my Cash Machine members NOW to collect your first quarterly payment on a 25.02% dividend yield before it goes ex-dividend.

It’s your opportunity to collect three months of income in one fell swoop.

And remember: I guarantee you’ll love it, or you don’t pay a penny.

Yours for higher profits,
Bryan Perry
Bryan Perry
Editor & Investment Director, Cash Machine

P.S. I didn’t mention this earlier… but this isn’t the first time my system has made a million in a short time. See the chart below…

P.S. There’s little time before this stock goes ex-dividend. And when it does, you’ll want to be locked in for the hefty payout.

Don’t take that chance. Get your risk-free trial now.