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With these 4 recommendations – each offering double-digit yields – you’ll be on your way to collecting monthly checks as high as $595. That’s an extra $7,140 a year… just for taking a few minutes each month to following Bryan Perry’s investment advice.

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You’ll also be introduced to Bryan’s three, distinct investment portfolios: Conservative High-Yield, offering plays paying dividends in the 5-10% range (plus appreciation), Aggressive High Yield, offering plays with yields that typically go from 10-20% (on top of share price gains), and Safe Haven, offering rock solid dividends from some of the most stable companies in the market today.

In addition, as a Cash Machine subscriber, you’ll enjoy these core benefits:

  • The Cash Machine Newsletter — Delivered to your e-mail inbox, you’ll find Bryan’s latest in-depth analysis of the high-yield income market and particular sectors, his latest income and profit recommendations, and much more in these monthly issues.
  • Weekly “Hotline” Updates — Sent to your inbox every Tuesday, this is where Bryan will give you his latest perspectives on all open service picks, plus his one-of-a-kind insights on the markets, the economy, global “macro” events, and more.
  • Urgent Action Alerts — When fast-moving developments in the economy, the market, or service holdings, dictate action of one kind or another, Bryan will rush these alerts out to make sure you have the information you need (especially “sell” signals) to both make AND keep your money.
  • Live Webinars and Teleconferences — These unique and exciting live events give Bryan a chance to speak directly to you about the hottest income investment trends, potentially lucrative macro-economic events, and even answer your most burning and pertinent questions.

And all of these benefits come with Bryan’s 100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

1) Official “100% Money-Back Guarantee” Certificate

You’re entitled to a 100% refund of all money paid within the first 90 days of your subscription.

You can exercise this guarantee for any reason whatsoever during your first three months as a Cash Machine member. All you need to do is call us for a prompt refund, no explanation necessary.

Even if you do cancel, you’ll keep all of the special reports, issues and recommendations you received during your membership.

With Bryan’s no-risk guarantee, there’s nothing to lose…

For the chance to get in on investments paying out double-digit monthly yields as high as 14.3%… and all the other benefits of membership.

The only thing left for you to do is to choose your plan – either the 1-year or 2-year option. Again, both are covered by your 90-day satisfaction guarantee… and both are excellent deals. Here’s what you’ll get in each:

Best Value!

6 Bonus Reports FREE!

  1. Double-Digit Monthly Dividend Payers for 2017
  2. Cash Machine Quick Start Guide
  3. My Top Quarterly Dividend Investment for 2017
  4. The Top 7 Investment Traps to Avoid
  5. Government Mandated Yields for Rapid Income Growth
  6. Best Picks for Your 401(k) and IRA Accounts
Good value

3 Bonus Reports FREE!

  1. Double-Digit Monthly Dividend Payers for 2017
  2. Cash Machine Quick Start Guide
  3. My Top Quarterly Dividend Investment for 2017
All 6 Reports FREE with the 2-Year Offer

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