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  • The mortgage serving company that hands out cash payments of $1,518 every quarter with every $50,000 deposited for an annual yield of 12.15%…
  • The income pool that pays monthly with an annual yield of 10.91%…
  • A high-tech investing fund that is up a whopping 36% since you recommended it AND hands out an annual yield of 8.55%.

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  • Income Strategies for Your 401(k) and IRA Accounts: Generate More Cash During Retirement ($79 value)

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  • Cash Machine‘s 3 Model Portfolios — With specific recommendations for the Safe Haven portfolio that focuses on the safest of all cash payment opportunities, the Conservative portfolio that focuses on the safe opportunities that pay out more cash, and the Aggressive portfolio that focuses on income opportunities that pay the most.
  • Cash Machine Monthly Newsletter — Delivered the third week of each month,  each issue features further analysis of particular income opportunities, as well as an in-depth look at the current environment and where to look for the best income programs right now.
  • FREE: Weekly Dispatches — These dispatches include your updated market analysis and commentary, plus buy/hold/sell advice on current income opportunities, as well as new sources of extra cash.
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  • FREE: Members-Only Website — Available 24 hours a day with a complete archive of past monthly newsletters, special income bulletins, weekly updates, special reports and videos.
  • A $237 Value, FREE: High-Tech Income Pools — With information on the 3 best of the 22 “high-tech income pools” that use covered call strategies to generate consistent cash payments on a regular basis – monthly or quarterly.
  • A $79 Value, FREE: Cash Machine Quick Start Guide — Reveals how you can get up to speed in no time with your new Cash Machine subscription, and start pulling down more income.
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  • A $79 Value, FREE: Retirement Rebates: How to Collect Up to $8,500 Per Month in Cash Payments — Reveals some of the 416 businesses in America that hand out “retirement rebates,” an estimated $400 billion every year in regular cash payments to key employees and others who know about them.
  • A $79 Value, FREE: Government Mandated Income Opportunities — Includes your specific recommendations for a special type of income investment and the steps to maximize my cash payouts
  • A $79 Value, FREE: Income Strategies for Your 401(k) and IRA Accounts: More Cash During Retirement — Your strategies for getting more income into retirement accounts that can potentially add thousands of dollars per month to my household bottom line.

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6 Bonus Reports FREE!

  1. Hi-Tech Income Pools
  2. Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2018
  3. Cash Machine Quick Start Guide
  4. Retirement Rebates: How to Collect Up to $8,500 Per Month in Cash Payments
  5. Government Mandated Income Opportunities
  6. Income Strategies for Your 401(k) and IRA Accounts
Good value

3 Bonus Reports FREE!

  1. Hi-Tech Income Pools
  2. Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2018
  3. Cash Machine Quick Start Guide