Dear Income Investors

Today, savvy retirees and others are taking advantage of a special type of “income fund” that uses a simple technique to generate generous cash payouts from the world’s leading tech giants.

I call this new revenue source “high-tech income pools.”

According to Seeking Alpha, there are 475 of these special “income pools” available to investors today.

But I am only focusing on 22 of them, because they use the simple income strategy I’m talking about.

These 22 income pools also…

It’s ingenious. 

And I’m not the only one who thinks so:

Best of all, some of the tech-oriented private income pools hand you huge cash payments on a MONTHLY basis – in a sector notorious for NOT paying dividends…

Along with steady capital appreciation.

Introducing Hi-Tech High Yields!

Hello. My name is Bryan Perry, editor of the Cash Machine income advisory service and newsletter.

I spent nearly 20 years as a broker and financial advisor on Wall Street, working at top firms like Paine Webber and Bear Stearns.

Eventually, I decided to leave the rat race behind to dedicate myself to helping individuals safely increase their income with the sources known mostly to professional money managers.

For example, my current portfolio has 14 sources of income right now with yields between 8% and 13.49%.

Most people have never heard of these sources of extra cash – but they exist.

And here’s something else: 

You don’t have to watch your savings rapidly dry up as you do with many other income sources – such as life insurance policies or annuities.

With life insurance policies or annuities, companies typically include a portion of your deposits in their regular payments, gradually reducing the value of your savings.

But, with the income sources I’m talking about, the opposite is the case.

In fact, many of the sources of extra income I recommend have earned retirees double- even TRIPLE-digit returns, sometimes in a matter of months!

For example, the income sources I’ve recommended have posted total returns like…

Now, my purpose for reaching out to you today is to reveal how you can use some NEW sources of extra income to grow your savings, beginning right now…

And create a far more prosperous retirement than you may have thought possible.

The Big Shift to Income-Producing
Tech Opportunities

As you well know, finding adequate sources of income when you’re near or at retirement is increasingly difficult.

The old sources of passive income that used to pay out cash – such as bonds, CDs, and MLPs – have been languishing. 

They pay less and less AND, even worse, the value of the underlying deposits decline as well.

In the old days, if you put some money in a bond, you were paid 7% or more – and the value of your capital at least stayed the same.

Now, you’re lucky to get 2% income on your money, and you can easily see your capital lose value, sometimes by 20%, 30% or more.

That is NOT how you enjoy a prosperous retirement.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

The new “high-tech income pools” I’ll tell you about in this message let you…

  1. Catch up if you haven’t saved enough yet, and, most importantly…
  2. Collect extra cash income RIGHT NOW so you can enjoy more of life.

Let me explain…

Using the Super-Charged Tech Boom to
Fuel New Sources of Cash Income

You see, one of the big problems with the billion-dollar tech giants is that they don’t pay earnings or, if they do pay earnings, they are very small.

But all these giant tech stocks do have one thing in common besides paying almost no income…

You got it: They’ve all been soaring in value over the last year!

Another problem with these stocks for retirees or soon-to-be retirees is that they are unusually expensive. 

For example, it would cost you $103,400, at current prices, to buy just 100 shares of Google.

Priceline would set you back a whopping $211,200 for 100 shares.

So, even if you wanted to invest in these super-profitable tech companies, they’d likely take a big chunk of your savings… which wouldn’t be very smart. 

And that’s where “high-tech income” comes in!

With these new high-tech income pools, you can collect a monthly cash payment from ALL of the companies I just mentioned WITHOUT having to pour tens of thousands of dollars into the stocks themselves.

Let me show one example…

High-Tech Income Pool #1: Spits Out Cash Payments Every Month!

Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income (EOS) is an income pool with more than $780 million deposited.

It generates tens of millions of dollars in extra cash income by buying large- and mid-cap tech stocks, and then using a conservative, but highly profitable, covered call strategy.

That means they allow other big investors to buy some of their stocks at a specific price in the future for a big cash payment. If the stocks don’t rise in value to that pre-determined price, the income pool simply KEEPS THE CASH – and passes it on to its stakeholders.

Looking at EOS’ portfolio, the top 10 holdings are like the Super Bowl championship of tech stocks – all of the giants I mentioned earlier, such as Google, Apple, Microsoft and so on — making up about 40% of the entire portfolio.

And as I said: The managers buy these hugely expensive tech stocks for you… sell covered call options on the holdings… and then pass the profits on to you in the form of monthly cash payments.

In dollars and cents, EOS pays out $276 a month or $3,315 a year on every $50,000 deposited – an effective annual yield of 6.6%.

And if you know anything about income sources, a consistent 7% yield is not that easy to find.

What’s more, unlike some dividend stocks, this high-tech income pool has been rapidly increasing in value year after year – up 18.5% over the last year and averaging 15% returns a year for the last 5 years.

And I tell you everything you want to know about this new type of tech-oriented income pool in a brand-new special dossier I have just finished.

It’s called, Hi-Tech Income Pools.

In this privately printed income blueprint, I show you why high-tech income pools like these are giving investors a real alternative to the low-yield bonds and sputtering REITs that many people have looked to in the past.

In fact, these special income sources are one of the most exciting developments in income investing in a very long time.

I’ll tell you how you can get a FREE copy of Hi-Tech Income Pools – Yields Up to 11.41% from the Market’s Hottest Sector in just one moment.

Before I do, let me share with you another example of a “high-tech income pool” that throws off gobs of cash like clockwork… and is also rapidly appreciating in value.

High-Tech Income Pool #2: Another Tech-Oriented Income Is Soaring In Value!

This second recommendation I have for you is another tech-heavy income pool that has posted eye-popping returns not only in the short-term, but also historically.

Unlike some private investment funds, which adjust their monthly payments according to the amount of call premium collected, this particular income pool operates with a fixed payment policy.

It currently pays $2,960 per year, $740 per quarter, on every $50,000 deposit.  That translates to an annual yield of 6.6%.

In addition, the pool is composed of a large number of stocks from the Nasdaq 100 including Intel, Facebook, Comcast, Cisco and Celgene.

But it’s not an index fund by any means. 

It doesn’t buy all 100 stocks that make up the Nasdaq 100, thereby avoiding many of the problem stocks that can weigh down the index.

That means your cash payments with this income pool may be slightly less, but you more than make up for it with capital appreciation and total return.

Shares of this high-tech income pool are up a very respectable 17.4% over the last year, thanks to the adroit stock picking by the manager, and the millions of dollars in option premiums he collects.

Again, you can find out all about this amazing cash payer when you simply download your FREE copy of Hi-Tech Income Pools – Yields Up to 11.41% from the Market’s Hottest Sector.

Now, before I tell you how to download your copy, let me tell you about one more incredible high-tech income opportunity…

High-Tech Income Pool #3: Imagine Collecting Cash Payments of 11.41% Per Year!

My third recommendation for you invests about 30% of its capital in the S&P, Nasdaq and Russell 2000 indexes, with the balance in select equities that are some of the hottest names in the stock market.

Currently, it has assets of $401.76 million. 

It hands out quarterly cash payments of $1,426 ($475 a month) for every $50,000 deposited in the pool, which works out to an annual yield of 11.41%.

As with my other recommendations, the value of the pool itself is rising, giving you even more profit. It’s up year-to-date, and on track for a solid year of performance while exhibiting a low level of volatility.

I think this is a fantastic source of extra income for years to come. 

The pool managers have handed out the same quarterly payment since June 2009, when the market was just coming off the worst of the correction’s very bottom.

If the managers could weather the past eight years without an interruption in their cash payments, I’m confident they can continue to perform going forward.

You get all the details about this solid high-yield income source along with the other two I just shared in Hi-Tech Income Pools – Yields Up to 11.41% from the Market’s Hottest Sector. Together, the average monthly payout from these 3 stocks could add another $1,663 in monthly income!

And here’s how you can get a FREE copy right away…

Introducing the Cash Machine
Approach to Grabbing Extra
Income Safely Each Month…

More than 20 years ago, I recognized that the one blind spot for many investors was high-quality sources of income both before and during retirement.

It seemed that investors got plenty of advice about stocks and mutual funds. 

But when it came to getting paid cash, many had no clue where to go.

That’s why I decided to launch an advisory service specifically designed to help retirees and others collect more cash on a regular basis, and to do so safely and conservatively.

I decided to call it Cash Machine, because that is precisely what it is: a virtual money-making machine.

At the heart of the Cash Machine program are three sets of recommendations for income sources — Safe Haven, Conservative and Aggressive — currently with between six and ten recommendations in each. 

The names are self-explanatory.

Put together, all of the Cash Machine recommendations are designed to generate a blended total yield of 10% — and potential total returns (capital appreciation and income payments) of 25%!

However, as important as income is… I believe safety comes first.

That’s why I reject 99 out of 100 potential sources of income that I review for my Cash Machine newsletter and service.

For an income source to make my “recommended list,” it must meet 4 important safety tests:

Hand out cash payments that equal an annual yield of at least 5% for my Safe Haven, 5% – 10% for my Conservative recommendation lists, and around 10% – 15% for my Aggressive list:

This is the key if you want to create a steady, reliable, hefty stream of extra cash income.
Each income source must increase its yields on a continuous basis.
Each income source must have an average daily volume of at least 50,000 shares: I only recommend liquid income opportunities and this is the minimum amount I will accept.
Each income source must have the potential for a minimum 25%-plus total return (appreciation plus yield) over a one-year period

Now, I admit that it isn’t easy to find sources of extra income that meet all these safety and growth criteria.

However, when you do find them, they can provide a boost to your finances like nothing you’ve ever seen…

Flooding your bank account with fat cash payments, while also growing the total value of your savings.

And please don’t just take my word for it.

Here is what a few of my loyal subscribers say about the extra income they get with their Cash Machine subscriptions…

D.M. in San Mateo, CA, wrote and said:

 “I started with about $100,000 and now have about $550,000 – some of the funds being investment growth, some of it being ‘new money’ and some from trading profits.”

Hal W. of Keizer, OR, wrote to tell us:

“I joined Cash Machine… to help generate income for a family member’s account. It sustained her very well and a family friend asked me to do the same for her… Since then, my account has doubled; the recovery helped, but with Bryan’s guidance, my account is generating $1,000 per month income for me and the account is still growing!”

Bill M. of Lake Geneva, WI, also wrote about us:

“I like the good explanations that Mr. Perry provides for his monthly recommendations. My view is that he is working very hard to come up with some good recommendations each month and he is a realist with the current market. I also like his weekly updates… I believe he has a really good perspective on this stuff.”

It’s one of the delights of my life to know that the work we do at Cash Machine is able to help people so dramatically.

And that’s why I’d like to personally invite you to try out my Cash Machine advisory service RISK-FREE.

Discover How These Well-Paying
Sources of Income Can
Grow Your Savings

When you accept a zero-risk trial subscription to Cash Machine, I’ll rush you detailed information about the high-tech income pools I just told you about in this message. 

And that’s just the beginning! 

I’ll also send you ALL of my other up-to-the-minute Cash Machine recommendations for this year and beyond.

And I’ll continue to provide you with invaluable investment advice with my… 

Plus, You Get All This and Save Up to
$1,041 in Gifts & Discounts!

Now, a 1-year subscription to my Cash Machine service would be a tremendous bargain even at the regular price of $249. 

I’ve seen many other income-oriented services that charge $399, $499, even $999 a year.

But you don’t have to pay anywhere near that much. 

In fact, you can take advantage of a special offer for Cash Machine that can let you try it out risk-free, and only pay a fraction of its regular cost if you decide to continue. 

By agreeing to a risk-free test-drive today, you’ll get a copy of my brand-new research dossier on these new high-tech income pools that pay out huge amounts of extra cash — Hi-Tech Income Pools – Yields Up to 11.41% from the Market’s Hottest Sector.

In this report, I give you all the details on my 3 current recommendations for these special sources of extra income — each of which is valued at $79.

So, that’s $237 worth of tips and specific recommendations right off the bat.

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And that’s just for starters.

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And to make this 1-year offer even more tempting, I’ll also throw in 2 bonus income dossiers – also free of charge.

The two dossiers are:

Cash Machine Quick Start Guide ($79 value)

In this valuable report, I reveal the simple first steps every new subscriber should take to get up to speed fast with your new service. With this guide, you’ll hit the ground running, even if you know nothing about collecting regular, monthly cash payments from specialized income sources.

Double-Digit Monthly Payers for 2018 ($79 value)

This second, extremely valuable and popular report concentrates on sources of income that pay monthly. Each recommended income source offers an exceptional annual yield in excess of 8%, (that’s many times what you could get from a one-year CD at today’s rates). 

Now, I consider this an incredible offer with everything you get in the 1-year deal. With the $200 in instant savings, and three special income dossiers worth a combined $395, that’s $595 in discounts and savings right off the bat! 

But if you want an even BETTER deal, then consider this:

Sign up for a completely risk-free trial for 2 years and lock in an even BIGGER discount (82%) off the regular price…

You’ll get $409 in instant savings off the 2-year rate AND 24 full months of Cash Machine for just $89. 

Of course, you’ll get all of the recommendations and income dossiers offered in the 1-year deal:

But, in addition to these, I’ll also throw in these 3 extra income dossiers – at no charge – even though each is worth $79 apiece.

For the 2-year test-drive, you get everything above, as well as…

Retirement Rebates: How to Collect Up to $8,500 Per Month in Cash Payments ($79 value)

This bonus dossier is a guide to the 416 businesses in America that hand out what I call “retirement rebates,” an estimated $400 billion every year in regular cash payments to key employees and others who know about them. But, unlike ordinary consumer rebates, these retirement rebates can be collected year after year. There are no income or age restrictions. And they can actually potentially reduce your overall tax bill. Find out all about them in this valuable bonus report.

Government Mandated Income Opportunities ($79 value)

Anyone can sign up for a Government Mandated Income Opportunities “GMIO” check. You don’t have to be a U.S. citizen or resident. You can sign up online or with a paper form you mail in. You do have to be at least 18 years old, or arrange to collect them through a legal guardian. In addition, the government does require that you present your name, SS number and an acceptable form of I.D. But once you sign, you’re set. You will begin receiving cash payments at a set interval from then on. Of course, you can collect a whole series of checks simply by signing up for many different GMIOs here.

Income Strategies for Your 401(k) and IRA Accounts: Generate More Cash During Retirement ($79 value)

There is more than $100 trillion invested in what I call quality, high-yield assets – including real estate investment trusts (REITs), business development companies (BDCs), and other hybrid income sources. These income opportunities can really build your retirement nest egg, especially the ones that hand out the biggest cash payments – and you’ll learn all about them in this report. 

With the 2-year offer, you’ll get a total of 6 valuable dossiers chock full of recommendations for the best sources of extra income – dossiers that would normally sell for $632.

But I want you to have them all for FREE just for giving Cash Machine a fair try.

So, add it all up and you’ll see:

By joining me now for two years, and saving $409 instantly off the regular price of the service, you receive a grand total of $1,041 in discounts, value and free gifts!

And to top it all off…

Your Trial Subscription is 100% Risk-Free:
Cash Machine Will Increase Your Income…
Or It Costs You NOTHING

I’m so convinced that the Cash Machine approach is the best and quickest way for you to collect extra cash income and enjoy a more prosperous life, I’m giving it an Iron-Clad Guarantee of 100% Satisfaction.

Simply click the button below now to accept a risk-free trial and download my current recommendations for the best sources of extra cash income.

Take as long as you like — up to a full 30 days! — to decide whether Cash Machine is right for you.

During the course of that time, you MUST agree that Cash Machine has significantly increased your monthly income, while also boosting the value of your assets.

If you’re ever dissatisfied with the performance of my recommendations in Cash Machine, just let me know within 30 days and I’ll rush you a full refund of your subscription price — even if you notify us on the very last day of your trial subscription.

Of course, everything you get in the meantime — all the special reports, the monthly issues and specific recommendations for income sources — is yours to keep with my thanks for giving Cash Machine a fair try.

So, please don’t wait. 

To get instant access to ALL of my current recommendations for sources of extra income…

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Bryan Perry
Editor, Cash Machine