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The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without: 100% Profits in the Next Year, Guaranteed

No matter who wins the battle for 5G superiority – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, or the dozen other titan contenders – this company will escort the new king to the thrown. Its devices and systems are irreplaceable and they’re everywhere.

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The second I call The Face of the 5G Revolution. It details the world’s leading facial recognition software company and how this corner of the tech world is exploding. Facial recognition is about to be found everywhere, from your car to your refrigerator, and this company will lead the way.

The stock and simple call options in this report give you two more great chances to double your money this year… and me a great chance to fulfill my promise of 12 triple-digit winners like these.

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12 Full Months of Hi-Tech Trader

For one full year, you’ll receive my Hi-Tech Trader recommendations via email or text. Each will contain the stocks and options to buy, the prices to buy at and, most importantly, when to sell to take profits. As you’ve just seen, that formula has made this one of the most profitable trading services on the planet. The year to come looks even better – especially when you start with guaranteed profits!

Weekly Updates

Each week, I share my analysis and research about the current market… how events may affect our recommended plays… and which new opportunities have opened up. With my Weekly Updates, you’ll never be in the dark about our Hi-Tech Trader recommendations.

Flash Alerts

Just like my FAST Buy Alert, I will send you a Flash Alert via email and text whenever breaking news impacts any of our positions. Whenever we need to make a move, I immediately give you complete buy, hold, or sell instructions to protect your wealth… or maximize your profits.

Master-Class Video Series

These short, 3 to 5 minute training videos show you step-by-step how to execute my trades. Whether they’re straight up stock recommendations or options examples to bank 300% in 90 days, you’ll see exactly what to do.

Options 101: How to Trade Like the Pros

This is my concise, one-stop-shop for becoming an options trader. This concise report explains everything you need to know about options. If you have 20 minutes, read it, and you’ll be trading options like a pro in no time.

Private Website Reserved Exclusively for
Our Members

With the click of a mouse, you can always access our most recent trade alerts any time you want on our members-only website. There, you’ll also find my FREE library of special investment reports and videos, along with a complete archive of my past alerts and trades.

Dedicated Account Liaison On Call
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Should you have any questions concerning our trades or your service, you have a dedicated account liaison. His name is Grant Linhares and he can take your calls every day the market is open from 9am to 5pm Eastern. You can call him toll-free at 844-419-4548.

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