Renowned stock picker and option trader
Bryan Perry reveals how you can…

Reap Windfall Profits in the Great Tech REBOUND

But you must act BEFORE key earnings reports trigger a new buying frenzy.

In the dot-com wipeout of 2000-2001, vast fortunes were lost… but even more fortunes were made when tech stocks came ROARING back.

I believe we’re about to see the same thing happen again, beginning on or before the middle of next month.

That’s when earning results for some key tech companies discussed in this message will be reported, and I believe they will trigger a huge resurgence in tech.

That’s why I’ve prepared a brand-new dossier of blockbuster tech stocks — shares of companies that are making BILLIONS in profits and that dominate their industries — that you can now buy for up to 50% off their recent highs if you act right away.

These companies are poised to rebound big-time, making savvy investors significant profits.

I’ll tell you how you can download a copy of this dossier in just a moment.

But first, let me show you what has happened in the past when tech stocks like these plummeted from their historic highs…

How Smart Investors Got Rich on Tech Rebounds

People forget, but during the dot-com wipeout, Amazon (AMZN) lost 92% of its value in just the first six months of 2000 as its shares plummeted from $4.25 per share all the way down to just 30 cents.

Tech investors were in a panic!

The headlines on CNN proclaimed, “Techs plunge in blood bath.”

But if you had been among the handful of savvy investors who recognized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you could have banked gains of up to 37,233%.


That’s right: Over the coming years, Amazon shares rebounded from a low of just 30 cents on October 1, 2001, all the way back to $112 a share in February 2023.

That was up to 372 times your money… enough to turn a modest $5,000 investment into $1.8 million.

And Amazon is just one example of the kind of profits a temporary tech wipeout can hand you.

Here’s another: Nvidia (NVDA).

At the end of 2000, this high-flying tech stock lost 60% of its share value in just three months, plunging from $3.40 to just $1.36 per share.

There was nothing wrong with the company.

In fact, the chip manufacturer came in with sales and earnings that beat expectations.

“We expect revenues to be $215 million this year, but next year, we expect them to be $1.1 billion, up about 50 percent from this year,” one analyst noted.

Yet because of the general downturn in tech due to the dot-com crisis at that time, Nvidia shares plummeted too.

Professional traders were even shorting the stock.

Yet unbeknown to most investors, this was actually a rare opportunity to make a fortune.


If you had bought $5,000 worth of Nvidia shares after they had fallen 60% in value to just $1.36 per share…

Today your stake would be up 16,149% — 161 times your money — and worth $807,450.

And take a look at Apple (AAPL), of course.

Between December 1999 and the end of 2000, everyone’s favorite tech stock tanked big-time, losing 80.7% of its value in just nine months.

People were dumping their shares by the truckload. Apple was briefly a penny stock, trading at a low of just 21 cents per share in December 2000.

“Apple Computer began 2000 with a strong and profitable first half but ended the year with its first quarterly loss in years,” ZDNet noted at the time. “It also saw its stock trading at a fraction of recent highs.”

But not everyone dumped Apple shares.

Again, a savvy few recognized an opportunity they might not see again in their lifetimes — and bought up shares with both hands.


If you had done the same thing back in December 2000, you could have made up to 70,852% profit by the beginning of 2023.

That was 708 times your money… enough to turn $5,000 into $3.5 million.

Now, you’re probably thinking: Sure, you can pick out the big tech winners and show these amazing profits.

But what about all the tech companies that failed?

What about the tech stocks that plunged and never came back?

And that is a very good question; the truth is, you can’t just invest in any tech company.

Especially not when the entire sector has gotten pummeled…

For one thing, you should only invest in tech companies that are still making money.

Look at what happened in the 2008-2009 banking crisis when tech stocks once again took a major beating.

The top 10 tech companies by market cap were down between 32% and 79% during that time — yet all were still showing a profit when they fell.

Had you bought them back then, when everyone else was selling, here’s what would have happened:

Your shares of…

In other words:

If you had had a brokerage account of $50,000 back then…

and had simply invested $5,000 into each of the Top 10 Tech Stocks of 2008-2009 after the tech sell-off…

Today your account could be worth up to $2.19 million.

That represents an average compound return of 33% a year!

Here are all the details:


Why am I sharing this with you today? Well, because…

We’re About to Do It All Over Again!

A NEW sell-off in tech is already underway as we speak.

As you likely already know, technology companies have been laying off employees by the thousands.

The historic rise in inflation and interest rates… the government’s attack on the energy industry… the lingering effects of the COVID shutdowns and firings… all have had an impact.

Google alone announced plans to lay off 12,000 people from its workforce early in 2023.

Microsoft admitted it was letting go of 10,000 employees.

And Amazon also began a fresh round of layoffs that eliminated more than 18,000 employees total — the largest workforce reduction in the company’s history.

As a result, the share prices of these tech companies and others like them have been plunging, with big swings up and down on a weekly basis.

Some tech companies have recovered in recent weeks, yet many others are still in free fall.

As of early 2023…

To name just a few.

In short:

This is the biggest sell-off in tech stocks since 2008-2009 — and represents a rare chance to lock in life-changing profits.

That’s because many of the established tech giants are still making HUGE profits — as in billions of dollars.

They still utterly dominate their industries in ways you can only imagine…

Yet their share prices are getting hammered, as people are desperate to leave tech, no matter where they’re invested…

And that means only one thing: When the smoke clears, they’re going to rebound…

And when they do, investors who bought them at a discount are going to bank windfall profits.

The Next Tech Rebound Is Going to Be Much, Much BIGGER!

Hello. My name is Bryan Perry.

I’m an investment director at Eagle Financial Publications here in Washington, D.C., probably most famous for my Cash Machine income advisory service.

For the last 12 years, I’ve dedicated myself to helping individual investors safely increase their wealth and income.

Bryan Perry

And before that, I spent nearly two decades working as a financial advisor for top Wall Street firms like Paine Webber and Bear Stearns.

I also worked with a team of computer scientists from the School of Engineering and Applied Science at Wharton Business School in Pennsylvania. We built a triangular model combining artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and deep learning with my successful trading strategies.

We developed a computer system to crunch and calculate data using quantitative and qualitative analysis, algorithmic game theory, drone surveillance, satellite images, Internet scraping and corporate intelligence—in milliseconds, and then nanoseconds.

I wanted it to have the same power as the elite AIs at big trading houses. Firms like JP Morgan Chase, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley.

You see, AI is different from most computer trading programs.

AI does this thing called “machine learning.” That means it learns from its mistakes.

So it improves… and continues to improve. Constantly. Relentlessly.

As a result, I am actively recommending world-changing, “one of a kind” tech stocks that will do just that!

People have been trusting me for 30 years for investment advice… and yet I’ve never been more excited about an investment opportunity than I am now about tech.

And to help you start on these life-changing opportunities, I’ve prepared a brand-new portfolio that reveals the beaten-down tech stocks that are poised for a HUGE rebound…

The way Apple bounced back after the dot-com wipeout… and Amazon, Netflix, and Nvidia came roaring back after the 2008-2009 banking crash.

These are the stocks that could potentially double or triple your money in the coming months… and earn you 50, 100, or even 200 times your money over the coming years.

The dossier is entitled “Tech Rebound Blockbusters.”

In this investing blueprint, I tell you about the six tech mega-giants I believe will continue to grow the U.S. economy for decades to come.

In other words: These are the types of stocks that you should have in your portfolio no matter what.

You should buy them when the economy is soaring because they’ll be leading the way.

And when the economy is in the toilet — and their share prices are down — you should BUY EVEN MORE.

One caveat, however: You must get this report BEFORE the middle of next month.

That’s when I expect that the tide will shift for the entire tech industry as key earnings reports become available, and the rock-bottom prices for these shares will NO LONGER be available.

Share prices for some of these stocks are ALREADY creeping back up… so you have to act right away.

Let me tell you about a couple of them:

Tech Rebound Blockbuster #1: The #1 Publishing Technology on the Internet

My first pick has rebounded so many times that it should be playing professional basketball.

This $17 billion software company is like a mirror of the tech industry. When tech goes up, it goes up MORE. When tech goes down, it sinks.

In other words: It’s the ultimate “buy on the dips” play because it always comes roaring back. It’s the ideal play for people who trade tech stocks.

Example: In 2009, shares of this stock fell 65%, from $45 to just $16 each.

But just as it always does, this superstar tech stock rebounded — big-time. Within five months, it DOUBLED the money (100% gains) of investors who bought at the low.

At its recent peak, shares were selling for a whopping $665 each.


If you had invested back when it plunged, you would have made up to 4,085% profit. Every $5,000 invested could have turned into $204,000.

Today, this company has seen total revenues grow 37.5% from $12.8 billion in 2020 to $17.6 billion today.

As a percentage, earnings are up even more, from $4.2 to $6.1 billion.

In other words: This tech company is making BILLIONS in profits, more this year than last year, but has seen its share price fall −43% from its recent high due to the overall downturn for tech stocks.

This is just the sort of opportunity savvy tech investors and traders jump at!

And I tell you everything you need to know about this stock in your copy of “Tech Rebound Blockbusters.”

This stock’s potential may sound impressive… but my next pick could do even BETTER…

Tech Rebound Blockbuster #2: Top Platform for Alternative Travel and Accommodations

My next beaten-down tech stock that is ripe for a rebound is one of the leading developers of alternative accommodation and travel experiences — and owns one of the top travel apps worldwide, according to Oprah Daily.

Alternative accommodation services are basically interest-based social networks, and this $79 billion company dominates the field: Over 150 million users worldwide have booked more than 1 billion accommodations and trips over the past 20 years.

Now, after a two-year global pandemic in which even spouses were warned to stay away from each other, you might think this company’s revenues would be suffering.

But you’d be wrong.

Gross revenues are up 148.6% since 2020, from $3.3 to $8.3 billion.

And earnings are up even more: Earnings before interest and taxes have increased 1,369% from $ 137 million in 2021 to $2 billion today.

Yet despite its strong revenues and earnings, shares of this tech stock have been pummeled in recent months due to the overall downturn in tech.

It’s down 39% from its recent high of $206 per share.

Yet if this stock rebounds to where it was in early 2021 before the whole tech sector started taking on water, you’d bank about 64.8% profits pretty quickly.

No guarantees, but I expect that if you invest $5,000, you could turn that into $10,000 within a year for a potential gain of 100%.

And if you hold on to this stock, you could see it grow into another Expedia — which handed savvy tech investors gains as high as 265.6% when it recovered from the COVID pandemic downturn.

When you corner the market on adventure and travel, for a society cooped up for two years, all bets are off on how high shares could go.

And I give you all the details in your copy of “Tech Rebound Blockbusters.”

And here’s another beaten-down tech stock that could give you the financial independence you may dream about:

Tech Rebound Blockbuster #3: Giving Google a Run for Its Money with Digital Advertising

If there were ever an archetypal tech stock, then this digital ad platform would be it.

It’s one of the up-and-coming players in the exploding digital advertising industry, operating a cloud-based platform that allows buyers to plan, manage, optimize, and measure data-driven digital advertising campaigns across various ad formats and channels.

Yet even as individual digital ad companies themselves have fallen and risen in value countless times, this company has made money.

In fact, a lot of money.

Since 2020, total revenues have risen by 88.1%, from $836 million to $1.6 billion.

Earnings before interest and taxes are also holding steady at $113.6 million.

Incredibly, however, the shares of this company are down a whopping 45.9% since November 2021, from a high of $107.50 a share to just $53.

The last time this company’s stock fell just 32.8%, in 2020, investors who bought at the then-low made up to 435.8% profit in less than two years when the stock rebounded.

I believe we’re about to see the same thing happen again — that this stock could end up being a 5- or even 10-bagger when tech stocks begin rebounding in earnest.

The company had more than a billion dollars in cash on its balance sheet as of last December… is pouring huge amounts into upgrading its online tools… and stands to capture a large portion of the digital ad market.

Plus, the last time tech stocks took a dive this big… in the 2008-2009 banking crash — the top 10 rebounded an AVERAGE of 4,283.5% as of early 2023.

I’ll give you all the details about this stock in your copy of a brand-new special report I’ve just finished, “The Tech Top 6 Rebound Blockbuster You Need to Own Right Now.”

Among the other investing opportunities you’ll discover in this valuable portfolio are:

Now, I’ll tell you in a moment how you can get instant access to my entire recommended portfolio of “The Tech Top 6 Rebound Blockbusters” like the ones I just mentioned…

All large-cap tech blockbusters that make hundreds of millions, if not billions, in earnings and are currently selling for huge discounts…

Yet before I do that, let me explain how we’re able to take tech stock picks like these and generate substantial gains on a regular basis…

Generate Quick Cash with
Low-Risk, Low-Cost Option Plays!

You see, I’ve developed a specialized strategy for boosting gains we make on rebounding tech stocks with short-term option plays.

When I recommend a tech stock I believe is ripe for a rebound, I also typically recommend an inexpensive option so we can supercharge our gains over the coming few weeks.

We aim at 50% to 200% profits per trade.

And my track record for options speaks for itself:

Since January 2018, we’ve bagged 104 double-digit winners and 26 triple-digit winners

That’s more than two options wins per month!

Plus, these options let you try out my picks for as little as a couple of hundred bucks per trade, sometimes even less.

And if you’ve never invested in options before, this is one of the best ways to get started.

The trades are as easy as investing in stocks once you know how.

I reveal everything you need to know in a concise options guide I have prepared called “Options 101: How to Trade Like the Pros.”

It tells you how we multiply the already-sizable profits of rebounding tech stocks with carefully selected, low-cost options trades.

Special Report

Of course, these options trades are (pardon the pun) strictly optional: Many of my subscribers only invest in the underlying high-tech stocks, not the options.

Yet the profits from these options are hard to pass up.

Here’s a recent example of the kind of profits I’m talking about.

In November 2022, I recommended a trade on the cloud software company Calix Inc (CALX) for $67 per share.

Calix had been doing really well lately, and I expected to see the shares take a big jump.

However, when I recommended the Calix shares, I also recommended the January $70 “in the money” call options then selling for only $5.10 each.

Because options contracts are for 100 shares, you’d only pay $510 to control 100 shares for the life of the option.

Well, as I expected, the Calix shares took off very quickly.


The shares themselves shot up 12.3% in about a month… from $67 to $75 per share… yet the options did SEVEN TIMES better.

The options bought for $510 per contract on November 11, 2022, shot up to $958 per contract.

That was an 87.8% profit in just 32 days.

Put another way, had you bought 10 contracts for $5,100, you would have ended up with an extra $4,480 in your account in just 32 days.

This is the sort of fast cash that you can often see with the right high-tech stock plays!

Here’s an even better example: Microsoft (MSFT).

I like Microsoft a lot. In June 2020, my subscribers and I more than doubled our money (101.4% profits) on Microsoft options, and I knew we would do well again.

I recommended the stock on June 4, 2021, at $248 a share… and the August $245 “in the money” call options at just $11.85 each or $1,185 per contract.


The stock surged 7.6% to $267 per share… yet the options went crazy, from $1,185 per contract to $2,446.

That was a profit of 106.4% just on the options alone.

If you want to know why people trade options, this is why.

Also, I often trade options over and over again on the same stock.

Microsoft is a perfect example of this.

Over the past couple of years, we’ve seen profits on Microsoft options trades of…

And that’s just ONE stock!

We did the same thing with Qualcomm (QCOM) over the past few years. We made:

Plus, the great thing about trading tech stocks like these is that I’m able to find opportunities like these more frequently than in the past.

The volatility that drives many investors crazy makes options traders like me dance a jig!

Here’s an example I like because my subscribers were able to DOUBLE their money in less than a week.

It was for a company called Digital Turbine (APPS)… which is a digital media platform that delivers mobile applications to publishers and which has seen its revenues skyrocket from $103 million in 2019 to $764 million last year.


The options trade made 136% profit. In just six days.

Every $890 invested turned into $2,101… and every $4,450 into $10,505.

I could go on and on… but you get the point.

Of course, not all my trades double your money. These are speculative plays. Some make only modest profits, and some even lose money. You should never trade options with money that you cannot afford to lose.

Yet as I said earlier, my track record is one of the best in the business:

Since January 2018, we’ve bagged 104 double-digit winners and 26 triple-digit winners.

That’s more than two per month!

And that’s the real purpose of this message:

You Can Get ALL My Best Picks
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I would like to send you my entire portfolio of Tech Rebound Blockbusters.

All I ask in return is that you accept a risk-free, six-month test drive of my elite trading service, Hi-Tech Trader, at a special low, low price.

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If you ask me, that’s quite a package for a single, one-time investment of only $399 for six months.

And to top it all off, it all comes with my unprecedented guarantee:

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Best of all, you can try out Hi-Tech Trader for a full month without taking a big risk.

Here are the specifics:

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Look at it this way:

If I’m right, the great tech rebound — and the low-priced tech stocks associated with it — could be your pathway to a new financial future.

And while I’m not claiming you’ll get rich overnight — past performance is no guarantee of future results — I am saying that you could be well on the way to a more prosperous future.

So if you wish you had bought Amazon when it crashed 92% to just 30 cents a share back in 2001 and then rebounded 37,233% as of today…

Or if you always wondered what it would have been like to buy Nvidia when it lost 60% of its value in just three months to only $1.36 per share, only to watch it rebound 16,149% in the coming years…

Or if you’ve daydreamed about buying Apple for only 21 cents per share after it lost 80.7% of its value in nine months back in 2000… only to rebound 70,852% as of 2023…

Then click on the button below right now and accept your six-month test drive of Hi-Tech Trader for the special low price of only $399:


Bryan Perry

Bryan PerryEditor, Hi-Tech Trader

P.S. Due to the time-sensitive nature of this opportunity, I can make it available only for a limited time. At this point, I can’t say for sure exactly how long this offer will be available… but I would definitely act BEFORE the middle of next month. Please don’t hesitate. Share prices of some major tech blockbusters have already begun creeping back up.