Hello, I’m Bryan Perry.

Today, I’m going to reveal my first ever FAST Buy Alert for investors.

I created this new Alert system to get the word out ASAP on time-sensitive, high-profit trades.

When you receive a FAST Buy Alert, I expect you to be able to execute the trade quickly, to get the recommended prices, and lock in the highest gains possible.

If you can’t be sure you can respond fast enough, this message probably isn’t for you. 

But if you know that a difference of minutes can mean millions… this FAST Buy Alert is for you. I call it…

The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without

It’s a heavy-hitter business that was positioned perfectly to dominate its industry for years to come, before the virus hit.

Then, like many other companies, it saw its shares backslide for no good reason – other than the panic of investors.

Since shares bottomed out on March 20, 2020, the company’s shifted into overdrive and seen its shares more than double…  

Doubling your money in five months is impressive, but there are a lot of companies that are rebounding strongly.

So, what’s prompted me to do this now, with this company?


Confidence in a company that’s gained 100.3% in the last five months… that’s got a 1-2 punch that guarantees years of more profit, and…

Confidence in my tech stock analysis, which has been kicking ass, quite frankly, since the market bounced off the bottom in March.

I’d put those numbers up against anyone’s.

Now, combine that with the can’t-miss profits of the company that launched my first FAST Buy Alert

And I’m more than confident enough to make these two promises: 

  1. In the next 12 months, you will make at least 100% profits with The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without.
  2. In the next 12 months, I will also send you at least 12 more winners of 100% or more.

I’m so certain, I’m guaranteeing both of these gains. I call it my double-down promise

I want everyone to get in on it.

That’s why I’m sending out my first FAST Buy Alert.

You should also know, as a loyal reader, you’re getting this before my publisher releases it to more than 100,000 other investors.

That gives you first crack at something new…

I’ve never made a double-down promise like this before. In fact, I’ve never seen one like it. 

It just proves how confident I am.

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to keep this guarantee open forever. My publisher may have me shut it down tomorrow.

If that happens, my double-down promise will be gone.

That’s why it’s so important you hear about this right now.

Many of you may know me as in income investor, but when you’ve been around for 34 years… 20 on Wall Street and 14 helping investors like you…

You get a chance to do it all. I know a lot of people can say that.

That said, what uniquely qualifies me as a tech trading expert – and why you should trust me today – is this…

For the last two and a half years, I’ve led a group of technology traders to 106 total double-digit or triple-digit wins on tech companies.

That’s 3.75 – almost 4 – double- or triple-digit winners every month since I started focusing on tech.

As good as that is, it’s my track record in high tech since the end of March that should leave no doubt in your mind about who to trust. Since then…

That’s in the last five months alone. I’d put those numbers up against anyone’s.

Better yet, I don’t see the wins ending any time soon, thanks to a huge assist from Uncle Sam – more on that later.

That’s why I can make my double-down promise without hesitation:

In the next year, you’ll make at least 100% profits in the company behind my first FAST Buy Alert, plus 12 more winners of at least 100%.

If you know me, making a guarantee like that should be reason enough for you to get in on this play. I never do anything like this.

If it is, click here now.

Sorry if that was a little blunt, but if you’ve already decided to take me up on my double-down promise, I won’t take up any more of your time.

But if you’re still looking for information on the company behind this FAST Buy Alert, here it is…

The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without

The company I’m talking about is already a heavyweight in the 5G arena. You undoubtedly know its name.

Today, none of the big 4 carriers – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint or T-Mobile – can do 5G business without it.

That means whoever ends up winning the 5G race will take this company with it to the top. That’s going to be quite a climb.

Now, here’s why whoever wins has to take our company with it. It has three unbeatable 5G advantages:

  1. It’s got a stranglehold on 47% of all 3G, 4G, and 5G phone in America.
  2. It’s got a new 5G chip that can cut the price of 5G phones in half.
  3. It’s got the market-cornered on next-generation, 5G antennas.

In terms of devices alone, it’s estimated that Americans will purchase some 126 million 5G phones over the next couple of years…

Almost half of them will have one of this company’s flagship chips. 

At $1,000 a pop for a brand-new Samsung or iPhone 5G phone, that’s a lot of money straight to the bottom line.

But the company’s ubiquitous chips are just the first of its 1-2 combo.

It’s also got a second, cheaper chip, just out of development, that could be a game changer all by itself. It could cut the price of 5G phones in half.

Sure, these cheaper chips will lose a bit of speed compared to the flagship, but it’s still going to be way more than enough for most people’s 5G needs.

With this chip, your $1,000 Samsung or iPhone can be had for $500… so you know that, at half the price of other 5G phones, these phones will be flying off the shelves.

This company’s device dominance presents a pretty strong reason for getting into shares immediately, all by itself…

But not enough for me to send out my first FAST Buy Alert.

Here is the other reason why I had to get the word out so fast…

This company’s also making the only 5G antennas of their kind – leaving the competition behind.

If you know anything about antennas or cell tower companies – and how they’ve done – as America’s moved from 2G to 5G, then you know they’ve crushed it…

From 2001 to 2008 – 2G to 3G – these companies led to some of the greatest gains ever:

From 2009 onward – 3G to 4G – the same companies raked it in:

But there’s a problem with today’s 5G towers. 

This time around, it’s going to take at least six times more of today’s towers.


First of all, to keep up with exploding 5G demand – but that’s only half the story.

5G signals don’t travel very far, and they’re easily blocked by things like your hands, bodies, trees or any solid object.

To overcome that, 5G devices require a number of different antenna components. Not only that, all of those components take up a lot of space in 5G devices…

They used to, that is. Our company has the solution, again.

Its antenna design overcomes the range limitation problem… and its new single-component array greatly reduces the space needed inside of devices…

That solves both of the problems facing today’s towers and antennas.

Combine this industry-leading antenna solution with the company’s stranglehold on chips in 5G phones, and its new chip line that could cut 5G phone prices in half, and you have the strongest case I’ve ever seen to get into a tech company now.

That’s why I sent you this, my very first FAST Buy Alert for this company.

It’s a stock that’s already more than doubled since bottoming out in late March.

A lot of other analysts like this stock too. The list of its institutional buyers reads like a Who’s Who of Wall Street:

Add up all the players and Wall Street owns 79.91% of this company’s shares. 

You don’t see that much institutional buying often in a company like this.

It’s just confirmation of my own research.

To get the name of the stock behind my first ever FAST Buy Alert – FOR FREE – just ask for a copy of my brand-new special investment report:

The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without
100% Gains in the Next Year Guaranteed

But if you remember, 100% gains in the next year is only half of the double-down promise I said earlier.

I’m also going to deliver at least 12 more triple-digit winners in that same year.

This is where it gets a little weird. Believe it or not…

We’re Getting Rich, Courtesy of Uncle Sam

I never thought I’d say this…

But I have to thank the U.S. Government for helping myself and tech investors make so much money so fast…

It all started on September 28, 2018. That’s when FCC Chairman Ajit Pai made a critical strategic announcement – one that 99% of investors missed. 

In short, it defined the U.S. Government’s mandate to become the global leader of the $15.7 trillion 5G industry. It’s called America’s 5G FAST Plan.

I won’t bore you with details, but here’s a 30,000 ft. overview of the three things the FAST Plan is looking to accomplish to ensure America’s global dominance:

It’s this last point that really caught my eye when the FAST Plan was announced, so I dug into it.

I discovered it turbo-charges the approval time for new 5G related components and regulations.

Believe me, that’s a quantum leap improvement from an approval process that could drag on for months, even years.

That’s just one of the ways the FAST plan is already accelerating the development of 5G in America – and accelerating our profits.

Since the FAST Plan announcement, we’ve made a killing by doubling down on stocks just like The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without.

When I say double down, I mean buying shares and simple call options.

Of course, you never have to play the option recommendations I make… and yes, they are riskier than just buying stocks…

But when you’re using them on trades like The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without, big gains can happen fast. 

In fact, since I started recommending high tech stocks and options about two and a half years ago, my readers have had the chance to collect 106 double-digit or triple-digit winners.

But more importantly, like I said before, since the market’s bottom in March, I’ll stack my track record up against anyone’s. In just months, we’ve…

Don’t think gains like these are complicated either.

A high school student could follow them. Each is spelled out for you in simple-to-read directions. If you can follow directions and have 10 minutes a week, you can do this.

Here’s a couple of real-life examples to show you how easy it is.

Take my Red Hat trade. Red Hat is the world’s leading provider of open source solutions for 5G device manufacturers.

Right before we got in, Red Hat partnered with Rakuten Mobile Network.

But, prior to that, Red Hat had been making money for years. It made sense this new venture would only make the company stronger. 

At the time, shares were around $122 each. For 100 shares, you’d have paid $12,200. And you would have been fine with that, because when we closed the trade out, you’d have made 21.2%. 

Your $12,200 would have become $14,586 – for a profit of $2,386. Not bad. 

With the options, you would have made A LOT more money, and only invested a fraction up front.

Instead of making 21.2% on the shares, you would have scored a huge 284% win… That’s 13x more than the shares gained, for roughly one-quarter the cost.

That’s the power of options. But what many people don’t understand is that buying options also reduces your risk. 

When you buy the options instead of the shares, you’re only paying a fraction of the price of those shares – but you still get all the profit potential. 

The only difference is you only “own” the shares for the life of that option, or until it expires. 

Here’s an example showing just that.

It’s with Ciena, a Maryland-based infrastructure company helping companies transition to 5G. 

On December 21, 2018, about three months after the FCC launched its FAST Plan – and about the time I really started to make money – I recommended options on Ciena. 

At the time, shares were going for $32.15, so 100 shares would have cost you $3,215. However, I recommended the April 18 $30 call options for $4.50 each.

So, for the same 100 shares, we paid just $450. 

I closed out the trade 17 days later. Had you held the shares, you’d have made a nice 10.30%, which I’ll take every time. 

But if you’d bought the options, in that same 17 days, you’d have made 45.56% – or 3X more money – for about 1/8 the initial investment.

That’s how options can reduce risk. But that’s not why most people love options… it’s the home-run-sized gains they lead to.

That’s something else I’ve been hitting in spades over the last three years with high tech trading.

Here’s a great example. It’s a trade I made last summer with Cisco

On May 31, I recommended buying Cisco, because I had faith in the new CEO’s vision, how he was transforming the company and because it had impressed Wall Street by beating estimates. 

At the time, shares were around $52, so 100 shares would have set you back $5,200. 

I recommended buying the August $52.50 call options, which were going for $2.39, so one contract would have cost you $239 – 1/20th the price. 

As you can see below, we made money just 11 days later, when the shares returned a fat 9.2%.

But the options exploded, returning 128.03%. That’s 14X more money. 

When you can consistently land fat options on companies at the same time their shares are soaring, there’s no better feeling.  

That’s the key to tech trading in my book, finding companies like these… And it’s the key to averaging a 100% or more win per month.

Now I want to give you a chance to get the name of The One Stock We Can’t Do 5G Without and my option recommendation for it…

It’s all in my brand-new special report…

The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without
100% Gains in the Next Year, Guaranteed

And you can get this report ABSOLUTELY FREE.

Once you request your copy, you’ll also be covered by my double-down guarantee:

100% profits in the next year on The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without AND at least 12 more 100% winners in that same time as well.

Get started today by joining my red-hot trading service, Hi-Tech Trader.

In Hi-Tech Trader, we’re looking for the Facebook, Apple and SBA Communications’ of tomorrow – the kinds of plays that can multiply your wealth by 5, 10, even 20 times or more… 

Especially today, as gains are coming bigger and faster than ever thanks to the government’s 5G FAST Plan. 

Besides the best research and analysis in the world – in my humble opinion – here are the other benefits you get when you join us as a Hi-Tech Trader member.

First, you’ll get every one of my Weekly Action Updates by both email and text (if you like) for the entire year. 

Each previews the coming week and reveals the 5G or tech companies we’re recommending, including specific buy and sell prices. 

When there’s a new play, or something requiring a fast response, I’ll send out a FAST Trade Alert, giving you easy-to-execute instructions that you can use for all of the major online brokerage platforms. 

Or, if you prefer, you can simply read the instructions over the phone to your broker. 

With each recommendation, I review all of the reasons why I believe this particular company is a perfect opportunity – both for the stock itself and for the options we use. 

Remember, you never have to play both the stock and option recommendations, and you should never risk money on options that you can’t afford to lose…

But when you’re as hot as I am right now, and see the size of the wins we’re pulling down, it’s hard to resist… especially when it only takes about 30 seconds to do.

That’s your best bet to start stringing together at least 12 triple-digit winners over the next year.

If you’re wondering… can regular investors really do this? 

Absolutely. Even if you’ve never traded options before, you can start profiting from them the next day the market opens with another of my special investing reports:

Options 101: How to Trade Like the Pros. This concise report explains everything you need to know about options. If you have half an hour, read this short manual, and you’ll be trading options like a pro in no time. 

In addition, to help educate as many investors as possible to the power of options, I’ve also created an educational video series: Bryan Perry’s Masterclass Investor Video Series.

These short, 3-5 minute training videos show you step by step how to execute my trades… whether they’re straight up stock recommendations or option plays to bank 100% every month, you’ll see exactly what to do. 

Between these two option-focused resources, you’ll be making money from trading options in no time. 

But that’s still not the end of the benefits you’ll get as a member of Hi-Tech Trader. You’ll also be invited to my quarterly teleconferences. 

These are exclusive, closed-door conference calls for members ONLY, where I will share my latest research on any new 5G opportunities heading our way, as well as any within the larger tech sphere.

Also, as a new Hi-Tech Trader member, you’ll get Concierge Service from one of our dedicated account representatives. They’re ready to answer any question you may have about Hi-Tech Trader. You’ll get your designated service representative’s contact information once you join.

I’ll admit, that’s quite a list of benefits as a member of Hi-Tech Trader. And I’m sure my publisher would love it if I stopped there, but I’m pulling out all the stops in an effort to get you to try my service.

That’s why I’m throwing in two more bonus stock and option picks. Each is exactly like the type of investments featured in my Hi-Tech Trader recommended portfolio.

Each of the stock and option plays for these two picks has the potential to return 100% or more, and fast.

The first is one of my all-time Hi-Tech Trader favorites… I call it The Tech Stock to Play Over and Over Again.

It’s easy to see why I love it when you know that, over the last six months alone, I’ve made money on this company eight times.

Four times on the stock alone, averaging 7.45% in just 16 days.

Had you invested $10,000, stayed with this company, and rolled your gains into the next time I recommended it… 

In just six months, your $10,000 would have become $13,332… Not bad for half a year. 

And if you’d done the same with your option gains, you’d have turned $10,000 into $71,164. 

But here’s the best part of this story: We’re going to be able to make money off this company like this for years to come. 

Why? It’s proven during its 70-year lifespan that it knows how to change with the times. 

Today, it’s a leader in the semiconductor testing and advanced robotics sectors, providing solutions for the development and manufacture of wireless devices, smart phones, tablets, notebooks, laptops, and Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices. 

Performance-wise, the company’s a rock star, consistently beating estimates. 

Since March alone, it’s shares have sky-rocketed 92%. Take a look…

Add in the accelerated gains of the FAST Plan, it’s a sure thing to help us rack up at least a dozen more 100% gains over the next year.

All of the details for The Tech Company to Play Over and Over Again, and my recommended call option for it, can be found in my second brand-new special report:

My Double-Down Promise:
2 Stocks and Options to Bank 100% Fast

You’ll also get it FREE OF CHARGE today.

In it, along with the stock and option play for The Tech Company to Play Over and Over Again, I reveal another company that gives us a great chance at triple-digit gains, fast. I call it The Face of the 5G Revolution.

This $5.36 billion company’s only been around since 2015, but in that time, it made a huge impression on the Street, as its shares soared 322%. 

The year prior to the pandemic, the company was on a tear and its shares reflected it – almost doubling, with a 98% gain. 

Like almost everything else, though, they took a dive in March.

However, since then, this stock has been another rebounding superstar, up 38.8%. Have a look:

It’s been a bumpy ride to be sure, but now that it’s firing on all cylinders again, we should see bigger, more consistent gains from here.

Why the optimism? Revenue has grown 26% over the previous year as the demand for facial recognition software has begun to explode. 

Self-driving cars, gaming, photography and augmented reality all make use of this company’s facial recognition products, making the business even more valuable…

So seeing shares double wouldn’t shock me.

But we can get triple-digit returns much quicker with another simple options play here.  

Just like we did with…

That’s why I’m also including a simple call option recommendation for The Face of the 5G Revolution in my brand-new report:

My Double-Down Promise
2 Stocks and Options to Bank 100% Fast

The two stock and option plays revealed are your first steps down the road to collecting on my promise to deliver 12 more winners of 100% or more…

You’ll get this report and the live recommendations in it for FREE with my compliments… along with the stock and option recommendations you’ll find in The One Company We Can’t Do 5G Without: 100% Gains in the Next Year, Guaranteed.

No matter who wins the battle for 5G superiority – Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile or the dozen other titan contenders…

This company will escort the new king to the throne. It’s devices and systems are irreplaceable and they’re everywhere. Over the next 12 months, shares will soar.

I’m 100% sure… that’s how I can guarantee 100% profits on it in the year ahead.

All you have to do to get the special stock and option recommendations in these two reports for FREE… and take advantage of my double-down promise is…

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I’ll give you a second year of Hi-Tech Trader absolutely free…

Or you can take the $995 you spent on Hi-Tech Trader and apply it to any of my other advisory services for another full year.

That’s a great guarantee… That’s how confident I am.

And that’s why I sent you my first ever FAST Buy Alert.

So, if I were you, I’d act fast.

You never know when I’ll have to pull this offer.

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Whatever you do, do it fast.


Bryan Perry
Editor, Hi-Tech Trader