Right now, an invisible superhighway is being built all across America.

In addition to the blacktop roads and freeways you can see with your eyes, there exists another, far more expensive, thoroughfare. 

It’s made up of hundreds of thousands of electronic signals, lasers, GPS connections, and sensors – an unseen pathway of digital information.

This invisible “smart road” is like something out of The Matrix or another sci-fi film.

But this is very real.

In fact, for years, America’s foremost scientists and engineers have been hard at work on a secret project that dwarfs the ambitions of the country’s past engineering marvels — such as the U.S. space program, mammoth hydroelectric dams or rural electrification.

The project is to create an unseen electronic superhighway across the country that will guide vehicles to and from their destinations without a human driver.

Very soon, tens of millions of cars and trucks will use this invisible superhighway.

Yet, long before human beings set foot in driverless cars, thousands of robot-piloted vehicles will transport goods on special, designated roadways to hubs from Miami to Seattle, L.A. to Boston.

Even though testing is already underway in places like New York and California… 

The benefits of this advanced technology are already changing how Americans travel and do business. 

Many of the features in newer model cars – such as backup cameras, forward collision avoidance, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, and lane detection – come from this massive engineering project.

Plus, according to one new study, the invisible digital superhighway will…

That’s right: I said $7 trillion.

To put that in perspective, the entire Internet economy as it exists today has been estimated at around $966 billion. So, we’re talking about a market that is seven times bigger.

And that’s just the beginning. There are more massive projects on the horizon that are also poised to change our day-to-day lives.

These types of revolutionary leaps in technology happen more often than you think. Each time a company delivers a breakthrough, investors get the chance to bank life-changing gains.

So, how come more people aren’t getting rich?

Either they don’t have the connections, background or expertise to spot a disruptive technology early on, or they don’t have a way to invest in it…

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Just think about how different your life would be had you known about this back when telecommunications giant, Qualcomm, was at 55 cents a share… before it soared to $66, a gain of 11,900%. 

Or got in on the semiconductor manufacturer, Diodes Incorporated, which jumped from 30 cents a share to $30.46, a gain of 10,053%.

Or found Astronics early on, which makes the tiny digital TV sets in the back of airline seats, when it sold for 30 cents per share before climbing to $37 today, a gain of 12,233%.

As impressive as these gains are, the potential profits from the invisible superhighway could be even bigger…

And it all revolves around a tiny electronic device created by ONE company you’ve likely never heard of…

The Future of Travel Could
Fit in the Palm of Your Hand

This single device lets computer-controlled vehicles see the invisible superhighway with uncanny accuracy. 

It processes thousands of pieces of information in milliseconds. 

It knows precisely where the vehicle is located and, even more importantly, where every other object within thousands of square feet is located.

Imagine radar so advanced it can spot a bee at a thousand feet… and GPS systems so precise they can help a vehicle navigate the most complex freeway cloverleafs effortlessly, without even changing speed.

Once you fully understand everything this key component can do, you’ll want to invest in the company that makes it right away.

The company, with $7 billion in sales, has partnered with the likes of Tesla, Toyota, Bosch, and others to develop its AI-enabled driverless car controller, setting itself up to dominate a market that could eventually be worth trillions.

It’s already handed early investors 574% profits in just the past 24 months… and the invisible superhighway isn’t even operational yet!

Here’s what is really exciting: this blockbuster stock is one of literally DOZENS I’ve identified that are poised to do moon shots as a result of the invisible superhighway.

Many people – both inside and outside the industry – are going to become millionaires.

Some will even become billionaires.

Unheard-Of Profit Territory —
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You see, the small electronic device I showed you earlier is not the only breakthrough technology involved in the new digital superhighway…

It will be used in conjunction with DOZENS of other new automobile and information technologies.

As I’ve already shown you with Qualcomm, Diodes and Astronics, the companies pioneering these new technologies could make early-bird investors staggering profits.

Here’s another example…

Way back in the 1990s, two semiconductor pioneers named Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore decided to take advantage of the new interest in personal computers. 

Up until then, their small company, which they called Intel, primarily made memory chips for the commercial data processing industry. 

I won’t go into too much detail, but the company’s founders began to design brand-new micro-processors that could be used in personal computers.

They were willing to take chances on bold new directions… and their company’s fortunes shifted big time. 

Especially for early investors.

As the PC revolution took off, Intel’s stock absolutely exploded in value…

In the early 1990s, it shot up from as low as $1 per share to $46 today. Take a look:

That’s a gain of 4,323%.

Just $2,000 in Intel’s stock would have handed you $86,400 in profits.

Imagine if you put in a little more: $5,000 would have turned into nearly $221,000.

A more aggressive investment of $30,000 would mean you’d have $1.3 million today.

That’s what happens when a company is involved in technological advances like the development of PCs… or like the invisible digital superhighway.

Of course, Intel was hardly the only tech company that saw windfall profits as a result of the 1980s and 1990s’ tech revolutions.

In fact, it’s actually one of the less profitable examples.

The software company, Oracle, skyrocketed from just 13 cents per share in the early 1990s to a price of $49.20 today, a gain of 37,746%.

That’s enough to turn every $10,000 invested into… $3.7 million!

Of course, it’s difficult to compare the current opportunity with previous engineering marvels, because what’s going on with the invisible superhighway could be even BIGGER.

It’s the biggest change in transportation technology since the invention of the automobile. As I said, this market will eventually be 7 times bigger than today’s Internet economy.

Here’s the bottom line: 

When you invest in companies that change how people live on a day-to-day basis – the way PCs, the Internet and smartphones did – you could end up very rich indeed.

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Hello. My name is Bryan Perry, and I’m an investment advisor at Eagle Financial Publications, here in Washington, D.C.

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The dossier I’ve just finished is titled, Giants of the Invisible Superhighway Portfolio.

In this investing blueprint, I reveal my simple strategies for maximizing your profits in the new driverless car technologies.

And I don’t hold anything back: 

Once you see why I’m so hot on each of them, you’ll understand why we’re following them so closely. 

My Giants of the Invisible Superhighway Portfolio is my insiders’ “watch list” of next-generation tech superstars. 

Among the opportunities we’re following right now are…

These companies will be, by far, the most profitable players in the coming transportation revolution – and you can get ALL of the details in my Giants of the Invisible Superhighway Portfolio.

Of course, as I’m sure you’ve guessed by now, I can’t just hand out this information to the general public. 

However, there is a way you can get this report sent right to your inbox. 

This report names each of these companies and their stock symbols. 

And it won’t cost you a penny. I’ll tell you how you can get a copy of it in just a moment.

What’s more, I have something else I would like to give to you today.

It’s a second exclusive dossier about mega-opportunities in a related tech niche.

You see, the engineering marvels that are creating the invisible superhighway are largely physical in nature. 

They are the “picks and shovels” infrastructure… the physical components that will guide the vehicles of tomorrow.

But there is another dimension to this opportunity… and that is the BRAINS.

The invisible superhighway depends on another industry that you’ve probably heard of but may not know very much about: Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics.

AI and the robotics revolution are actually far more advanced than the general public realizes.

Intelligent robots are already being widely used in business.

Robots are now delivering room service at the Crown Plaza hotel in Silicon Valley… 

Delivering take-out food in London…

And stocking shelves at Best Buy.

Adidas now uses robots to manufacture its famous running shoes. 

Hospitals now use robots to disinfect rooms and perform precision surgeries.

And major law firms are now training robots, instead of paralegals, to perform routine tasks, such as law library research, photocopying, and the drafting of simple agreements.

All of this is made possible through breakthroughs in Artificial Intelligence and a specialized part of AI known as “machine learning.”

Machine learning is the bundle of technologies that allow robots to quickly learn from their mistakes and modify their behaviors as a result. 

It is the software technology that lies behind both robotics and driverless cars – and business is booming!

Early investors in machine learning include Nvidia, Intel and IBM. 

And many of the key players are small companies you’ve likely never heard of… such as Hubspot (HUBS).

Since its IPO in 2005, this business automation company has seen phenomenal growth. Since late 2014, the company’s stock has jumped from $33.50 a share to $81 today – a gain of 141.7% in just 36 months.

But some of the biggest plays in AI, machine learning, and robotics are even more obscure than this. Investing in them now would be like paying 13 cents for Oracle back in 1991.

These are the kinds of opportunities that can change your life.

And I want you to be able to get in on them as soon as possible…

Here’s another example of what I’m talking about: Yaskawa Electric (YASKY).

It’s a Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots and the servos, motion controllers, AC motor drives, and switches that go into them.

This isn’t a small company. 

It has sales in excess of $300 billion… and its stock has taken off.

Over the past 12 months, YSKY’s shares have soared 157%.

And this is merely ONE of the opportunities in AI and robotics that I am currently following.

That’s why I want to send to you a SECOND high-tech investing dossier immediately, FREE of charge.

It’s called, The AI Revolution: How Machine Learning and Robotics Can Make You Rich.

These are among the investing opportunities you’ll discover in this report:

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Look at it this way: 

If I’m right, the invisible superhighway – and the undiscovered tech stocks associated with it – could be your pathway to a new financial future.

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