Yes, I Want to “Retire on 5G”

“I love the idea of starting with small amounts of
money and watching them MULTIPLY OVER
AND OVER again until I have more than
enough to enjoy a prosperous retirement.”

✔ YES, Bryan! Please send me a check for $1,000 — along with your recommendations and instructions for growing a $20,000 trading account into as much as $1.2 million in as little as 36 months. 

I understand that this is NOT your traditional stock advisory, but a “swing for the bleachers” type of service. 

I want to build real wealth by profiting from the BIG breakthrough technologies changing the world right now — like 5G.

Plus, I love that I can start with as little as a few hundred dollars and potentially double, triple, even quadruple my money in just a few weeks, with winners like…

  • The 284% gain I could have made in early 2019 on Red Hat.
  • The 242.3% profits I could have banked in two months in 2019 on Ciena Corp (CIEN).
  • Or the 2,500% profits I could have made on AT&T in just two months, back when it was selling for just $27 a share.

That’s why your subscribers trust you to help them grow their retirement accounts, so they can enjoy life when they’re no longer working.

As Hal W. of Keiser, Oregon, put it:

“In preparation for my own retirement, I combined my retirement accounts and entrusted my future income to Bryan. Since then, my account has DOUBLED…”

So please, Bryan, send me ALL of your current recommendations for 5G stocks and profit pacts — as well as everything else that comes with a Hi-Tech Trader subscription, including…

  • A Check for $1,000: Value $1,000
    This is a check I can use any way I wish – to gain instant access to the 5G opportunities you recommend, as a cash credit to reduce the cost of Hi-Tech Trader, or for any purpose I can think of!
  • 5G Giants: 4 Tech Titans That Can Turn Every $20,000 into $1.2 Million: Value $695
    This is the retirement-building blueprint that contains your first 5G Profit Explosion recommendations, including…
    • A “profit pact” with one of the largest 5G manufacturers in the world that you can access for just $200, potentially turning $20,000 into well over $100,000 by June 2020…
    • The legacy cell tower company that has ALREADY made investors 52 times their money — and appears poised to do it AGAIN with 5G…
    • The mobile phone manufacturer that is seeking to dominate the global market in 5G phones and offers investors access to its “profit pacts” for as little as $55.
    • And the little-known electronics company with a component that must be in virtually ALL 5G devices and products — which could see its profits EXPLODE in the coming 12 months.
  • The 5G Profit Explosions Masterclass: Value $995
    With this 3-part video series, I can start taking advantage of these 5G Profit Explosion opportunities right away and begin multiplying my money over and over again. This video series is the perfect companion piece to the 5G Giants special report.
  • Weekly Hi-Tech Trader Emails: Value $995
    Each week, you’ll send me an update on our current recommended portfolio — both on the 5G companies we hold and the profit pacts we’ve accessed. That way, I’ll never be in the dark when it comes to Hi-Tech Trader plays.
  • Action Alert Emails: Value $995
    When you identify a new stock or profit pact opportunity, or you update an existing trade, you’ll send word instantly. I’ll get an action alert email, telling me exactly what to do.
  • Special Text Message Alert System: Value $495
    To make sure I never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation or updates to your portfolio, you’ll send me text message alerts, so I can take action immediately.
  • Special Investment Library: Value $995
    Special reports, videos, and webinars will train me on how to execute this simple method, backed by Bryan’s educational emails.
  • Access to My Own VIP Trading Concierge: Value $995
    This is my very own trading concierge, someone for me to contact whenever I have a question about Hi-Tech Trader. I understand he can’t legally answer questions about my personal account, but he can relay messages to you and provide other valuable services.
  • VIP 24/7 Access to Your Private Website: Value $995.
    I get VIP access to your members-only site, research, analysis, recommendations, weekly issues, hotlines, special reports… and more.

Put together, all of this amounts to a whopping $8,160 in goods, services and discounts!

And that’s not all.

That’s because I understand I am ALSO covered by your famous…

 “Work for Free” Guarantee

Best of all, I understand that I can take advantage of your amazing “work for free” guarantee.

Every week for the next year, I’ll get one to two recommendations for 5G or other tech-related opportunities that can multiply my money several times over.

I understand that AT LEAST 12 of these recommendations will hand me triple-digit profits — that is, at least double my money — over the course of the coming year.

If not, if I don’t see at least a dozen trades of 100% gains or more over the coming 12 months, you agree to extend my subscription for another full year, free of charge — and no questions asked.

With a promise like that, I clearly have nothing to lose.