Dear Investor,

My name is Bryan Perry, and I love this market… 

Because we’re making oodles of cash with something completely unexpected.

A strategy that PAYS YOU – instead of you paying for it.

It’s simple to use.

And it’s handing investors like you an average of 18 double-digit gains each year…

Paying out BIG gains of $8,619, $5,647, $5,491, $5,397 and $4,938 (off of a $10,000 investment).

I’ve honed and perfected this strategy for over 20 years in the trenches of Wall Street giants like Bear Stearns, Paine Webber, and Lehman Brothers

So, what is this strategy?

In short, it’s access:

The ability to buy big name stocks at spectacular discounts.

I mean top Blue-Chips at discounts of up to 70%… for up to 36 months.

But this is a different way to invest in the best companies in the world, because:

In other words, YOU are in control of your investments and financial future in ways you never imagined possible.

So, what gives us this amazing opportunity?

It’s something I call Blue-Chip Leases.

They’re as easy to understand as a lease on an apartment.

And they pay you chunks of profits of $8,619, $5,647, $5,491, $5,397 and $4,938 at a time.

Now, I’ll get to how simple these Blue-Chip Leases work, and how they make so much money, shortly.

But, first, you may be wondering:

How Safe Are These High-Profit
Blue-Chip Stock Leases?

We’ve bought eight Blue-Chip Leases since mid-January 2020.

We made double-digit profits on seven of them.

My only loss was less than one percent, as you can see in the chart below:

Look, seven wins out of eight trades is a track-record safe enough even for beginning traders…

Especially when the only loss was tiny.

So, the size of our wins adds yet another layer of safety, with oversized payouts of $8,619, $5,647, $5,491, $5,397 and $4,938.

And I’m not the only one that likes this safer investing approach.

Forbes reported on Blue-Chip Leases and their sky-high, lower-risk returns:

Fidelity believes anyone can use these Blue-Chip Leases, because they are a…

A leading financial research firm had this to say…

Seeking Alpha says you get…

But even with all the publicity, many investors ask me why they’ve never heard of Blue-Chip Leases before.

The answer is… no one knows the secret to making them highly profitable… except for me and my tight-knit group.

And we’re not about to expose our secret to any outsiders.

There are Wall Street fund managers and high-powered brokers that scratch their heads over how to make Blue-Chip Leases pay big money.

Yet I’m the only one who can show people how to make them work.

So I’m only allowing 50 new members in.

And once you know my secret, you’ll see how these leases and their discounts are so simple to use…

That you can make one of these trades in under two minutes.

And even though…

A Blue-Chip Lease’s Term is For Three Years…
We Often Sell Our leases For Outrageous Profits After Just Two Months

Why do we get out of our leases early?

Because we believe in taking profits while they’re big.

That usually doesn’t take a full 36 months.

Just four months on average.

But in case you ever need it…

You have up to a 3-year cushion to make a profit.

But we haven’t yet.

That’s because Blue-Chip Leases are the most powerful trades I’ve ever made.

Here’s what I mean by that.

If you knew you had the opportunity to buy Microsoft today – one of the big boys – at a huge discount of up to 70%…

Would you take that deal?

And if you could do the exact same thing again with another industry titan – Amazon – buying it at a fraction of what everyone else pays for it…

You could make a fortune.

You’d be on board with that, right?

Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

And the list goes on.

Check out some of the big names you can buy at super discounts right now, that are ALSO eligible for Blue-Chip Leases:

It even works for the top ETFs…

All of these are market-dominating names.

They’re just SOME of the stocks eligible for Blue-Chip Leases.

And you can trade them with great success – even in this market.

Because I’m going to show you how to get my secret for buying Blue-Chip Leases

And how to pick money-making, safe, crème-de-la-crème stocks like Apple, Amazon or Google for up to 70% off.

This is a chance for 50 Main Street investors to get very rich, very quick.

But I’m going to show you how to use them to make the next 36 months become the most money-generating years of your life.

Here’s How to Quickly Make $8,619, $5,647, $5,491, $5,397, $4,938… With Blue-Chip Leases

Simply pick out your favorite Blue-Chip company.

Almost every one of them is eligible for this Blue-Chip Lease discount of up to 70%.

And prepare for the next three years to be the most profitable of your life.

Adobe is going for $437, but with a Blue-Chip Lease, for $78.

That’s a steal, as you can see in the chart below:

You save an enormous $359 per share.

With that “extra” $359, you could take your wife to a ritzy Saturday-night getaway dinner, hotel and breakfast the next morning.

But this discount on Adobe is just the beginning.

Look at Apple, below. It sells for $364 per share, but you can get in for just $67.

That’s also a steal. And a whopping $297 savings.

Now, $297 can buy you a new 15-inch Chromebook…

And a nice computer case…

Letting you track your profits with style.

You see, deep discounts are common with Blue-Chip Leases.

They give you price-cuts on almost all the best names.

Take Home Depot.

For everyone else, it’s $202 per share. The Blue-Chip Lease price? Only a tiny $34:

And it’s the same story for Honeywell, with its price today about $143 per share.

But with a Blue-Chip Lease, just $28.

It’s like shopping at Neiman Marcus… but paying Walmart prices.

And don’t forget…

The Risk Is lower On These
Blue-Chip Leases

Remember, you’re not taking huge risks with these leases… like trading on margin, penny stocks or futures.

And you have up to 36 months to find your best-selling price.

But ALSO remember, we’re only holding our trades for an average of just four months.

Sure, 36 months gives you plenty of time to find your biggest profit-price on almost any stock.

But if it happens to hit that in just two months…

We take the money and run.

In fact, I’ll show you exactly how we do that in a moment when you see…

The Profit-Power Of The Blue-Chip Leases

Let’s get specific.

On September 15th, 2018, I discovered something odd.

Suddenly the hottest tech funds – the big money managers – started snatching up shares of ServiceNow.

So, I advised my members to buy ServiceNow with a Blue-Chip Lease immediately.

We grabbed an 86% return:

We made up to 5X more than the “regular” stock investment with a Blue-Chip Lease.

What does that mean in dollars and cents?

Let’s say you invested $10,000 in ServiceNow.

It would have grown into $18,600… nearly doubling your investment.

Now, we did the same thing again late last year.

It was like an early Christmas present.

We spotted another breakout staring to happen…

The Wall Street cash was starting to flow into the fast-moving tech company “Medtronic” …

We struck immediately with a Blue-Chip Lease for a quick 43% return:

We made up to 5X more than the “regular” stock investment with a Blue-Chip Lease.

This time, a $10,000 investment grew into $14,371.

Do You See The High-Powered
Profit Pattern Here?

We spot a high-quality, Blue-Chip stock on the brink of breaking out.

We see if there are any big funds preparing to dive in…

And we beat them to the punch, pocketing up to five-times more money than the “normal” stock return.

But does every one of our trades shower you with five-times the cash a “normal” trade would?


Some pay more. Way more.

Like last July…

We had our eye on a HUGE merger.

Two giant firms were about to team up… and become the largest defense company in history.

And when the two titans united under the banner of L3Harris Technologies

We watched the numbers like a hawk, waiting for the right time to strike.

And at the precise moment, we swooped down on the newly merged company with a Blue-Chip Lease.

After just one month…

We took our money and ran.

Our strategy exploded thirty-six times higher than the plain old stock.

That kind of profit makes our Blue-Chip Leases a one-of-a-kind strategy in the market.

Because with the extra 70% discount…

You could make up to FIVE-TIMES your normal gains.

But I’m getting ahead of things. Allow me to re-introduce myself. 

As I mentioned earlier, my name is Bryan Perry.

You may have seen me quoted in the Wall Street JournalForbesBusiness WeekBarron’s and CBS’ MarketWatch

And for two decades as a Wall Street insider at three of the biggest investing firms.

If a strategy paid a fast profit, I wanted my clients to be first in line. 

And that’s what I want for the next 50 investors who want to discover how to make massive gains with Blue-Chip Leases.

I found Wall Street frustrating… I was just making millionaires even more millions.

Instead, I wanted to reach everyday American investors, showing them secrets the big boys used behind the scenes. 

So I ditched Wall Street…

And got a fresh start by authoring, “The 25% Cash Machine: Double Digit Income Investing.”

It instantly became an international bestseller, showing retirees how to put reliable high-yield dividends in their portfolio.

Steve Crowley, Executive Producer pf WallStreetCast Television, declared:

“Our national radio audience wants high-yield strategies, and Bryan has the knowledge, experience and integrity…”

From there I launched several newsletters, helping individual investors across America. 

And recently, after working with one of the top programming teams in the world… 

We created a cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI) stock-picking algorithm.

And it gave us nationwide acclaim for bringing top-tier Wall Street Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Main Street investors. 

These AI algorithms are the power behind how we pick stocks… and optimize the time for selling them at GIGANTIC profits.

This is the most powerful technology I’ve seen across the globe for leveling the playing field between Wall Street and Main Street. 

This system will hand you many of the fastest and strongest returns you’ve ever experienced.

So, I need to share with you…

Every Day You Wait, Someone Else
Gets Rich from
Blue-Chip Leases

It’s become our close-knit group’s favorite way to make money.

And it always helps to be able to lock-in profits for up to thirty-six months ahead of time.

But that hasn’t stopped us from selling earlier, when a big gain popped.

However, if we did not sell early, I loved the safety of knowing our profits have three years to develop. 

But the stocks our AI pick go up so fast…

It only takes an average of four months, from buy to sell.

Then it’s on to the next win.

All you need to do is sit back, smile and watch the profits pour in. 

It’s going to be like someone opened up the floodgates and a torrent of dollars flowed in, filling your retirement account faster than you ever imagined possible.

So, you may be asking yourself…

“HOW CAN I Make These
High-Profit Blue-Chip Leases?”

It’s as simple as a game of “follow the leader.” 

I’ll forward you the trade instructions when our AI system finds a juicy stock.

You simply copy my investment recommendation into your online brokerage account…

And in two minutes, you’re done.

It’s fast to do and easy on you.

Oh, and by the way…

I make the same trades that I recommend to you. So, I don’t get paid unless you do.

And I don’t like working for free.

That’s why both you and I can get gains of $8,619, $5,647, $5,491, $5,397 and $4,938… from a $10,000 investment.

And get this: every year since we got started, we’ve been averaging 18 wins.

By now you may be thinking…

“I Want To Be One Of The Lucky 50.
How Do I Get Started?

My small, tight-knit group has been busy making these amazing returns.

But now, I’ve decided to re-open my group to a handful of new Charter Members

This is a rare opportunity to join me and my team. But only for 50 new members… 

By keeping the group small, everyone can get all the support they deserve. 

All you have to do is to be one of the first 50 investors to accept an all-access, risk-free pass for 30 days of my Blue-Chip Lease system. 

That’ll give you plenty of time to experience these explosive gains for yourself.

Now, This Is Important:

These Blue-Chip Leases are the money-making engines that power my premier trading service, Breakout Profits Alert.

Breakout Profits Alert is the ONLY advisory that uses these revolutionary Blue-Chip Leases.

It will change how you look at the Dow forever when you see how discounts up to 70% off from “regular” stock prices can give you multiple, double-digit payoffs fast.

As I said before, my investors are getting rich from an average of 18 wins per year.

But now it’s YOUR turn to experience the thrill of these high-profit returns.

And there are no obligations, risks and NO STRINGS ATTACHED

Let me prove it to you, on my dime, why Blue-Chip Leases are America’s greatest way to invest today.

This means giving you an all-access, FREE preview of ALL the benefits of being one of my valued members for 30 days:

These are the benefits my members enjoy in my elite service… and you get to experience them for yourself for FREE with an all-access pass for the next 30 days.

And with your 70% discount on great stocks with your new Blue-Chip Lease

You may be tempted to ask:

“Why Do I Get Such A Comprehensive Service?”

It’s because I want your money to work for you… 

Instead of you working for your money.

That’s important, because my goal is to give you a 20-minute “work” week. 

To do that, we’ve boiled-down retirement wealth-building to a science.

Because with our AI working full-time behind the scenes, discovering new, highly-profitable investments 24/7… 

And with you getting 70% discounts on stocks with Blue-Chip Leases… 

You’ll have no more worries. No more hard work. No more wondering if you’ll outlive your money.

Financial peace of mind is finally here for you.

So, what’s the cost to rid yourself of your money worries forever?

I’ll give you a hint.

It’s less than half the average cost you’d pay a money manager, an equivalent high-end broker or financial advisor.

Even then, only my team and I can get these Blue-Chip Leases to work.

So Let’s Sum Up Everything You’ll Get
FREE For 30 Days

The total value of your Breakout Profits Alert membership is $4,200.

And it’s well worth that when you get discounts of up to 70% off stock prices.

Yet, the annual price for Breakout Profits Alert is much lower: Just $1,995 a year, and well worth every cent. You’ll save $2,205.

But if you are one of the 50 lucky Charter Members to accept a RISK-FREE trial of Breakout Profits Alert today, you’re guaranteed to get a special value.

I’m willing to slash the price in half for you to only $995.

Is that too much money?

Then your decision is simple.

Don’t Join

To be blunt: if you’re not excited and committed to using my Breakout Profits Alert system to super-charge your investments…

With 70% discounts compared to “regular” stock prices, from your new Blue-Chip Leases

Please don’t sign up for this service.

As I said, I’m limiting openings to only 50 new Charter Members for a reason.

My members enjoy a high level of support. And as part of our tight-knit group, you’ll get the same amount of support they do. 

You’re not only going to get a support email address…

You’ll also get a white-glove investing concierge service during trading hours…

And direct access to me during our quarterly conference calls.

I’m proud to give you the level of support and attention you’ll need to coast through your senior years, knowing I’m in your corner, giving you helpful advice when you’re part of our exclusive group.

My group and I have made tons of money together…

But we’ve only just begun. The amount of profits we’re looking for in the next 12 months could be bigger than the last 12 years.

If this sounds good to you, I can’t wait to get started working with you on our Breakout Profits Alert Blue-Chip Lease.

But it’s your choice.

After all, getting a steady stream of double-digit returns and getting them as fast as we do is not for everyone.

And I’m okay with that.

If you want something less aggressive, there are plenty of mutual funds, Certificates of Deposit and Treasury notes out there.

Bottom Line: You must want to take up to 70% off of the cost you’d regularly pay for a Blue-Chip stock…

And wrap up an average of 18 wins each year.

But it’s your choice. Either way is fine with me.

I know we will easily fill our quota for 50 new members quickly.

So if you want the thrill of making money, even in the worst of times…

And never have to fear another crash again

Click the button below to get started.

Remember, your 30-day preview is 100% fully refundable, no strings attached…

I stand behind Breakout Profits Alert with my 100% guarantee.

You must be completely satisfied in every way during the next thirty days, or I will RUSH you a return or your membership fee, in full.


But folks rarely ask for a refund. Chances are, you’ll find these Blue-Chip Leases one of the fastest and easiest ways for anyone to generate profits available today!

Yours for Higher Profits, 

Bryan Perry
Editor, Breakout Profits Alert

P.S. Are you still hesitant to try this preview, even though it’s 100% risk-free?

It’s okay to have doubts. Actually, it’s very understandable. My Blue-Chip Leases aren’t for everyone.

But if you don’t get a 30-day preview today before 50 new investors join… I’m afraid you may wonder for years how much you’ve missed.