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The Ultimate
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By Roger Michalski
The Income Investor’s Advocate

For over three decades, Bryan Perry was a highly sought-after trader for some of Wall Street’s biggest firms.

His market tactics, honed to a fine edge in the back rooms of Paine Webber, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers, made him the secret weapon of the Wall Street elite.

Today, Bryan Perry’s stock-picking abilities and in-depth research are the subject of articles on Forbes, Business Week, and CBS MarketWatch.

His legendary talent for creating safe, reliable, and predictable double-digit income for investors has created a virtual empire of in-demand income publications and advisories.

During the next few minutes, I’m going to expose highly sensitive information to you.

It will reveal how big money has rigged Wall Street in their favor.

And the most devious part of their scheme is HOW they do it.

You’ll see how they siphon billions from major companies via the stock market… without owning a single share of stock.

You’ll see how it’s 100% legal…

You’ll see how it’s very low-risk…

And you’ll see how it’s easy to do the same and rig the markets in your favor.

That’s why I’m contacting you today… to blow the lid off their secret so you can see first-hand how they’ve rigged the markets…

And generate an average 15.64% return in just 52 days.

Let me repeat that: You can use their income strategy for conservative, low-risk, short-term gains averaging 15.64%. That’s a whopping annualized gain of 110.47%! Hard to beat that.


I’m Sure this Sounds Too Good to be True

If you’re tempted to think making an average of 15.64% every 52 days is B.S. I don’t blame you.

And, at 15.64%, it’s supposed to be safe? It sounds bonkers.

When I first started in the business – some 30 years ago – I was stunned to discover a small circle of big-money traders and brokers quietly pocketing double-digit yields every month and a half, on average.

These guys were making more money in less than 2 months than most retirees make in a year.

So, I followed them closely, but their tactics were nearly impossible to trace.

First, I found they made their money from stocks… yet they had no record of owning any of the stocks they exploited.

It’s Not Complicated

Here are the 2 steps they use to rig the market:

  1. Buy investment #1 (and don’t buy a stock!)
  2. Use investment #1 as the collateral to buy investment #2 (and you still don’t buy a stock!)

In the average time of 52 days, cash out your profits on both investments!

Second, nothing was as it seemed. Each time I found one of their investments, there was always another investment hidden inside, like a toy in a Cracker Jack box.

Imagine this:

You buy a classic car that is rapidly going up in value. Then, you use that car as collateral for a loan to buy a second classic car.

52 days later, you’ve sold both. When it’s all settled, you’ve pocketed a nice 15.64% gain from the two sales.

That’s the whole strategy in a nutshell. A 2-step tactic that generates an average income of 15.64% in just 52 days with each investment.

By using this 2-step tactic, they could hide one trade inside another, covering their tracks and making it nearly impossible to trace how they made their massive profits.

But how do they make money from companies without buying stocks? That’s the real beauty of this plan. I’ll show it to you shortly.

First, let me assure you…

I Tested It Rigorously

After unravelling their hidden system…

I had to test it for myself. The final results came from my decades on Wall Street… time spent in the trenches. It took years to be completely thorough. I needed to be 100% certain it worked.

I had to know, first-hand, that I too could rig the stock market without buying stocks.

In the end, when I saw how this tactic made cash like clockwork, I decided to share it with a few of my followers.

How is it working?

I started this service in 2016. My members have closed out 21 total investments so far… with only two losses. That’s a 90.48% win-rate!

Even with these losses, we still managed to give my members an average 15.64% gain every 52 days – which adds up to an annualized gain of 110.78!

Let me show you a selection of our total gains:

That’s why one of my members, H.W. Keizer from Oregon, decided to try “rigging the market” with me. He wrote back about his open AND closed investments: “My account has doubled… and the account is still growing!

H.W. Keizer reports these investments are still generating income for him today, just as they’ll do over and over for months and quarters and years to come.

I know… it’s too good to be true. What’s the catch?

No catch. In fact, let me show you exactly how to make this 2-step investment and how you can rig the stock market without buying any stocks.

You Won’t Find this Information Anywhere Else…

There are a few things you need to know first…

I doubt you’ll find this information anywhere else.

As I said earlier, it took me years of relentless research to discover, and then to perfect this covert tactic.

I used it for many more years, testing it with my own money, before rolling it out to any of my followers.

It was well worth it – discovering a way the rich and powerful rig the markets in their favor, and how easily you can too.

Now, this is not the type of strategy I want floating around for just anyone to grab…

Why Only 49 Investors?

Not only do I want to keep this strategy out of the hands of those who aren’t serious…

I can only work closely with a handful of investors at a time.

Any more, and it would dilute my effectiveness in supporting them. In time, as my support staff grows, I may allow more new members.

But, for now, I promised my wife I’d give one spot to her brother. After that, there are only 49 spots left.

And when those spots are filled, the door slams shut. I’m sorry, but no exceptions.

Which means you have a choice:

You must be willing to take the next 15 minutes to go through the learning curve to truly understand this.

After all, it took me years of blood, sweat, and tears to discover, and then thoroughly test, this tactic.

You can’t put this off. I’m offering you an opportunity now…

But don’t think you can come back and read this later, because there are only 49 spots open. They could be gone tomorrow.

Which means you can take the next 15 minutes to learn this now… or the opportunity may pass you by.

The good news is, once you know it, it’s amazingly simple to execute this strategy.

And it has the power to give you a very rich income for the rest of your life.

So, I’m sorry to sound harsh, but please make your choice:

15 minutes of reading, or click away now.

Still with me? Good.

You are about to find out what many investors suspect… but until now, no one has openly revealed:

The Rich Invest with Different Rules
And Now You Can Too!

I’m going to walk you through this, step-by-step.

And, like I said, it will only take 15 minutes. Ready?

Rigging the System Explained:

You can generate instant cash from expensive brand-name stocks like Google, Facebook and Amazon…

…Without paying hundreds of dollars for the cost of a single share of stock.

This little-known strategy is used by the pros and, while the strategy behind it requires two steps, the execution is so simple, a middle-school student could do it.

Plus, it’s safe. The IRS even lets you use this approach in retirement accounts.

And it takes just a few minutes each week to generate thousands of dollars a month in income.

Remember the classic car example we went through before.

You bought one car, used it as collateral to buy another, and sold both.

We are about to do the same thing with a company.

This investment also has two parts. Both are low-risk… and when we add both together, you get that average 15.64% in additional income in 52 days.

Let’s use an actual example my members profited from this year.

They made money investing in Facebook (FB)…

Without having to pay for a single share!

Now, on July 20, Facebook was priced at $121. To “rig” Facebook, you needed 100 shares…

But, with Facebook priced at $121, you’d have had to shell out $12,100 for 100 shares.

Instead of buying $12,100 of stock…

I would have advised you to buy a seven-month stock “contract,” which would have allowed you to control 100 shares of Facebook for seven months.

This stock “contract” would have cost about a quarter of what the stock itself cost…

Just $3,350!

In other words, you’d have paid only $3,350 to control over $12,100 of Facebook stock!

Now, this seven-month stock contract is called a LEAPS contract. It stands for “Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities.” Translation: You can buy a contract to control 100 shares of a stock for up to 39 months.

This is Step #1 in our 2-step investing strategy: You buy a LEAPS contract.

A LEAPS contract is easy to buy. Inside your brokerage account, you can buy and sell a LEAPS contract almost as easily as you can buy and sell a stock.

As you’ve just seen: It costs a quarter of what you’d pay for the stock itself.

So, if you had bought a LEAPS contract for Facebook last July… that would have given you control of 100 shares for just pennies on the dollar for the next seven months (until January 2017).

For our purposes – rigging the market – there is very little difference between owning that LEAPS contract and owning 100 shares of the actual stock.

So, you could have used that contract to rig the market. Here’s how:

The minute you buy that LEAPS contract…

You can make instant income on it (as if you owned the Facebook stock itself) by using…

Step #2 of our investing strategy.


Before I give you the details of Step #2 – making instant income on your LEAPS contract – I want you to know…

Bloomberg calls it a “…relatively conservative strategy. You can make money even if the market doesn’t rise.”

A special guidebook by the Wall Street Journal says our Step #2 is a “popular income-producing strategy” to “conservatively increase your income, or limit your risk.”

So, the experts at Bloomberg and the Wall Street Journal tell us:

  1. It’s a conservative strategy
  2. You can make money even if the market doesn’t rise
  3. It increases your income
  4. It limits your risk

In case that’s not enough…

Even the IRS thinks it’s a low-risk strategy, because they let you use it in your retirement account.

What is this conservative, low-risk investment that increases your income and makes you money even if the market doesn’t rise?

The name of this strategy is “selling a covered call.” It generates almost instant income as soon as you enter it into your brokerage account, as you’ll see in a minute.

And because you get instant income from “selling a covered call”…

And because it’s easy, conservative, and low-risk…

It’s become a very popular strategy among income investors. It’s actually a cottage industry among retirees – with people selling covered calls from their home computers.

Also, almost every brokerage account lets you sell covered calls, and it takes less than 5 minutes.

So, let’s see how it works:

There is only one requirement to sell a covered call:

Typically, you must own at least 100 shares of a stock. If you do, you can write one “covered call” contract for that stock.

This means that, if you have 100 shares of Facebook, you can sell one covered call for Facebook…

Which means, if you had 200 shares of Facebook, you could sell two covered call contracts for Facebook…

And, if you had 500 shares of a stock, you could sell five covered calls, and so on.

The easiest part is getting paid:

It’s as simple as buying or selling a stock… especially when I email you the exact covered call contract I want you to sell in instructions so easy to understand, you just read them to your broker…

Or just enter the symbol I send you, and click the button in your online brokerage account…

That places your covered call on the open market for someone to buy.

There are tens of thousands of investors who are eager to “buy” your call.

Many are lined up to buy the very second you click your “sell” button…

Which deposits instant cash into your brokerage account once one of these investors buys.

Like I said, you could get paid seconds after you click the button. Or one hour. Or maybe one day. Most of the time, your calls will sell quickly… almost instantly.

And all you have to do is enter a symbol in your online brokerage account and click a button. Then, you get a fast and fat payday.

How much of a payday? It typically ranges between $100 to $1,000.

How much would you have actually made on the Facebook investment we talked about?

Between July and September of 2016, my members sold covered calls three times on Facebook. Each time, we made $300 per contract, instantly. (Remember, these are actually gains – cash money – that goes right into your account – not some “unrealized profit.”)

Now, at the risk of repeating myself…

What if you don’t own 100 shares of Facebook stock?

What if you don’t own ANY Facebook stock?

How can you “sell” covered calls without owning 100 shares?

Simple. If you buy a LEAPS contract on Facebook, that’s just like owning 100 shares… at least, for our purposes.

That’s what I would have recommended to you last July. Following my advice, you would have:

  1. Bought a seven-month LEAPS contract…
  2. Sold covered calls on it three times for $300 instant profits each time (a total of $900 deposited in your account)…
  3. In September, you would have sold your LEAPS contract for a nice gain.

Total profit, from both covered calls AND the gain in the LEAPS contract:

34.93% in just 53 days. Less than two months.

That’s what my members did, and you could have too.

The best part: No sleepless nights, worrying if your money is safe. No worrying about when to pull the trigger and sell – it’s all done for you.

No stress. No fear.

Just a fat income. And a lucrative retirement strategy.

Now, if any of that seemed complicated… placing the actual investment is almost effortless.

In fact, when you follow the easy directions I email to you, this is…

So Amazingly Simple, I Had a
9-Year-Old Place These Investments!

Just for laughs…

I had my friend’s 9-year-old daughter successfully enter the buying instructions into her mom’s online brokerage account.

If she can do it in under 5 minutes… I’m sure you can too.

To make sure, let’s review. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  1. You buy a long-term stock contract (called a LEAPS).
  2. You sell a covered call on that contract, just as if it were a stock.
  3. Your cash gets deposited instantly from the covered call.

And you can write a second or third covered call on your long-term stock contract (or LEAPS). Then sell your LEAPS contract.

Which means, if you choose wisely, you too can continuously pull in 15.64% average profits every 52 days.

Or I Can Do Everything FOR You –
With My “Set-and-Forget” Membership!

I’ve created a special service to rig the markets for you.

It’s the same one used by the special group of investors I told you about earlier, who pulled down 15.64% in additional income every 52 days…

So easy you barely have to lift a finger:

  1. I’ll send you an email ALERT telling you what to buy
  2. When to buy (and how much to buy) and…
  3. When to sell for maximum profits

All you have to do is open an email once a week (occasionally, I’ll send two emails in one week). Take 5 minutes to enter the instructions.

You’ve just set up your investing for the entire week. Next, forget it, and go and enjoy your life. You’ll know your money is safely working for you, creating a steady, predictable, and powerful income.

Now, keep in mind, every income strategy has some losses. As I said earlier, we had two last year.

And those losses are included in our average return of 15.64% every 52 days.

A 90.48% win-rate is a sure-fire way to assure you of a steady stream of income (and double-digit returns, I might add).

Because I show you what to buy, and when to buy… your investing is nearly effortless.

All you have to do is open an email, follow the directions with your online brokerage account and, like I said, set and forget…

All that is left is watching your income pour in. It’s absolutely effortless for anyone who joins my service!

The Great Thing Is…

This strategy allows investors who don’t want to invest $10,000 or more in brand-name stocks to still collect a big income – an average of 15.64% over 52 days.

It lets you bank these juicy gains from premium stocks like Facebook – and other “marquee” names for pennies on the dollar.

For the same amount of money you’d use in this strategy, you’d normally only be able to afford to buy lower-priced stocks with less security and earnings…

Which makes this the perfect strategy for investors who want safe, double-digit returns from brand-name stocks like Facebook, Amazon, and Google… but don’t want to pay big bucks for them.

That’s the beauty of this system. You get to play with the big boys, and collect fat payments without having to use that much cash.

That lets you make this system…

Your Path to a Wealthy Retirement

Here’s what your future will look like:

You’ll get a maximum of 10 recommendations working for you at a given time in your streamlined portfolio of the crème-de-la-crème stock names in the market.

And then, I’ll recommend specific covered calls you can sell on these LEAPS contracts…

That will give you an average gain of 15.64% in just 52 days, just like it has for my members.

At the same time, I’ll instruct you on every step of every trade. All it takes is about 5 minutes to place these trades once a week (sometimes more).

It gives you an opportunity to exploit the stocks of famous companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Google (which are incredibly expensive)… yet, you only tie up a fraction of your capital with LEAPS contracts.

While this lucrative river of cash flows into your bank account month after month for all of your golden years…

A decade from now, you’ll look back and know this was your turning point… as you’ve been living the good life.

But Don’t Take My Word for It…
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30-Day Test-Drive!

Why not see this for yourself – at no risk whatsoever.

Simply take a 30-day guaranteed test-drive of Instant Income Trader, where you’ll open the floodgates to high-powered income.

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During your test-drive, you get all the benefits of being a member: I’ll personally rig the market for you, giving you income investments that return an average of 15.64% in just a month and a half (52 days!).

With 10 LEAPS working for you at the same time, and covered calls on each, generating fat income checks…

You’re going to need a much bigger piggy-bank.

As an Instant Income Trader member, here’s what you’ll get to propel your money-making:

If you ever need personal help, we have an in-house Instant Income Trader Specialist available to talk to you from Monday through Friday, during market hours. With over two decades of trading under his belt, think of him as your “Instant Income Trading Concierge.”

His name is Charles Campbell, and he’ll be happy to walk you through any possible trading need that occurs to you. In fact, feel free to call him now at 1-866-482-7689 and introduce yourself or ask any questions.

Why Do I Offer You Such a
Comprehensive Service?

I want all of these benefits to make your money work for you… Instead of you having to work at making money.

That’s why I’ve gotten this strategy down to a science… and transformed it into a set-and-forget system for you.

After all, the big guys on Wall Street don’t work for their money. They make their money work for them. Why not you, too?

No more worries. No more work. No more wondering if you’ll last longer than your money.

All of this changes TODAY.

But What’s All this Going to Cost?

Let’s look at everything you’ll get, and the average cost you’d pay a broker, a money manager, or a financial advisor for each of these services:

The total value of your Instant Income Trader membership, where I rig the markets in your favor for an average 15.64% profits in just 52 days… adds up to $3,750.

Yet, the annual price for Instant Income Trader is much lower: Just $2,000 a year, which is well worth every cent.

But if you are one of the lucky 49 investors to get in

And since we are still in the Charter Membership phase of this service…

I’m willing to slash the price in half for you to only $995.

Is that too much money? Then, please understand this:

I Really Don’t Want You to Join

Look, I don’t want anyone who isn’t thrilled to be here.

And here’s why:

Not only am I limiting membership to 49 income investors, so I can work with them personally…

I’m giving a “done-for-you,” “set-and-forget” system…

I’m giving a comprehensive set of trading tools, a first-rate trading library…

And a Trading Concierge during market hours…

It’s all because I’m trying to help individual income investors fight back against a system that’s been rigged against them for decades.

It’s all about reclaiming money that should have been theirs all along.

It’s all about retiring in dignity, with enough money to live how you want.

But, in case you still have a shred of doubt, any concerns whatsoever…

Let Me Take All the Risk with an
Iron-Clad, 100% Guarantee:

You are fully protected with my plain-English, no-strings, 100% guarantee:

Iron-Clad 100% Guarantee

You MUST be 100% satisfied in every way with this service, or I will INSIST you accept a FULL and complete refund.

No strings attached. And NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Take 30 days. Make no decision until midnight of the 29th day…

You must be completely thrilled with your returns… your service… and the future you see this membership gives you…

Or, any time in the first 30 days, I will RUSH you a 100% refund…

No matter what the reason!

And again, no strings attached, and NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

There’s no way you can lose! Go ahead and be one of the lucky 49 to claim your 30-day test-drive. Click the button below now:

Remember, Your Test-Drive Fee is
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I stand behind my guarantee 100%.

Why else would I consider letting you in on every one of my secrets for a month…

Unless I’m positive you’ll make so much money, enough that you may quit other services you’ve subscribed to, and make this your #1 income generator.

You’ll never find another service like this. Not one that can give you these results.

So, go ahead. Do the right thing. The smart thing, for your future… your family… all your loved ones. Get started right away, while there are still spots open:

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Yours for Higher Profits,

Bryan Perry
Editor, Instant Income Trader

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Or will you be excited and happy, remembering the day you started your financial independence? Start celebrating now…