Please read this personal invitation carefully.

It Names the Private $5,000 Investment
That Can Pay You $179,226 a Year for Life

And it’s only open to 100 people…

This is your invitation to become one of them.

It’s no fluke that you’ve received this invitation. Your name was given to me as an investor who deserves to get in on this incredible income opportunity. 

If you can meet the three qualifications spelled out below, you will be one of only 100 investors who will be accepted into this private opportunity that can pay you $179,226 a year for life.

I’ll spell out all the details in a moment, including why this investment is exclusive to my Income Alliance members.

Before I begin, it’s important you know that, because of the limited nature of this opportunity, you need to get back to me as soon as you can — today if possible.

Because the last time we opened this investment opportunity to new members, the spots were scooped up rather quickly.

So, I’ll try to run through all the particulars quickly. That way, you’ll have the very FIRST opportunity to join us.

Should you accept my invitation, you’ll be in good company; many of our Income Alliance members are already millionaires, and the rest are on their way.

All thanks to this all-in-one investment that will hand you a rich and rising source of income for years to come. 

As you’re about to discover, it’s…

An Investment Like No Other

Before I get into specifics, let me introduce myself. I’m Bryan Perry, chief investment strategist at Income Alliance.

If you’re not familiar with my name, you may have heard about a book I wrote several years ago: The 25% Cash Machine. I’ve had the good fortune to see it become one of the best-selling books on the subject of income investing.

I’m proud to say that my book, along with my five income advisories (Cash Machine, Premium Income, Quick Income Trader, Breakout Profits Alert, and Hi-Tech Trader) have helped more ordinary Americans join the ranks of millionaires than any other advisory that I know of.

As a result, I’ve not only been the featured guest speaker at numerous investment forums and regional money shows around the nation, I’ve also been interviewed by almost every major investment publication in America, including Forbes, Business Week, and MarketWatch.

When interviewers ask me, “How can one $5,000 investment deliver $179,226 a year?”

My answer is simple: This investment generates FIVE streams of income — not one.

That’s the problem with most investments today: They generate just one stream of income. If you want to get rich in this world and secure a lifelong income stream, then your money must generate multiple streams.

This investment does just that, generating five rich income streams. The money it generates will leave you breathless.

Just look at what each stream has averaged since it began:

Together, that comes to a whopping $179,226 in annual income — or about $14,935 a month.

Again, all from one $5,000 investment.

I realize this sounds hard to believe, but that is exactly the kind of income we expect these streams to generate next year and the year after.

That’s the Power of Having Money Connections

Money connections that, as they say, can “hook you up” with high-yield and high-total-return opportunities that the general investing public never sees…

That you’ll never see in the Wall Street Journal, Barron’s, or Investor’s Business Daily.

Income opportunities that, quite honestly, are reserved for high-powered individuals across a number of industries.

This is how PayPal founder Peter Thiel banked $400 million in profits on Facebook in 2012 and how venture capitalist bigwig Chris Sacca made an estimated 6,333 times his initial investment in Uber back in 2010.

Fact is, when you have money connections, you are regularly introduced to profit opportunities the general public never sees that can transform small sums of money into huge profits.

It’s why my Income Alliance members have the opportunity to reap $179,226 in income annually from one $5,000 investment — all because of our money connections.

So What Exactly Are These Five Income Streams?

They are five distinct income generators — the same ones wealthy investors, financial experts, and successful entrepreneurs use to build their wealth. 

And together these five will give you more income — cash in hand every month — than any individual investment ever will.

Let me walk you through each of these income streams now, then I’ll explain how you can qualify for this incredible income opportunity.


High-yield, double-digit dividend payers: We’re talking about stocks and other investments that not only offer yields from 10% to 20%, but also deliver fat total returns. The ones inside this income stream have doubled our members’ money over and over and over again.

A few examples:

And the latest triple-digit winner? That’s a current play which, as I write, stands at a 126.39% gain. Even more remarkable is that this recommendation came after the crash in March.

It’s doubled our money in less than six months, and that’s just the start. I can’t share its name here, for obvious reasons.

It’s plays like these that have allowed this stream to deliver an annual average income of $22,475 for our Income Alliance members*.


Covered calls: If you are not familiar with covered calls, it’s a little-known yet highly conservative, profitable, income-generating strategy that churns out income like crazy.

It’s additional income that institutions, insiders, and hedge funds use daily to maximize their profits. So, it’s no wonder that Forbes says it’s “like finding money in the street.”

Since we turned on this second stream, it’s handed members an average of $8,206 a year, with individual plays like:

More recently, since March when COVID-19 crushed the market, we’ve picked right back up where we left off…

Making money, with five more winners, including…

Again, this income stream comes about directly from the power of having the right money connections: well-connected individuals who know which covered calls to sell/use, when to sell/use them, and which new profit opportunities to roll the profits into.

Here’s the best part: It’s just the second of five powerful income streams this investment brings you. Here’s a look at the third.


Instant cash generators: As a seasoned investor, you know millions of dollars are made every day by those who are privy to financial secrets that Main Street Americans never see. 

This next income stream is one that is shared only among well-connected, high-powered individuals across multiple industries.

Since it began flowing, it’s averaged an incredible $35,550 for Income Alliance members.

How? Through buying stocks and collecting their dividends and appreciation… through selling call options on those stocks to turbo-charge our income, and, finally, through using put options to make big money fast.

All of that’s topped off by the profits we make from share-price gains.

It’s a powerful strategy that will increase your wealth substantially, by double-dipping and sometimes triple-dipping on the same stock. 

A few examples:

As impressive as those gains are, investors following this revenue stream have absolutely killed it since the crash in March.

Out of 58 total recommendations, 52 have been winners. That’s an 89.65% winning rater. Those winners include:

Few people know how to grab these kinds of quick profits… because they don’t know which stocks give them the best chance for instant cash.

As a result, they’ve missed out on an average of $35,550 a year from this stream alone.

However, as an Income Alliance member, you won’t miss a penny’s worth of these profits.

These Are Just Three of the Five Multiple
Income Streams Millionaires Take Advantage Of

Unlike most Americans, the ultra-rich aren’t content with simply collecting dividends on stocks. Their main goal is making money on as much of their money as possible. So, they NEVER want to leave any money on the table. Their connections continue to bring them in on BIG money deals the public either…

  1. Does not know about, or…
  2. Does not know how to take advantage of.

This all-in-one investment I’m offering you brings you the same five income streams that millionaires take advantage of daily.

But you don’t have to have millions to get in on them. You just have to have the right connections, and luckily you do: me.

I’m going to make sure you have every opportunity to increase your wealth and security. And it starts with my all-in-one investment.

Now, before I go on, I want you to know that this investment is not a mutual fund. It’s my private membership organization known as Income Alliance.

I created it in 2016 to bring you these “in-the-know” income streams that insiders, institutions, and the well-connected use to generate legacy wealth.

To date, if you take the average gain from each stream, and add them up, you get $179,226 annually.

And we expect to beat that figure in the next year.

Of course, you keep control of your own money. We simply send you the instructions you need to buy and sell each investment, pocket your profits, and move on to the next profit opportunities.

The benefits are twofold:

  1. You save thousands of dollars in fees and expenses.
  2. You keep the money in your own account, should you unexpectedly need it.

It also jibes nicely with our Income Alliance mission statement:

“Bringing the individual investor multiple streams of income usually reserved only for well-connected, high-net-worth individuals.”

The next two income streams are just that — ones that few regular investors get the opportunity to profit from, because they:

  1. Never get the opportunity to take advantage of them.
  2. Never have an insider holding their hand to help them profit.

Once you join me at Income Alliance, and invest alongside me, these two additional income streams could hand you an extra $112,995 a year as well!


Breakout profit alerts: If there is one thing millionaires love, it’s free money. Income Stream No. 4 delivers that in spades, letting you get in on the same free-money grab as the Fat Cats.

But with one huge difference. Instead of buying shares, you buy Long-Term Equity Anticipation Securities (LEAPS) on today’s top blue chips.

Think of LEAPS as a longer-term option contract — up to 2-3 years in some cases. Just like options, a LEAPS contract gives you control of 100 shares of stock.

And just like options, they go for a fraction of the cost of buying shares outright.

Which is how our members have averaged $38,769 a year, drinking from this revenue stream. We’ve enjoyed gains like these on LEAPS when the opportunity arose:

While these gains are excellent, what’s happened since the March crash is nothing short of amazing. This revenue stream has gone 8 for 8 on new LEAP recommendations…

That’s 100% winners, averaging 50.62% and includes these huge gains:

That’s the power of the private network of well-connected people who know about these opportunities before the rest of Wall Street does. 

And when you are a member, we send these instructions directly to your inbox so you can profit immediately.


High-tech trades: If there is one sector traders love to make extra money from, it’s the tech sector. Why? Because its volatility can lead to quick profits as stocks jump up and down.

However, when you can see through that volatility, to what’s actually moving shares up and down, that’s a huge advantage.

That’s precisely what lies at the heart of my fifth and final revenue stream. It’s a system my team and I designed, driven by artificial intelligence.

By crunching millions of data points simultaneously, I use it to isolate profit opportunities fast, and with incredible accuracy — even when volatility runs rampart.

Just like it has since the market crashed in March. From that point on, with the world in chaos from the COVID-19 virus, my trades have been on fire, hitting on:

Creating stunning gains, fast:

I’d put those numbers up against anyone’s.

And all of it’s done simply by trading in and out of the highly volatile world of tech stocks.

Here’s the best part: Because my income system uses artificial intelligence to select the right stocks, it continues to learn from each trade — both wins and losses — in order to improve its results.

This is how my fifth income stream has averaged an annual handout of $74,226 since it came online.

While this stream does not generate instant or regularly-occurring payments, it’s still consistent income for me and my readers.

When something pumps out profits so fast and so consistently, can you call it anything but a revenue stream? The IRS can’t. It classifies the fast-paced gains we take here as regular income.

That’s good enough for me.

When you add in this stream’s final $74,226, you can see why it’s such a huge part of my Income Alliance success.

In total then, my five revenue streams can give you $179,226 in the coming year… and every year after that.

All from just one $5,000 investment.

“Why Me?”

Perhaps about now you’re wondering, “Why me? Why was I invited to get in on this deal?”

There are two more reasons you’re being given access to this opportunity:

  1. You are already a part of my investing network through my Dividend Investing Weekly, Cash Machine, Premium Income, Quick Income Trader, Breakout Profits Alert, and Hi-Tech Trader advisories.
  2. You already know that wealth is an income stream, and we have already enjoyed a great deal of success with it together.

But there are two more reasons you’re being given access to this opportunity:

  1. We believe that you will prosper. That’s because you understand, more than most investors, the value of having money connections. 
  2. We also know that you won’t share these profit opportunities with others outside of our network… because that would dilute your profits.

That is why you’ve been invited to take advantage of this limited opportunity to collect $179,226 a year in income from this one private investment.

So what is it, exactly, that I’m getting for my $5,000? The answer is simple:

An Opportunity to Create Legacy Income and
Wealth for You and Your Family

That’s exactly what membership in my Income Alliance brings you: complete access to these five multiple streams of income that can hand you an annual average income of $179,226…

Direct to you from my Cash Machine, Premium Income, Quick Income Trader, Breakout Profits Alert, and Hi-Tech Trader services, all organized using my Income Alliance platform.

As a result, you’ll not only make out like a bandit from our high-yield dividends AND our short-term option trades, you’ll also consistently “cycle up” to the best income opportunities in the market, no matter where they are.

For these reasons…

I Guarantee You’ll Generate More Income Than
Any One Investment Will Ever Deliver

That’s a big claim, I know, but not when you look at the five streams of income my Income Alliance service generates that:

Then you’ll fully understand how my Income Alliance’s multiple streams of income will help you increase your income in a much greater way than any individual investment will ever deliver.

That’s the whole reason I created Income Alliance — to give you a complete A-to-Z income investing service that ensures you always earn the most on your money.

Here’s the best part:

We do it all for you, through our private website, weekly updates, fast-action alerts, Special Reports, and quarterly conference calls.

This is why I can tell you with unmatched certainty that Income Alliance is not only the most powerful and profitable investing advisory I’ve created, but also the most profitable investment you can make in your future.

It will not only take the guesswork out of income investing once and for all, it’ll also lead you to bigger profits and greater financial safety.

The Best and Most Profitable Invitation
You’ll Ever Get!

Let me explain…

I am giving you FREE access to all five of my income advisory services for a low, one-time membership fee.

I specifically set it up this way to give you the most complete income investing advisory I’ve ever created.

This means that, instead of paying…

That’s $6,733 worth of valuable income investing advice.

You will receive FREE access to all of it for the one-time membership fee of $4,995.

That’s a 26% savings off the single-year, annual rate of $6,733!

But wait — that’s not just for one year… that’s a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP!

That’s right. As an Income Alliance member, you will receive access to all five of my services for life.

For as long as you like, you’ll receive lifetime access to all five of my income advisories. And when it comes time, you can even pass on your lifetime membership to a family member…

Giving them lifetime access to:

All for the one-time price of $4,995.

The only additional cost is a small annual maintenance fee of $199, which covers the cost of sending you the alerts from each of our advisories. 

When you add everything up, I think you’ll agree it’s an irresistibly attractive offer — and a diamond-studded opportunity — to receive $179,226 in income opportunities every year.

All for the one-time price of $4,995… 

Plus, You’ll Also Receive These Six
Exclusive Lifetime Members-Only Benefits

Free Member Benefit No. 1:
Daily Review, Weekly Updates, Monthly Issues and Timely Flash Alerts

Every day, you’ll have my entire staff working behind the scenes to monitor and alert you to the ever-changing economic, political, and financial forces that will affect your income, your investments, and your retirement.

Every week, you’ll get updates on my income recommendations and trades, including how the past week’s events will affect our holdings in the long term, along with my most recent buy, sell, and hold advice.

Every month it comes time to publish my Cash Machine service (Income Stream No. 1), you’ll be first in line to get my timely issues, market commentary and investment updates.

Every time something big effects one of our investments or trades, we’ll send you an immediate email and/or text flash alert to give you the specific action to take so you can keep your investments on track and your income growing.

FREE Member Benefit No. 2:
Proprietary Profit Forecasts

Global in scope, these forecasts are contained in my investment library. Each contains investment advice you can’t find anywhere else, including predictions for where the economy, interest rates, and stock market are headed, and how they will affect your income and your investments.

Members have commented these reports are on par with the economic forecasting done by PWC or Forrester Research, who charge their clients thousands of dollars annually. They’re yours FREE — and you’ll get immediate access — as part of your membership.

FREE Member Benefit No. 3:
Quarterly Income Alliance Conference Calls

Every 90 days, I host a conference call for my Income Alliance members to review our income investments and answer your questions about our approach, strategy, and investments. Prior to the call, you’ll receive a form that you can use to submit your questions directly to me. While one-on-one advice is not permitted, I can give you a broad overview of how our approach can help you secure a greater income in your retirement.

FREE Member Benefit No. 4:
Investor Relations Concierge

Here at Income Alliance, we know how important it is to secure a rich and rising income stream. We also know that, in between your weekly updates, monthly issues and quarterly conference calls, you may have questions concerning our recommendations or trades. That’s why we employ a full-time investor relations concierge to take your calls every day the market is open from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time.

You’ll also receive a members-only email address where you can contact me directly and get a written response within 48 hours. Again, while one-on-one advice is not permitted, I can give you a broad overview of how our approach can help you secure your retirement.

FREE Member Benefit No. 5:
An Ongoing Financial Education

If all we did here at Income Alliance was send you our stock picks and option trades, we would be failing you. Our ultimate goal is to help you make better, smarter, and more profitable investment decisions. Toward this end, I will bring you the facts, strategies, and analysis you need to make more profitable income choices.

That’s why we’re going to include, as a part of your membership, lifetime access to our ongoing investor education series.

Within these Special Reports, training manuals and instructional videos, you’ll find everything you need to become a better, smarter trader, while systematically growing your income.

FREE Member Benefit No. 6:
Peace of Mind

As an Income Alliance member, you’ll rest easy at night knowing that we only invest in the bluest of the blue-chip stocks — companies with strong earnings momentum that are expanding both their earnings and their market share. You can’t get any safer than that!

You’ll also receive something far more personal than you could ever find in an investment advisory: our organization’s commitment to helping you create a rich and rising income stream. For almost two decades now, I’ve helped tens of thousands of investors like you do just that.

Those who’ve been with us from the beginning and followed our recommendations have had the chance to make up to $179,226 a year.

They got started by simply accepting a risk-free trial membership like the one I’m offering you now.

And I’ve made it so easy, convenient and risk-free for you to become an Income Alliance member, you’d be hard-pressed to say no.

That’s because…

Your $4,995 Investment Is 100% Guaranteed

Unlike every other investment you make, your investment in joining Income Alliance is guaranteed. This means that if you don’t make an average of at least $14,935 a month over the next 12 months, or $179,226 for the entire year. Just ask — and you’ll receive a full and complete refund.

How can we make such a bold guarantee? 

Because that’s how much money you would have made if you had followed all of our recommendations since I created Income Alliance. This is why, when spots become available, they are snapped up quickly — and it’s also why few people cancel. Why would they?

They can see from the beginning the role Income Alliance plays in securing their income and building their wealth, and they consider their membership a family heirloom to be passed from one generation to the next. We believe you will too.

However, if our income investments don’t deliver as promised here after one year, you can ask for your money back.

Again, that’s the power of having money connections. You’ll gain access to money opportunities the general public never sees, with guaranteed returns — or your money back.

On this fair-and-square basis, Income Alliance has become one of the most respected private wealth-building organizations in America. Once you join us, you’ll fully understand why.

Because enrollment in Income Alliance begins today, and will continue for at least the next 24 hours or until we reach our membership cap, I sincerely hope you will take this opportunity to join us before all the spots are taken. 

How to Qualify to Be Among the Income Alliance

  1. You must agree not to share our recommendations outside of our network. Many of our recommendations are thinly traded and designed for our 100 members to profit. Too many investors would push prices up and decrease yields.
  2. You must pay the full membership fee, no exceptions. Because our members represent some of Wall Street’s top investors — many of whom I know personally — I simply can’t play favorites. It wouldn’t be fair. Besides, we’re giving you a 90% discount off the combined annual price over five years… only yours will be a lifetime membership.
  3. You must let me know immediately if you’d like to be one of the 100. As I mentioned earlier, the last time we opened this investment opportunity to new members, the spots were scooped up rather quickly. Judging by the hundreds who missed out on last year’s available spots, I know there will be many people disappointed that they did not act quickly. That’s why it’s critical that you respond immediately. 

How to Lock In Your Spot

If you’d like to be among those who will receive the opportunity to make $179,226 a year for life, then you have to let me know immediately.

A delay of even a few hours could mean you’ll be locked out.

You’ll miss out on learning about the safest, highest-yielding private investments in the world that pay as much as 20% annually… and on enjoying the instant cash payouts our dividends, covered calls and options plays are handing our members.

Nor will you be privy to the incredible total return plays that could double your money every 12 months.

That’s why it’s important that you seize the moment immediately. Since your success is guaranteed, you really do have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 

Remember, a total of only 100 memberships are available. 

We expect them to go quickly. After all, for a one-time payment of $4,995, you will receive income opportunities that averaged a payout of $179,226 this past year…

So, what are you waiting for? Trust your instincts and join us today. 

You won’t risk a dime, and your initial investment is guaranteed. This will be the most profitable, risk-free decision you’ll make in your life. You have my word.

Click the button below now to begin your lifetime membership today, before all the spots are taken.

Welcome aboard! 


Bryan Perry
Founder, Income Alliance

P.S. ONE FINAL NOTE: I know that if you’ve read this far, you’re seriously considering joining. I also know that you may not be able to make a decision of this magnitude instantly.

So, to take away the slightest inkling of hesitation or risk on your part, I’m going to give you 30 days to test-drive our membership. 

And then decide.

If you don’t feel that you’re on your way to making $179,226 a year on our recommendations, just let me know, and we’ll send you a complete refund along with our thanks for giving Income Alliance a fair try.

And remember, you’re still covered by our 12-month performance guarantee if we don’t hand you $179,226 by this time next year. So there’s no way you can lose.

So is it a deal? I hope so. But with only 100 memberships available, you’ll have to act quickly, because I can’t guarantee the next time we’ll have open spots.

So, what are you waiting for? Trust your instincts and join us today. You won’t risk a dime, and your investment is guaranteed.

Or, for even faster service, call our toll-free number right now and speak directly to Grant Linhares, your Investing Concierge, at 1-844-419-4548.

For your convenience, Grant is available Monday to Friday, from 9AM to 5PM (Eastern Time).

*based on 500 shares or 5 options contracts