Fellow Investor,

You won’t hear about these from your broker.

In fact, during my two decades on Wall Street, they were one of our best-kept secrets.

We called them Promise Contracts.

And they paid off an unheard-of 99.3% of the time.

Promise made. Promise kept.

Here’s how they work:

Every Promise Contract has an ID code attached to it.

For example, ID code “TTD180316C00055000” could have made $500 appear in your account.

Usually this payout comes instantly.

You could also do two Promise Contracts — and generate a fast $1,000.

Or 10 Promise Contracts – for $5,000.

The same thing happened with ID code “CYBR190418C00100000” …

And with the same results:

You could have pocketed a near-instant payout of $500… $1,000… even $5,000.

Truth is, it’s not that hard to generate — almost instantly — a few hundred dollars… a few thousand dollars… even tens of thousands.

By simply executing a few Promise Contracts each month. 

In fact, my readers and I use Promise Contracts to get a 42.95% average income boost over a plain-vanilla dividend stock.

But here’s the thing.

Many of these payout boosts have been MUCH larger…

Like the 61% income bump November 21, 2021, from Annaly Capital (NLY), as shown below:

Or the 176% income bump from Dominion Energy (D)

Or the whopping 246% income bump from Icahn Enterprises (IEP).

And — as I’ll prove to you today — these Promise Contracts carry almost ZERO risk…

Because you’re able to make money with them an amazing 99.3% of the time.

Plus, I’ll show you exactly how to claim these payouts for yourself, by spending about two minutes every time you want to collect quick cash… without even leaving your living room.

In most cases, you get paid on the spot… instantly, through your computer or cellphone.

*Note: There are rare occasions when your payout comes through the following trading day… requiring nothing more from you than simply re-submitting it.

Promise Contracts are as easy as 1 – 2 – 3:

  1. Open your email
  2. Copy and paste it into your trading account (or read the numbers over the phone to your broker).
  3. Quickly collect a few hundred dollars… or a few thousand, depending on your trade.

And when I say “quickly,” I mean as fast as you can click your mouse in your online investing account.

Or as fast as you can pick up the phone and call your broker.

It couldn’t be more effortless.

Just below, I’ll explain in plain English how to start collecting these Promise Contracts payouts for yourself.

I’ve never seen a faster way to get paid. Two minutes may be all you’ll need for a quick return.

Because I’m no longer working for a big Wall Street firm, and no longer sworn to keep their secrets…

I’ve prepared a Special Report I’ll email to you, free of charge.

It details everything you need to create this income stream immediately, following my simple Promise Contract trades.

Why am I doing this now?

I put this report together to share a way to supercharge investment income with a small number of new readers.

It’s not for everyone. And that’s OK.

But if you’re a serious investor, everything I’m showing you today is possible through the use of these Promise Contracts, and their win rate of 99.3%.

Better still, you’ll only have to “work” about two minutes at a time — because I do all the work for you.

Again, let me assure you, nearly any investor with a brokerage account and a little experience can use this Promise Contracts strategy.

It’s a low-cost, low-risk way to increase your income an additional 42.95% on average from each investment.

Sometimes they’ll bump-up your income a little less than 42.95%…sometimes a little more than 42.95%…sometimes a lot more!

But here’s my question: Would adding another 42.95% income to each investment make a difference in your life?

That is exactly what a Promise Contract is designed to do for you… and you usually get paid on the spot.

You could add that extra money to your retirement account… pay your bills… or create your own pension.

And here’s the thing… you don’t need some giant portfolio, or $100,000 to put into this strategy.

Even if you have a modest sum to invest — say $5,000 or $10,000 — this strategy lets you…

Create Regular Payouts with Just
a Few Clicks of a Mouse

Here’s an example.

I was browsing online during a recent Amazon Prime sale.

I wasn’t trying to find anything in particular.

But I spotted a comfortable-looking La-Z-Boy recliner.

So, I grabbed my cellphone, and looked up a juicy Promise Contract in one of my trading advisories.

Then I opened my online brokerage account, pushed a few buttons to sell 2 Promise Contracts on SalesForce.com (CRM).

Instantly, my readers and I made $760.

That was enough to buy the recliner and cover sales tax!

Making this purchase was as easy as withdrawing cash from an ATM.

Total time: About two minutes.

But if recliners aren’t your thing, maybe a flat-screen TV catches your eye, just in time for a big game.

In about two minutes, it can be yours with these Promise Contracts.

Or perhaps there’s that two-person bass fishing boat you’ve always dreamed of — nothing huge, just something that lets you skim the shallow waters and reel in prize fish.

To get it, simply go online, use a couple of Promise Contracts, and two minutes later… ka-ching!

Or maybe you’ve had your eye on a high-end putter, but you couldn’t justify spending $800 for it.

You can now.

Making the money to buy it is as easy as opening your online brokerage account and clicking a couple of times.

What I’m sharing here today is a way for you to treat yourself to something nice, without having to raid your savings or take a portion of your family’s vacation money.

My two minute money-making system lets you reward yourself — and why not? You’ve earned it.

Today, I’m going to show you exactly how you can use that strategy…

By taking just two minutes to make a few mouse clicks…

And quickly generate a few hundred dollare… or even a few thousand!

This may be the most important retirement saving information I can give you today. And let me tell you…

It’s My Mission — My Passion —
To Create Secure Seven-Figure Retirements!

My name is Bryan Perry.

In addition to being frustrated at the number of people having to work well into what should be their retirement years…

I’m passionate about giving people the knowledge they need for a secure, financially independent, seven-figure retirement…

And it shows in my relentless research: I’ve found 437 total Promise Contracts for everyday traders since 2014.

That’s an average of over 50 Promise Contracts each year!

Paying off tens of thousands of dollars… even hundreds of thousands, depending on how much you invest in this conservative, dependable and reliable strategy…

Thereby increasing each income gain by an average of 42.95%.

So I’m excited to share what I’ve learned over 20 years, when I was with Paine Webber, Bear Stearns and Lehman Brothers…

…and during the past 15+ years, helping investors like you by publishing advice on my own.

During that time, I also helped educate Main Street investors by co-hosting a weekly financial news show on the Bloomberg radio network…

And helped the average Joe build wealth by writing four major monthly investment publications.

Which is why I’m frequently quoted in Forbes, Business Week, and Market Watch.

It’s my mission to see you get big fat income checks from the market… with the strategy to keep them coming.

Which is why…

For the First Time in 15 Years… I Bring You a Seven-Figure Income Investors Announcement 

I’m combining my TWO Promise Contract advisories into one income powerhouse!

I want you to have the best of both services to unleash a powerful stream of income unmatched by anything I’ve ever seen.

This new service and its combined 99.3% win-rate can become your new foundation to help you to your seven-figure retirement…

Where you have a worry-free life of ease, fun, and relaxation.

But I didn’t come here today to talk about myself. I’m here to help YOU by showing you…

A Conservative Trading Strategy That Can Safely Boost Your Income by 42.95%…Each Time You Invest!

I’m talking about “Promise Contracts.” So, what are they?

Well, first, let me tell you what they can do…

A well-executed strategy of using Promise Contracts can bump-up your income returns by 42.95% on average, each time you make a trade.

And since we win 99.3% of the time we use Promise Contracts…

I’ve never seen a lower-risk way to a fortune.

And better yet, they are simple. Why do I say this?

Because you don’t need any sophisticated investing experience to do this.

To use this system, all you need is the ability to read, a mouse, and a brokerage account.

Here are the steps, 1-2-3:

  1. Open your online brokerage account. Buy a good, solid stock — I’ll recommend several excellent stocks for you.
  2. Sell Promise Contracts with a few clicks of your mouse. (The contracts are very standard — nothing tricky, they’re already pre-written. You just click on them.)
  3. Collect hundreds of dollars almost immediately, the minute someone buys your Promise Contracts.

It’s that easy. And the great thing is that you can activate, sell, and get money from Promise Contracts any day the market is open.

Is it any wonder that Wall Street traders use these Promise Contracts day in and day out?

But Word Is Getting Out

Promise Contracts are now being used not only by big money investors… but also by investors just like you who’ve caught on to this simple strategy.

And they are 100% legal investments… used by millions of investors every day.

Promise Contracts are so safe, the IRS lets you use them in your IRA and 401k retirement plans.

How Can Promise Contracts
Pay You?

In the next five minutes, you’re going to become an expert in making money with these Promise Contracts.

A Promise Contract is an “promise” that you will sell your stock to someone at a price you choose.

Let me repeat that:

You actually promise to sell him your stock at a price YOU want to sell it at.

But even better: He has to pay you for that promise.

THAT is what we call a Promise Contract.

So as crazy as it sounds, you sell him a Promise Contract, for cash, on the spot…

And that Promise Contract lets him pay you a profit you chose on your stock in the future.

And what if that stock ever soars to the price you promised he could buy it?

You happily sell that stock to him at the price YOU have set.

So you win TWICE.

Let me show you a real-life example of how a small group of private investors are making money with Promise Contracts.

Let’s say you have a $10,000 account.

And on February 14, 2019, you bought 100 shares of CyberArk (CYBR) at $86.37 per share. (You simply followed the plain-English instructions I sent you.)

The rules say you can sell one Promise Contract for every 100 shares of a stock you own. So with 100 shares, you could have sold one contract.

Now, the Promise Contract I advised you to sell paid you $500.

Selling this contract is easy enough to do. The contract is pre-written… it’s simply a matter of clicking on it, similar to how you would to buy a stock.

So you go ahead and sell one Promise Contract on your 100 shares…

And you pocket $500 the same second someone buys your Promise Contract.

Yet you STILL own your shares of CyberArk stock.

In other words, you got paid $500 for something you still own.

I’d say that’s a pretty good deal.

But it gets even better… because 64 days later, you gladly sell your stock at a price YOU chose earlier.

So now you’re also pocketing profits from selling your Promise Contract… AND what you made from selling the stock.

Here are your total profits:

Not only do you bank a $500 profit from your Promise Contract…

But you also pocket $13.63 per share of stock (for selling your 100 shares of CyberArk) for another $1,363.

So, that’s a total of $1,863 profit in just 64 days.

Your $10,000 account just grew into $11,863.

But what if you had twice as much to start with — say a $20,000 account?

You could have pocketed from two instant $1,000 sales of Promise Contracts… doubled your stock gains…

And just 64 days later, your balance would be $23,726.

Or if you had a $50,000 account… you could have increased your account balance to $59,315… in just 64 days.

And each time we used a Promise Contract, it took two minutes or less.

The same thing happened with Iridium (IRDM).

Shortly after your CyberArk opportunity, you could have bought Iridium Communications (IRDM).

Total profits from that trade would have put 26.7% in your hands in just 57 days.

That means a $10,000 account would grow to $12,512 in 57 days… $1,200 up front from your Promise Contract and $1,312 in gains.

A $20,000 account would be worth $25,324… $2,700 upfront in your Promise Contracts and $2,624 in gains.

A $50,000 account would now be a $63,161 account. $6,600 upfront in your Promise Contracts, and $6,561 in gains.

And each time we used a Promise Contract, it took two minutes or less.

It happened again with World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE).

In just 50 days, you could have grown a $10,000 account into $11,083. How?

By scooping up a near instant $300 just by selling one Promise Contract… and $783 from WWE’s stock price increase.

Or you could have boosted a $20,000 account to $22,166, also in just 50 days.

How? With $600 from two Promise Contracts… and $1,566 from your stock gains.

A $50,000 account would have let you sell five Promise Contracts, handing you an instant $1,500…

And $3,915 from your stock gains… making your account grow to $55,481.

And each time we used a Promise Contract, it took two minutes or less.

Have any other income strategies have paid you such a quick, low-risk sum?

Simply put, I know of none that pays so well… so fast… with so little effort on your part…

And is considered a safe, conservative strategy.

Now, I’ve just shown you three nice winners — real plays that I recommended to investors.

But have we ever had any losing Promise Contracts?

Let me assure you…

Promise Contract Losses
are as Rare as Bigfoot

You’ll hardly ever see a loss from a Promise Contract.

Why do I say this?

Had you sold ALL these kinds of contracts I’ve recommended since 2014…

You would have sold 437 of them…

With just three little losses.

Just three losses?

That means you would have won 99.3% of these trades.

I don’t know of a lower-risk way to make money.

The wins just keep on rolling in.

Like on November 14…

The same thing happened with Duke Energy (DUK).

In one year, you could have grown a $10,000 account into $12,098…

With $335 worth of Promise Contracts and $1,743 from the stock gain.

And each time we used a Promise Contract, it took two minutes or less.

You held your Duke Energy stock for a year… collecting the same profit any other smart investor would. But…

Here’s the Difference That Could Give
You a Million-Dollar Retirement

It’s the “extra” money others don’t know is out there.

During that year, you collected four Promise Contracts from Duke…

Which is “extra” cash I’ll bet 99% of investors don’t even know exists.

But if you’re a big Wall Street trader working for a billion-dollar broker… you probably use Promise Contract’s near instant cash regularly. 

It can build you a fast fortune.

What makes me say this?

Because it happened again with communications giant Crown Castle International (CCI).

In less than five months, you could have grown a $10,000 account into $11,348. How?

By using four Promise Contracts for near instant gains each time… totaling $470…

Plus we pulled in a fast stock gain of $878.

A $20,000 account would have grown into $22,696, also in less than five months.

And each time we used a Promise Contract, it took two minutes or less.

A $50,000 account would have paid you $56,740.

And each time we used a Promise Contract, it took two minutes or less.

The same thing happened with Zim Integrated Shipping (ZIM), on December 14, 2021.

In just five weeks… you could have grown a $10,000 account into $10,902. How?

In that short time, we used two Promise Contracts totaling $260… and snatched a quick five-week stock gain of $642.

A $20,000 account would have grown to a fast $21,804.

And a $50,000 account would have grown to $54510, just as fast.

Easy money.

Now, I’ve just shown you six fat winners — real plays that I recommended to investors. But did we have any losing Promise Contracts?

Like I said earlier…

We Almost NEVER Have a Losing Promise Contract!

It’s an astounding track record.

And I give you these recommendations through a service called Premium Income Pro.

If you had been with me since I launched this advisory service… you would have been handed 124 opportunities to sell Promise Contracts since September 2015.

The money you get paid for selling Promise Contracts is called a “premium.”

Using my recommendations, you would have been paid a premium almost immediately for each and every one. And not one of them would have handed you a loss.

That’s what I mean when I say we’ve never lost a dime using Promise Contracts — the premiums paid to us for the Contracts come through almost every time.

Once in a while, someone won’t buy your “Promise Contract” right away. You may have to wait a couple of hours.

If it doesn’t sell by the end of the trading day, no problem. You just relist it tomorrow.

If you follow my advice, I can show you exactly how to use Promise Contracts to make 42.95% or more in additional income every year…

By almost instantly generating hundreds… thousands or more in cash.

It all depends on how many Promise Contracts you want to use.

As I mentioned, so far this year we’ve made $8,540 cash in hand.And in a moment, I’ll show you how to simplify this process.

To make using Promise Contracts as easy as A-B-C. 

And save you time in your busy schedule…

Because it only takes about two minutes to execute each Promise Contract… and about 10 minutes a month to write about five of them.

So, if you’re afraid you can’t retire, because you just don’t have the cash… feel free to breathe a huge sigh of relief.

I’ve got you covered.

Now, you may be thinking… “This all sounds too good to be true.” And you may be wondering…

“Bryan, Is There Something
You’re Not Telling Me?”

Yes, there is. I have a few things I haven’t told you… yet.

I wish I had the space to spill the beans to you on everything in this short presentation.

However, I have documented everything you need to know about selling Promise Contracts in the no-holds-barred, special report I told you about earlier.

Regularly, I would sell it for $179, but, as I said, I’m going to give it to you FREE.

It’s called The Premium Income Pro Quick Start Guide.

What’s inside? My easy-to-understand three-step plan for this money-making strategy:

Step #1: I reveal how I pick the stocks on which to sell Promise Contracts.

You want a stock with a steady or slowly-rising share price. And it must be a high-quality stock that is not risky to hold.

So I’m giving you my entire stock-picking methodology. My recommendations to all of my members are based on this… They count on this strategy to enjoy a safe, wealthy retirement.

Step #2: You get a six-part educational video series that walks you through the selling of Promise Contracts step-by-step, quickly and effortlessly.

This is the part where you make quick income.

Step #3: Consider this a bonus: How professional traders set up a SIMPLIFIED PORTFOLIO that optimizes your earnings with Promise Contracts.

Instead of wondering how much money you need in each stock to balance your portfolio…

You get a strategy that gives you a simple, yet tightly-focused portfolio of five to eight high-performance dividend stocks…

Instead of the shotgun approach of 30+ mediocre stocks that many other income advisors recommend.

A simple portfolio of five to eight stocks lets us maneuver quickly in any market condition. And we can keep track of every detail on each one.

With The Premium Income Pro Quick Start Guide, you’ll quickly be on your way to a wealthy, worry-free retirement that you may have never thought possible… until today.

It’s all inside this A-to-Z report I want you to have FREE. And I’ll email it to you in five minutes if you simply…

Claim Your 30-Day Test-Drive of
My Premier Trading Service:
Premium Income Pro

I’ve just spilled the beans on my lucrative system to give you 42.95% and more in annual investment income…

And to give you hundreds of dollars… even thousands, almost instantly.

But I don’t want you to take me at my word.

That’s why I want to offer you a 30-day test-drive of my Premium Income Pro trading service… and rush you my Special Report The Premium Income Pro Quick Start Guide.

I want you to see it for yourself… to experience how it feels to generate income on-demand.

So here’s a look at what you also get, instantly, with membership to Premium Income Pro:

Premium Income Pro Weekly Alerts:
Every week in your email inbox (and also via mobile phone text, if you choose), you get plain-English money-making recommendations showing you what to buy… when to buy… and when to sell. That means no guesswork for easy profits!

Special Text Message Alerts:
To make sure you never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation, I will send you a text message so you can take immediate action.

Hotlines with NEW Recommendations:
You get one or more new cash-generating plays per week… which means a constant flow of cash for you. Plus, you get a timely update of all of your current positions.

Quarterly Conference Calls:
Every three months – sometimes more – you can hop on a conference call with me. I help simplify complex markets so it’s easy to profit in these volatile markets. You’ll come away with precise forecasts of which stocks can pay you the most explosive returns in the coming months.

Special “Smart Money” Training:
Short, informative training videos, for executing this simple method… backed by support from your own Premium Income Pro Concierge. I’m going to hold your hand and walk you through the most exciting income strategy you’ve ever experienced.

Investing Master Class:
From my good friends at Consistent Profits. You’ll learn the seven pillars that can help you rig the markets for your success, three elements to increase your trading results in surprising ways, learn how you can better control your long-term profitability… and more. You’ll also get a 30-45 minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.

VIP 24/7 Private Areas of My Premium Income Pro Website:
You get VIP access to my latest research, recommendations, weekly issues, hotlines, Special Reports and my own training library… Anything I can dream of to help you make money with “Promise Contracts” is here… all in one place!

Which leaves me with one question…

How Much Is an Income-Boosting Service
Like This Worth to You?

Think of it this way…

If you were to use a professional money-manager, you’d be hard pressed to safely pull in additional income of 42.95% on each trade.

And you’d have to pay them thousands of dollars, not to mention a percentage of all your wins.

An expensive trading service may let you collect significant cash payments each and every month…

But be prepared to shell out $5,000 per year… or even twice as much. And, even at that price, I’d be surprised if your returns were as high as those you’d experience in Premium Income Pro.

In fact, Premium Income Pro  is less than half the cost as other trading services. A one-year membership is usually $1,995.

But that still puts it out of reach for many people who really need quick cash.

So, for the next 48 hours, I’m guaranteeing you a spot in Premium Income Pro  at $1,000 off.

Which means you only pay $995.

You could make that back after selling just a couple of Promise Contracts.

More importantly, you should make that much — at least — during your 30-day test-drive.

Which means it’s almost like I’m giving you the chance to earn enough money to get this service free!

So go ahead, start your test-drive now, and rake in your first quick cash payment today.

All you have to do is click the button below to join Premium Income Pro. Within moments after you join, you’ll get everything you need to be able to generate premium income alongside me.

So let’s recap.  I’ve shown you the kind of money you can make.

I’ve shown you that it’s nearly impossible to lose money on your Promise Contract… and it gives you an average 42.95% boost to your income on each investment.

And I’ve also shown you how a very few $50,000 trades with our supercharged Promise Contracts strategy can give you a million bucks in two years.

I’ve even removed all your risk of trying  Premium Income Pro  by offering you a 30-day test-drive.

But in case you still have even a shadow of a doubt, allow me to remove it with…

My Rock-Solid 100%
Money-Back Guarantee!

You MUST be 100% thrilled with your earnings and your new life within your first 30 days with Premium Income Pro . Or I will INSIST on rushing you a complete, 100% refund of every dime you paid.

No worries… and NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

I really can’t make it more fair.

So if you want to be able to generate quick cash… and create an income boost of an average 42.95% each trade…

While almost always making you hundreds of dollars… even thousands… instantly.

I’d love to have you along, and I look forward to helping you make a powerful, quick income.

Yours for higher profits,

Bryan Perry
Founder & Chief Investment Strategist, Premium Income Pro

P.S. The strategy I’ve used to create Premium Income Pro has a 99.3% win-rate.

Here is our complete record. And there’s plenty more where that came from. Click the button below to get started trading with me. 

Here Are the Premium Payouts You Could Have Quickly Made (Per 100 Shares Owned):