Dear Investor,

In a world where Treasury Bills, CDs, and Money Markets are all paying less than 1.5%, dividend stocks are averaging 1.9%, and most investors would be absolutely thrilled to net a steady 6% a year in their IRAs and brokerage accounts…

There’s a small, very exclusive group of savvy investors who aren’t settling for single-digit investment returns.

On the contrary, these investors are following a simple, safe, stress-free, incredibly profitable, cash-generating Wall Street strategy that’s capable of depositing more than 17%+ in their IRA and brokerage accounts, year after year.

My name is Bryan Perry and I’m the editor of Quick Income Trader, a service that has already delivered recommendations that have earned 17.32% annualized gains on its closed positions since its inception in September 2015.

Today, I’m inviting you to become a part of the exclusive group of investors who follow my step-by-step instructions to net 17%+ a year.

But, I’m not stopping there.

My goal is bigger. Over the next four years, I’ll be helping you turn every $50,000 you use into $93,694. No ifs, ands, or buts — absolutely no excuses.

As one of these savvy investors, you won’t have to jump through hoops, or spend endless hours sweating the details. I’ll show you how to grow your portfolio by 87% by the time Trump’s first term ends.

I’m going to help you rake in 17%+ a year with just 15 STRESS-FREE minutes of your time a week.

In no more than one hour a month, 12 hours a year, I will show you how to transform your brokerage accounts into perpetual cash generators.

You could compound the 17%+ you make a year into a whopping 87% windfall in just 48 months, by the time President Trump’s first term ends.

As one of these savvy investors…

In fact, you won’t have to settle for average, yearly single-digit investment results ever again. Instead, I want you to breathe easy and relax.

From this point on, generating cash on your investment and IRA portfolio isn’t going to be a problem ever again.

You’re going to have plenty of income pouring in between now and the entirety of your retirement.

A Much Happier, and Financially Worry-Free, Life Starts When You Become One of These Savvy Investors

At its core, Quick Income Trader is a strategy that’s focused on delivering non-stop, monthly cash windfalls on the stocks and funds in your IRA and/or personal brokerage account.

Quick Income Trader delivers amazing profits without taking huge risks or demanding more than one hour a month of your time – literally 15 minutes a week.

In a few months, you’re going to brag about being one of 400 members of this exclusive group of investors. You’re going to call your decision to subscribe to my Quick Income Trader your all-time best investing decision.

Month after month, your net results will convince you that you have found the smartest, safest, and most profitable cash-generating strategy available today.

I can predict all of this, not because I’m a Nostradamus, but because, in my 30+ year career in the world of finance, I’ve never seen a safer, more reliable Wall Street cash-generating strategy.

Trust me. I have seen all sorts of Wall Street trading strategies.

I worked as a financial advisor for major Wall Street firms including Bear Stearns, Paine Webber, and Lehman Brothers.

I’ve also hosted weekly financial news shows on the Bloomberg affiliate radio network, and I’ve been frequently quoted by Forbes, Business Week, and MarketWatch.

With all this experience, I know how amazing this cash-generating strategy can be. That’s why I named my system Quick Income Trader.

This cash-generating strategy is so reliable, so consistent and so profitable, you can use it to make a living – a never-ending income generator before or after you retire.  

Incredibly, this remarkably profitable Wall Street cash-generating strategy isn’t “Top Secret.”

Most individuals don’t use this amazing strategy, because they either don’t realize it exists, aren’t paying attention or don’t have the time or patience to make this work for them.

Others try to use this strategy, but they give up in frustration because they just can’t get the timing right. They miss the optimal entry and exit points a few times before throwing in the towel.

Meanwhile, Wall Street’s Money Managers, Elite Mega Investors, Hedge Funds, and Billionaire Barons like Warren Buffett have the research staff and experienced market-timers needed to put this low-risk, cash-generating strategy to work for them in their brokerage accounts.

Wall Street big shots get the most out of this incredibly profitable cash-generating strategy because they spend hundreds of thousands, even millions, of dollars a year to pay their research staff to hunt down the perfect trades.

But there is more involved, even after the big shot researchers nail down what they should be buying, selling, and holding.

Wall Street’s biggest players, after paying for the research, have to spend another fortune paying professional market-timers to pinpoint optimal entry and exit points. The result is, however, glorious.

This cash-generating strategy can net tens of millions of dollars in waves of huge monthly cash windfalls directly into their brokerage accounts.

While the biggest players on and off Wall Street have been using this cash-generating strategy for years, while laughing all the way to the bank, most investors have no clue.

The good news is that you don’t need a huge IRA or brokerage account to get the same type of stellar cash generation each year that the big players are getting. Maybe you’ll do even better!

That’s because I’m leveling the playing field so now you can get the same professional market research and market-timing they use.

You’ll always know, because I’ll always tell you when to buy, sell, and hold.

You’ll have the right information and timing to go toe-to-toe with Wall Street’s biggest players, but you will not pay anywhere near the fortune they pay to succeed.

My Quick Income Trader is absolutely dedicated to treating you and our other exclusive subscribers like Wall Street’s elite.

My staff and I do all the needed research; we pore through thousands of charts monthly. We pinpoint the profitable income-generating buy, sell, hold, and stop loss recommendations with optimal timing.

We do it all with the 52-week consistency needed to make this amazingly profitable cash-generating strategy successful so you can produce stress-free, huge, monthly cash windfalls in your brokerage accounts just like Wall Street’s biggest players.

Stop the Presses. No Bookkeeping Tricks.
No Disappearing Acts.

Before I go any further, allow me to point out the profits Quick Income Trader will help you generate are NOT like capital gains on stocks – here today, maybe gone tomorrow.

This amazing cash-generating-strategy delivers cash automatically, directly into your IRA and personal brokerage account each month.

You’ll be able to see your cash reserves growing, and your brokerage account climbing in value, month after month.

Frankly, seeing your portfolio steadily growing, building cash is going to be a revelation, because it starts immediately on the first Quick Income Trader recommendation you follow.

Once you’re on board as one of Quick Income Trader’s exclusive 400 subscribers, you’ll be so delighted with how fast and easy you can launch my buy and sell recommendations, and how fast the profits will roll automatically into your IRA and/or regular brokerage account, you’ll be a subscriber for life.

What Sort of Cash Will
Quick Income Trader Generate for You?

In 2016, you could have generated monthly cash deposits straight to your brokerage account -– as much as $1,750 on a $50,000 account, $3,500 on a $100,000 account.

I am thrilled to tell you these results were pretty modest when you consider how Quick Income Trader could potentially rack up even larger, more impressive profits!

For example:

This past May 2016, using a $100,000 stock portfolio, you could have generated cash payments directly to your brokerage account of…

…For a total of $6,775 in a single month!

These cash-generating results from Quick Income Trader in 2016 were an above-average haul. We’re not going to haul in 6.775% a month; that was an amazing month, but you don’t have to have amazing months to net 17%+ each year.  

The math is simple. By generating just 1.45% cash on your money and stock positions every month, you end up with 17%+ a year, which will net you $8,500 a year in cash deposits in your IRA or your personal brokerage accounts using just $50,000 in stock holdings.

Assuming you let my Quick Income Trader compound its cash-generating strategy, if you started today, you could really turn $50,000 into $93,694 by New Year’s Eve 2021 – four short years from now.

Is this Cash-Generating Strategy
Really Easy to Follow?

Absolutely, YES!

First, I never recommend opening more than 10 cash-generating trade positions at any one time.

Second, I keep it really simple. A 14-year-old, computer-savvy kid, who only had a basic understanding of stocks and options, could follow my step-by-step instructions and look like a financial wizard.

Right now, I’m looking at a Quick Income Trader, cash-generating, one month trade that will deposit $660 into your account instantly.

That’s a potential cash haul of 3.1% on your money in just 30 days.

I’m also looking at another Quick Income Trader cash-generating trade that will pay you $700, immediately deposited in your account with a click of your mouse.

This trade could potentially deliver 3.5% in just 30 days on a $20,000 portfolio.

Just think what it would mean to your retirement if you could turn a $50,000 IRA account into $93,694 at the end of the next four years with Quick Income Trader.

You and your spouse could complete your bucket list…

Best of all, I’m going to share all of the exciting details of my Quick Income Trader cash-generating strategy even before you subscribe!

That’s Right! I’m Going to Share Exactly How Quick Income Trader Generates the Kind of Cash that’s Life-Changing

That’s why I implore you to stay with me to the very end. Then, immediately grab one of the remaining open subscriptions.

I won’t hold anything back as I tell you everything you need to know about Quick Income Trader in the next several minutes.

I’m not worried about giving away how it’s done. Detailing how Quick Income Trader works won’t lose me a single investor.

You see, understanding the cash-generating strategy and its two powerful tactical weapons I use in Quick Income Trader to pile on one profitable trade after another is one thing.

It’s entirely another thing to have someone like me do all the preparation and research for you. My success rate is a ridiculous 70% on closed trades, and my recommendations have generated 17.32% net annualized gains since Quick Income Trader’s inception.

I’m precise and exact in telling you what to do and when to do it — all you have to do is spend one hour a month – 15 minutes a week – to start piling up greenbacks in your brokerage account.

Subscribing to Quick Income Trader can turn your IRA and brokerage accounts into your own cash-generating machine.

I’m talking about the kind of profits – cash windfalls – that can dramatically change your financial fortune and keep providing you and your family the kind of continuous, monthly cash stream that will build real wealth!

Why Am I So Confident You’ll Generate
Piles of Money — Amazing Income?

Let me repeat, my Quick Income Trader cash-generating investment strategy has an accuracy rate of over 70%!

I use a disciplined stop strategy to limit losses. Every recommendation I make comes with a stop loss. By preventing big losses with the built-in 90% expiration rate of options, you can keep generating amazing cash windfalls credited to your brokerage account month after month.

The service has already delivered a 17.32% annualized return on investment on closed positions since September 2015.

Don’t take my word for it. See what some of the biggest and most reputable financial publications in the world are saying about this cash-generating strategy…

Barron’s says it…
“…outperforms buy-and-hold investing.”

The Wall Street Journal says that this cash-generating strategy has the ability…
“…to generate extra income… is gaining attention.”

Forbes Magazine says this cash-generating strategy is…
“…like finding money in the street.”

Rave reviews for the Quick Income Trader cash-generating strategy are well deserved, because the strategy is capable of generating cash payments six times greater than what you can get from most dividend stocks, bank CDs, and Treasury notes…

And it can lock in annual profits of 17%+ a year.

Remarkably, despite the huge profits it generates, my Quick Income Trader cash strategy may be the SAFEST way to trade your entire portfolio.

In fact, it’s so safe that the IRS allows you to use it in your qualified retirement plans, like your IRAs.

Imagine a cash-generating strategy that works even in a volatile market, where you’ll never run out of money!

I’m Going to Let You Test-Drive
Quick Income Trader for a Full 30 Days

Finally, someone is really leveling
Wall Street’s playing field for people like you.

I’m convinced that all you need is 30 days to recognize how powerful, reliable, and safe Quick Income Trader can be for you.

In just two months, you’ll begin to see the power of my strategy and its two powerful tactical weapons from the huge profits in your IRA and/or regular brokerage account.

And I’m 100% confident you’ll become a faithful follower of Quick Income Trader, not just for the next year or four years, but for the rest of your life!

Quick Income Trader is so effective, it will pile on a steady stream of income, even when you’re just sitting in cash!

That’s right. I’ll show you how to generate 17%+ annually even through the times you sit in cash and don’t own a single stock.

I’ll tell you more about this powerful tactical weapon for your cash in just a moment.

Before I do, I want to explain why my Quick Income Trader cash-generating strategy is so vitally important, why you must stick with it and follow my trades exactly the way I tell you.

If you follow my cash-generating strategy when you’re in cash, stocks, or a combination, no other source of investment income can match the safety and reliability that you enjoy through my Quick Income Trader…

If you’re retired or approaching retirement, you know how hard it is to generate profit and income in the stock and bond market. Everyone is searching for the “Holy Grail of Yield” that I have found and will share with you.

Quick Income Trader will generate a steady stream of cash payments, month in and month out, by selling out-of-the-money calls, and occasionally out-of-the-money naked put options, on a very select group of market-leading stocks.

Most people think options are risky.

Yes, there are risky options strategies designed for investors who like to swing for the fences. However, Quick Income Trader uses these two tactical weapons like laser beams that are low-risk, tremendous cash generators…


SELLING CALL OPTIONS against an existing stock position is one of the safest ways to generate huge, steady, stress-free income.

According to Standard & Poor’s, 90% of call options expire “unexercised” – meaning the buyer does not exercise the option and the seller just keeps the cash, along with his shares.

Here’s how selling call options works: Let’s say you own 500 shares of Starbucks (SBUX).

During the first three months, you could have easily sold an option through your brokerage account at a particular price, called the strike price.

In a recent example in our Model Portfolio, the strike price for an August call option sold on Starbucks was $57.50.

The $57.50 call option gives another investor, trader, or money manager the right, but not the obligation, to buy your Starbucks shares if they hit or climb to or over that strike price. Each call option gives an option on 100 shares.

So, if you owned 500 shares of Starbucks and your purchase price was $57.29 per share, you could have sold an option on those shares for a strike price of $57.50 per share with an expiration date of three weeks into the future.

The actual cash you could have collected for selling that option is $190 per 100 shares – or $950 in instant cash income for your 500 shares.

Now, two things could happen with the options you sold:

First, Starbucks shares do NOT hit the strike price by the date specified… and the option you sold expires “unexercised.”

You just keep the $950 option income and nothing else happens.

That is what usually happens 90% of the time.


The second thing that could happen is that Starbucks DOES hit the options strike price before the date specified… and you find yourself in the position of selling your shares to the owner of the call option.

In the latter case, you make money TWO ways: you collect the $950 cash on the option, and you collect the profits you made when you sold the underlying stock (which will vary according to what price you paid for it).

Here are some concrete, real-world examples that show how powerful the first trading strategy can be in Quick Income Trader

If you had been a subscriber to Quick Income Trader over the past year, for every 500 shares you owned in the following stocks, you could have piled up these delicious cash payments.

These trades resulted from recommendations between 8/3/2016 to 2/10/2017, which has produced a net 17.32% annualized return on closed positions:

All of these examples were option trades in which the options expired unexercised, allowing my subscribers of Quick Income Trader to keep the cash deposited in their accounts.

That’s right: Options buyers will literally give you a fortune, creating a veritable, continuous cash machine based on the chance that your stocks will reach a targeted strike price in a specific time frame.

Again, 90% of the time, stocks do NOT hit that higher out-of-the-money strike price within the time frame specified by the options you sold. So you keep the shares and you get to keep their money.

Incredibly, selling calls against your stock positions is so easy, and the market is so big, you can employ this strategy on hundreds of stocks and ETFs. Rarely will you be unable to sell your calls (get this trade filled).

If the call options you sold against your stock positions go higher than the strike price before expiration, your shares are called away. That is, the option buyer buys those shares away from you at the higher price. In this case, you actually wind up making even MORE money from the appreciation.

Here’s an example of that from my Model Portfolio. The trade started on August 3, 2016, and – at the time of this message – you could have potentially earned…

$875 in instant cash from the call premiums on Activision Blizzard (ATVI) in October, and then another $500 on the stock, as those very same shares rose a dollar as well. At that time, subscribers could have raked in a healthy 8% total return in just 4 months – that’s a 25.5% annualized rate of gain!

But that’s not the end of the gains you can make with this tactic.

If an option expires worthless, and you retain the shares, you can turn around and sell another round of call options, just like I recommended for my subscribers in this example:

After recommending buying shares of Duluth Holdings (DLTH) on May 5, 2016, I recommended selling the June $25 call options that would have put $500 instantly in your account. That recommendation worked out great!

Those June $25 call options expired worthless, so $500 would have been yours to keep. Then, I recommend selling another round of call options against those Duluth Holdings shares. The August $25 call options would have instantly put another $750 (5 contracts x $1.50 = $750) into your brokerage account, and once again, it was a winning trade!

The Duluth Holdings shares were called away on August 19, 2016 and subscribers who took my recommendations would have netted both the $750 they took previously, and $2.50 a share (500 x $2.50) = $1,250.

Then, I recommended buying back those Duluth Holdings shares on October 5, 2016, for $26.67 and sold calls once more. I recommended the November 18, 2016, $30 call options that would have instantly deposited another $1,000 in instant cash (5 options contracts) into your brokerage account on October 5, 2016. The 500 shares bought at $26.67 and sold at $30 netted a profit of $3.33 per share or $1,665. 

All told, the three call writing trades would have generated $2,500 in cash windfalls. Plus subscribers who followed my recommendations netted an additional $1,665 in capital gains when the shares were called away. That’s a total of $3,915 net profit, which comes to 31.5% in less than 6 months!

This is how I have delivered recommendations that have an annualized 17.32% winning record on closed positions since September 2015.

I mentioned earlier how many financial analysts and journalists have spoken the merits of my Quick Income Trader cash-generating strategy. Here are their exact quotes…

The Wall Street Journal says…


Forbes Magazine says…


Dick Cancelmo, manager of Bridgeway Managed Volatility, a fund that uses options, adds…


Wealth Magazine says…


Bottom line: Selling call options against my Quick Income Trader recommended stock positions will allow you to…

  1. Collect the premium from selling call options on your shares
  2. Collect the option cash and keep your shares when the option expires worthless, because the shares don’t reach the strike price.
  3. Collect the option cash and be “forced” to sell your shares for additional profit.

One more thing. This strategy also allows you to protect yourself when markets correct, as they sometimes do. You lose some value in the underlying stock, but selling calls helps to offset some of those losses and lowers your average cost per share before the next advance begins.

Either way, whether you keep the shares or sell them, it’s a win-win situation!

You make money… or you make MORE money.

What Happens If Your Call Options Are Called, You’ve Taken Your Profits and You Have Nothing But Cash In Your Brokerage Accounts?

If all of your stocks are called away as a result of selling call options against them, and you find yourself with nothing but cash in your IRA or brokerage account…

You’re perfectly positioned for the second tactical weapon to deliver huge cash income in my Quick Income Trader service.


SELLING PUT OPTIONS against your cash position is another safe way to generate huge, steady, stress-free cash for income.

This second weapon in my Quick Income Trader arsenal is very powerful, yet virtually no investment publications employ it.

It’s a shame, because if you’re sitting in cash waiting to get back into the market, you’re probably NOT making any money.

These days, brokerage firms pay zilch for your resting money.

Quick Income Trader goes the extra mile to keep the money pouring into your IRA and brokerage accounts, even when you’re in cash, with put options.

Selling put options is another great way to build real wealth WITHOUT taking huge risks. That’s why Wall Street’s biggest players use this strategy over and over again, in addition to selling call options.

Heck, even companies routinely sell put options, instead of buying back their own shares of stock.

This allows them to complete announced share buybacks at a discount of their target price. It also allows a company to make share repurchases over several months. This helps to prevent paying an artificially higher price per share solely because of the buyback.

This share buyback strategy of selling puts has fattened many publicly listed companies’ bottom lines.

It’s why some of the most trusted names in the financial world agree selling out-of-the-money naked puts on a stock you’re already willing to pay cash for is one of the safest, most conservative, cash-generating income strategies there is available.

Barron’s declares both selling covered calls and puts as…


If you’re not crystal clear on how this works, consider this example:

Let’s say that, in December 2016, you thought the price of Anadarko Petroleum (APC) would continue to fall. So, instead of buying 500 shares then, at this already discounted price, you sold five Anadarko Petroleum January 2017 $69 put options for $135 each. Just selling five put options would have generated $675 in your account. On January 20, 2017, these put options expired worthless…

For a net profit of 1.95% for tying up $34,500 for 30 days. That’s $675, or 23% annualized.

Then, after the January puts expired, you could have sold another round of APC put options. This time, five February 17, 2017, $70 APC put options – selling at $220 each – would have given you a total of $1,100 in cash income.

If those February APC $70 put options then expired worthless, investors following this trade could wind up netting 3.1% for the month.

That’s 37% annualized gains, and you’d still be in position to sell calls again. You can see why this cash-generating strategy can generate 17%+ a year.

Bottom line: Following my recommendations in Quick Income Trader, selling put options can result in two possible outcomes…

  1. You collect the option cash, the option expires unexercised, because the shares don’t reach the strike price, and you get to keep the money generated from selling the put option.
  2. The stock closes at or below the strike price and you have to buy the stock at that price to complete the trade. In the case of the February APC $70 put options, you would have had to buy those 500 shares (sold in the five option contracts) for $35,000. However your average cost per share – after the $1,100 you made – would have driven the net cost per share down to just $67.80.

The amazing thing about having the 500 shares of Anadarko Petroleum (APC) landing in your brokerage account is that you can then use Quick Income Trader strategy #1 and immediately sell call options against the stock position to generate additional cash.

That’s why I’m reaching out to you today…

Over the next four years, Quick Income Trader could become your own private cash-generating machine, capable of turning $50,000 into $93,694 with the service’s 17%+ average annualized gains.

Today, I’m going to let you try out Quick Income Trader. Test the powerful strategies of Quick Income Trader so that you can see for yourself how profitable both the covered call and put selling tactical weapons can be.

My Quick Income Trader Generates More Cash Income, More Consistently, Than Just About Any Investment Strategy I Know

Not only can you generate 17%+ a year, some of the positions I recommend still pay you dividends. It’s one of the things CNN Money sees as a huge advantage to my Quick Income Trader cash-generating strategy…


Besides being a steady cash generator, Quick Income Trader’s two strategic weapons are both incredibly easy to use. You can use them for your IRA and personal brokerage accounts by simply filling out a few forms.

Still, a lot of people get stuck on the details. They worry about what happens when the options expire or whether they have to sell or buy.

But forget about that.

The brokerages handle the execution of both selling put and call options automatically:

When you sell a call or a put option, the money instantly appears in your account… within minutes, if not seconds.

When a call option expires unexercised (90% of options do), literally nothing happens. You still own the stock, and the cash remains in your account. All that changes is you have more money, and you get to sell another round of call options against your shares. Meanwhile, you get to keep any dividends declared as an extra bonus while you own the shares.

In the unlikely event that call options are exercised and your stock is “called away,” everything is handled automatically by your broker. Your shares are delivered to the owner of the call options, and the cash for selling your shares is deposited immediately into your account.

In the unlikely event that your put options are exercised, and you have to buy to cover those shares, that transaction is also handled by your broker.

Sometimes, investors have another question regarding liquidity: What happens if you need some extra cash in an emergency? Can you sell your stocks that have options on them or buy back the put options?

The answer is: Of course!

All you have to do is buy back your put or call options first, usually for a lot less than you sold them.

Once you do that, you can just sell your stocks as you normally would and pocket the cash.

Another key point to this strategy is that you pay less in commissions. Often, if you buy a call or put option, you pay a commission on the way in and on the way out.

Since so many of the trades in our strategy expire worthless, you are only paying one ticket charge. Over the course of a year, this could save you thousands of dollars in commissions.

Now, I realize you’re probably still skeptical about steady, consistent gains of 17%+ a year… And you may still be debating about grabbing your spot among the 400 investors I will be guiding to monthly and yearly cash windfalls.

So, let me give you the chance to convince yourself of Quick Income Trader’s value.

See the results for yourself before making a final decision on whether Quick Income Trader is right for you…

Because I’m going to give you a full 30 days for you to kick the tires and see how Quick Income Trader holds up under your skeptical eye. A great way to follow us over these 30 days is to paper trade the dollar amount you’d like to commit to the strategy.

It’s all up to you and how confident you are with my Quick Income Trader recommendations. If you’d rather not paper trade, and want to dive right in, I suggest starting with a lower dollar amount and adding more as you build confidence in my strategy.

I’m betting it’s going to blow you away with how profitable and easy it is for conservative investors to make quick cash.

If you’re not thrilled with Quick Income Trader during your first 30 days, simply ask to cancel your subscription and we’ll refund 100% of your subscription fee ASAP.

Now, before I go any further, there is something I need to get off my chest.

Selling covered calls and puts does carry some risk – certainly less risk than “buy and hold” investing, thanks to both the stop loss guidance I provide with every trade and the 90% expiration rate of options.

However, this risk does increase when markets correct. On average, there are five pullbacks a year (losses of 2.5% to 5%) and maybe one full blown correction (10% a year) especially in small cap stocks.

Quick Income Trader looks to take advantage of these pullbacks to take in premiums and lower the dollar cost on the underlying shares we own.

During a correction, your risk is that you lose money on the underlying stock that you buy, or the stocks, on which you have sold put options, drop from your entry price.

That’s why we use disciplined stops to minimize any losses that might occur.

In this light, selling puts and calls are both hedging strategies for owning stocks. They actually LOWER your risk, not increase it.

Nevertheless, it is true that picking the stocks to use with this call and put option strategy has to be done carefully.

You can’t just buy any stock and expect this strategy to work. That’s a very unique benefit I provide through Quick Income Trader.

Over the past 30+ years, I’ve developed my own proprietary method for identifying the ideal stocks to hold for maximum option premium and minimal risk.

I’ve worked with some giants in the options markets, including Bear Stearns, Paine Webber, and Lehman Brothers.

The experience I gained working with those Wall Street giants allowed me to develop and perfect a world-class covered call and put selling system.

It also allowed me to test, analyze, and implement my own stock-picking methodology.

Today, I use it in both my own investing and in the Model Portfolio I created for Quick Income Trader.

I can’t reveal all the details of how this method works, but I can tell you this…

I specifically choose stocks that can give you maximum income from both call and put recommendations, while also protecting your capital.

I accomplish this by only selecting the very best stocks for the Quick Income Trader portfolio.

I’ll never have more than 10 of these stock selections in my portfolio. I’ve found that number allows us to capture, on average, a cash payment every month without fail by selling call or put options – or both.

That can mean multiple payments going straight to your IRA or brokerage accounts. Sometimes, we’ll get three or four payments a month – sometimes more.

Now, I’ll be upfront with you. The research for identifying both the best stocks, and the most profitable call and put option opportunities is extremely complex.

It has to be to uncover locked-in cash income streams that are hidden among the thousands of publicly listed stocks. It’s a mathematically perfect, pinpointing process that balances time, risk premiums, and even general market conditions.

I’m talking about big-name, highly profitable companies such as Starbucks (SBUX)… Continental Resources (CLR)…Visa (V)… Footlocker (FL)… Anadarko Petroleum (APC) and Alaska Airlines (ALK), as well as lesser known but hugely profitable companies, such as Nvidia (NVDA)… CyberArk (CYBR), Horizon Pharma (HZNP) and Paycom (PAYC).

In other words: This program helps you own a select group of red-hot stocks to generate income AND capital gains

Quick Income Trader is specifically designed for an exclusive group of 400 private investors who want to collect SIGNIFICANT cash payments each and every month.

If you’re not one of the first 400 people to subscribe immediately, you’re going to be out of luck.

I’ll tell you why we’ve capped membership at 400 in just a moment…

First, let me tell you how profitable this approach can be.

An Incredible 6.7% Tally in May!

With my Quick Income Trader cash-generation investment strategy and its two powerful weapons, you can…

One more thing: Unlike the options advisories you read about on the internet, Quick Income Trader reveals income opportunities to fit any account size or investment goal — and it does so on a weekly basis.

As a subscriber of Quick Income Trader, you get to look over my shoulder and watch as I recommend trades that generate fat, juicy, INSTANT cash payments week after week, month after month.

You don’t have to reinvent the over 30+ years of experience in the financial markets… simply follow my exact but incredibly clear and easy instructions.

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Once you get used to collecting cash payments every month, you may consider bigger investments.

Whether you’re working at a full-time job… running your own business… or you’re already retired… one of the great things about my Quick Income Trader cash-generating investment strategy is that you can live your life.

You don’t have to be glued to your desk chair, anxiously watching computer screens all day long.

That’s what I do for you.

I search through the universe of thousands of possible covered call and put selling candidates and narrow them down to the 10 best generating stocks.

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With the U.S. stock market as volatile as it has been in recent years, you’re going to be thinking about your money – it’s only natural.

But, unlike buy-and-hold stock strategies, the cash payments you can collect with Quick Income Trader are extremely conservative as income investments go.

And, by the way, don’t take my word for all of this.

Here’s what some of my subscribers have to say about my income investing recommendations:

Fred of Muncie, Indiana, said:

“There are many recommendations I would not have known about without this service.”

D.M. of San Mateo, CA, wrote:

“I started with about $100,000 and now have about $550,000 – some of the funds being investment growth, some of it being ‘new money’ and some from trading profits.”

David L. of Scottsdale, Arizona, told us:

“This is the best of six newsletters I’ve trialed. After less than one year, I’ve realized dividends and profits totaling more than 200 times my subscription price.”

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Right off the bat, you’ll get my “crash course” Quick Start Guide to hit the ground running. A full reference guide to the cash-generating strategy and how to use the two strategic weapons that you can review for years to come

A-Z Training in the form of special educational videos and emails to take you from a beginner to an experienced covered call and put seller without all the years of pain learning the insider tricks on Wall Street

Multiple Cash Payment Alerts – Priceless! Typically one covered call idea per week sent directly by email to your inbox – or by text – with all of the details you need to collect the cash income you’ll never give back

My Model Portfolio with all of the stock, call and put recommendations active in our portfolio at the time, each with specific buy, sell, hold, and stop loss instructions

Remarkably, these cash-generating income trades take 15 minutes a week to execute from start to finish, yet can generate an average of 1.45% gains consistently every month…

But remember, these also have the chance to soar to 6.75% each month. It’s literally the cash-generating machine most investors dream about!

And because I ONLY recommend 10 market-leading stocks at a time – such as Starbucks, Alaska Airlines, Nvidia, Anadarko Petroleum, Visa, Continental Resources and Valero – we can focus on each for maximum gains. Plus, these are stocks that are likely to go up in almost any market.

You cannot put a value on this program.

I’ll do everything I can think of to give you the opportunity to start making serious income quickly. And I back up this promise with my…

No-Nonsense, 30-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

At this point, you may be wondering if this is simply too good to be true.

It’s not. That’s why I created my No-Nonsense Guarantee so that trying out this service is truly a “no-brainer” decision.

Now, before I tell you exactly what this entails…

I want to say that, once you become a member, I am NOT going to ask for 20% of your profits like a hedge fund manager would do.

And I’m NOT going to charge you $10,000 a month – the price that many top level, financial advisory consulting clients pay for this kind of active income-generating advice.

I’m NOT even going to charge you the $2,500 to $5,000 in annual membership fees that other elite trading advisories charge for covered call recommendations…

My No-Nonsense Guarantee means I’m going to give you two full months to test out my money-making strategies and specific cash-generating recommendations without risk.

In the unlikely event you decide Quick Income Trader is not for you, for any reason, just let me know by the end of the 30-day trial period and I’ll refund 100% of your money, no questions asked.

However, I seldom have cancellations, not when…

You can see for yourself what it’s like to have cash payments flowing into your account consistently like these monthly windfalls in 2016: $815… $950… $1,260… $1,750… $2,400… $2,925… EVEN $6,775!

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That’s what I call a true bargain.

And you’ll likely recoup the cost of your subscription on your first two or three cash payments! All the rest are gravy, and if you itemize, the subscription may be tax deductible as an investing expense.

Plus, you’ll be gaining instant knowledge that will help you generate steady cash-flow for the rest of your life…all while “working” for just 15 minutes a week.

But, to get in on these exclusive benefits and solid annual gains, you need to become one of the first 400 subscribers to Quick Income Trader.

And to go back to that earlier question about the 400 member limit…

Why this Offer Is Strictly Limited to Just 400 Qualified Investors – And Why There Are Just FEW Openings Left.

This is not a mass-market income investing service. Not even close.

I can’t have thousands of people trying to collect these cash payments all at once.

There are only so many buyers willing to pay for options – and we want to make sure that ALL of our subscribers are able to collect the cash payment available for each recommendation.

That’s why I decided to limit the membership in Quick Income Trader to only 400 members. However, many of the subscription slots are already taken.

Once the few remaining slots are taken, that’s it.

You can get on the waiting list, but that means you’ll have to wait until someone leaves before you can get in.

In addition, you’ll have to pay the full rate of $1,995 per year – when that slot opens up – missing out on the $1,000 special discount that comes with this offer.

So, if you’re ready to start now – or even if you’re still a little unsure – here’s what I’d like you to do.

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This is Bryan Perry. I look forward to working with you right away to create a new income stream for you and all those who depend upon you.


Bryan Perry
Editor, Quick Income Trader