From the desk of trading expert Bryan Perry:


87 People to Beta Test my
8-Month Millionaire” Trading System

Our recent round of Beta Testing could’ve added an extra
$1,179,101 to your trading account in just 8 months…
Starting with a mere $5,000 stake!
Keep reading to find out if you qualify to join our 4th — and final — Beta Test


First things first.

Please have a look at the chart below.

Start at the top, with the Red Arrow — and slowly scroll down.

The arrow points to a total of $1.17 million…

Which means members of our group had the opportunity to make over a million dollars, in 8 months…

Starting with a mere $5,000 trading account balance.

Yes, you read that right.

Had you been a participant in what I’m calling our “Beta Test III” group, you too could have generated a million-plus in your trading account.

And it’s no fluke. The same thing happened with the group before them, in 2021.

“Beta Test II” participants had the opportunity to make $1.04 million.

The only difference?

This program took one month longer (9 months total) to achieve our profit goal.

Here’s what that one looked like:

And get this. We also pulled it off the year before, in 2020…

Which was our first Beta Test program.

That’s when readers were able to generate as much as $1,071,120 in trading gains (again, in just 9 months).

Go ahead, have a look:

Talk about a trader’s trifecta!

That’s an incredible three straight years of million-dollar Beta Testing gains.

Remember, each time, we started with just a $5,000 trading account balance.

And each test took 9 months or less to be able to generate 7 figures in trading gains.

(I’ll show how we did all this, trade-by-trade, in just a minute).

My name, in case you missed it, is Bryan Perry.

In my 30-plus years as a trader, I’ve personally never seen a system make so much money, in so little time.

And I’m likely the only “trading guru” in my business with a system that has given members the ability to trade their way to three straight million-dollar years.

Each time starting with $5k.

Obviously, to achieve this, not only are the wins enormous — they also come fast.

Best part is, I’ve worked out a way to make it quite simple to trade.

Even investors new to this method of trading can follow my recommendations to a seven-figure haul.

Now I “used to” call this easy-to-trade strategy my 9-Month Millionaire system.

But I had to change the nickname…

Because the optimizations we made to the system actually shaved off a full month off our last Beta Test.

And we did it during some of the most difficult market conditions of the last decade.

So we now call it the 8-Month Millionaire program.

Truth is, we’re onto something BIG, which explains why…

THIS Will Be Our “Final” Beta Test

You see, after three consecutive million-dollar years, and after we’ve completed our fourth and final Beta Test…

My goal is to “go public” with this system.

To release it to a larger group of traders across America…

And show how fast anybody with an internet connection (and a qualifying trading account) can pile up these kinds of trading gains.

Personally, it’s very rewarding to help my readers achieve their goals.

In fact, this trading system is the crowning achievement of my career.

That’s why I’m running one last Beta Test before I release it to broader investing circles.

And if I’m right, we’re in for the fastest million-dollar round yet.

Now, before I show you how we get there, let me answer the one question I get the most:

Do I Need to Be an Experienced Trader to Become an 8-Month Millionaire?

The short answer is NO.

You simply need a trading account, and authorization from your brokerage firm to make these trades.

After that, it’s all about following my lead.

All I ask is that you commit to a bit of important reading and watch my short training videos, before making the trades I send you.

These are trades from my system that come directly to you, in real time, and with plain-English directions.

In short, I do ALL the work for you.

I send you an email (and a text to your phone, if you choose) for which company to trade… and when to buy it…

And then I do the same, when it’s time to close the trade.

As soon as my system flashes GREEN, you’ll hear from me right away.

And it’s not at all difficult to trade using this system.

You don’t have to be chained to your computer, staring at the screen for hours.

Simply make sure you can access your email or text when the market is open.

Then follow my instructions.

And if the profits quickly pile up, as my system is designed to do…

We’ll have the experience of a lifetime together.

So now, you’ve seen how you could have easily made seven figures in each of the last three years.

And I keep emphasizing how simple this system is to use.

So now it’s time to show you…

Exactly How We Turned $5,000 Into
$1.17 Million in 8 Months

It’s an astounding amount of money, I know.

And you could have made it very quickly, had you followed my instructions, traded these 11 plays, and compounded your wins.

Here’s how you could have done it – trading alongside my group of Beta Testers and me – in only eight months.

(You may have brokerage fees, like commissions and margin requirements, which we did not figure into these calculations.)

The chart below shows you how your account balance increases after each trade:

Your first trade is with Mattel (MAT).

Late last year, their stock was soaring to all-new highs — and showing great relative strength.

My system triggered the alert, so I recommended hopping aboard, trading as many shares as you could from your $5,000 stake.

Your final return was 56%, on January 19.

That’s a $2,739 profit in under 2 months.

Your total so far: $5,000 (starting balance) plus your $2,739 (profit).

Your new balance is $7,739, which you roll into your next trade less than 2 weeks later.

That’s when you would have made:

$5,940 in 7 days from Alcoa (AA), on account of aluminum sprinting towards its highest price in 13 years.

Plus, Alcoa was rebounding fast from a dip in February.

*Your new balance is $13,679, which you invest in your next trade.

Then you get paid $9,792 in 7 days from Devon Energy (DVN), as oil production and exploration companies were poised for big profits in March.

*Your new balance rises to $23,471 – which you invest in your next trade.

Next up: You double your money with a $23,450 gain in 16 days from Global Ship Lease (GSL).

This “container ship company” blew past fourth-quarter earnings estimates during the supply chain crunch in March.

And in the meantime, your 100% gain boosts your new balance to $46,921, which you roll into your next trade.

Next, you nearly double your money again with SM Energy (SM) — another red-hot oil and gas exploration company in April… giving you a $46,900 payout.

*Your new balance rockets to $93,821– and you roll it into your next trade.

Next you collect a $46,880 payout from Mosaic Co (MOS) — a big fertilizer company, positioned to help the world as the Russian invasion chokes off grain supplies from the Ukraine.

*Your new balance jumps to $140,701 – which you happily invest into your next trade.

Now it’s early May.

So far, your total is a whopping $140,701 after starting with a mere $5,000 and reinvesting your profits into the next trade.

Let’s look at the chart again, this time showing our progress thus far:

You’ve done extraordinarily well already.

Yet Here’s Where the REAL
Fun Begins

On April 27, I send you a trade that brings in $34,875 from Equinor Energy (EQNR).

Sanctions on Russia has pushed European natural gas prices higher. And Equinor, a Norwegian company, steps in to fill in the shortage.

With this win, your new balance is $175,576, which you go “all-in” on with your next trade.

Next you get paid $96,574 from Utilities Select Sector (XLU), cashing in on yet another soaring energy trade.

*Your new total is $272,150, and you roll all of it into your next trade.

It seems like a lot of money. But as you’ll see, we’re just warming up.

It’s now June.

You make an amazing $183,600 in just 7 days from New Fortress Energy (NFE), which liquifies natural gas (LNG) for transports.

Revenues are through the roof, having integrated AI and other upgrades.

Your new total: a stunning $455,750, and you reinvest this into your next trade.

In July, we trade New Fortress Energy (NFE) once again. We do so because the share price takes a quick dip and rebounds, allowing us a second bite of the apple — and a $355,290 gain.

*Your new total is $811,040… which you invest into your final trade.

It’s now July 13, and the energy sector is cooling off.

I recommend trading Evolent Health (EVH), because the market is now favoring healthcare.

It hands you $368,061 in 14 days, from one final trade using this strategy.

Your Grand Total: $1.179 Million.

Here’s the final chart again:

Just 11 trades. Only 8 months. Over 1 million dollars.


All it took was $5,000 to get started, and to follow my recommendations to the “T.”

So now that you’ve seen the proof, you may still be wondering…

Why Haven’t I Heard of This
8-Month Millionaire System?

I call it the “Secret of the 1%.”

I know all about it, thanks to 20 years on the Street.

That’s where I was a high-wealth advisor for elite trading firms like Paine Webber, Bear Stearns, and Lehman Brothers.

The big Wall Street trading houses keep this strategy close to the vest.

And why wouldn’t they?

They don’t want competition from millions of retail traders.

Now you know why you haven’t had access to the huge trades the big banks and brokers routinely make.

But we’re going to change that now, by showing you…

Exactly How This 8-Month
 System Works

I’ve boiled down my entire system into a single dossier, which I call the 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint.

This report maps out simple instructions on how to compound your trades into the fastest million dollars you’ve ever seen.

But how do these trades work?

The 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint gives you easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to tap into my 8-Month Millionaire strategy and pull out returns like I’ve just shown you — 67%… 73%… 78%… up to 100%.

All with an average holding time of just 17 days each.

That’s why my team and I put together this dossier:

To take you by the hand and walk you through one of the fastest, most lucrative trading systems around.

So in just a few minutes, you’ll be able to trade the 8-Month Millionaire system with ease.

All you’ll need is:

My expectation is that — after your first few trades — you’ll marvel at how quick and easy the process is.

You’ll likely make your next trades without even needing the blueprint again.

But like I said, you can’t buy this dossier at any price.

There’s only one way to receive the 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint.

In order to get it in your hands, you must be one of only 87 traders today to…

Put the Astonishing Power of the
8-Month Millionaire to Work for YOU
(But You Must Act Quickly)

As you can imagine, this is a strictly limited offer.

As I’ve been saying, this 8-Month Millionaire system is unlike anything else out there.

Remember, I traded this system during my 20-year career on Wall Street.

As you can see, this system I’ve developed, on my own, has been a big winner — even in today’s whipsawed market!

Just before 2022 began…

I saw inflation already rising.

I could see volatility on the horizon for 2022.

So I turbocharged a new version of my system, with two important upgrades:

  1. Compounding our wins by focusing on companies that enjoy an advantage in this market turmoil

  2. Speeding up the system to give us profits faster

These new upgrades needed to be Beta Tested, and that’s exactly what we’ve been doing.

The results?

The profits generated by those two upgrades were HUGE.

To be exact: $1,179,101 in 8 months and 1 day!

(Of course, not every investor following my recommendations would’ve chosen to roll all their money into the next trade. But even if you didn’t, you would’ve still profited handsomely had you followed this series of trades.)

During this presentation, you’ve witnessed how we can pull double- and triple-digit wins even faster when the markets are in an uproar.

You’ve seen how by starting with a small account of $5,000…

…my system can make tens of thousands of dollars trade after trade…

…how these huge profits come in lightning fast, at an average of just 17 days each…

…and how compounding one trade into the next can make you $1.17 million in just 8 months.

So there’s only one thing left to do.

More Market Testing on a Larger Scale…
For Even Bigger Profits

That’s what I’ve come to offer you today.

Before I release this system to the masses, I’m conducting one final Beta Test.

The way I see it, though, it’s more of a “confirmation” that we have the ultimate million-dollar system optimized.

Let me explain.

With my test in 2020, I proved all the bugs were out of the system.

In terms of fast profits, it exceeded expectations.

It gave readers the opportunity to collect $1,071,120 in trading gains in just 9 months.

In 2021, I confirmed these findings once again, and took it to the next level by concentrating on EV and AI stocks.

Doing so reduced the average hold time to 19 days…

And allowed traders to be able to make $1,044,071 in 9 months.

Just like the year before, it surpassed all expectations.

But two years of making a million in 9 months still wasn’t enough to prove this system worked under ALL market conditions.

Not with the inflation and volatility I saw starting to build at the end of last year.

Look, I’ve put my heart and soul into this system. And I want it running on all cylinders.

So just before 2022 started, I added capabilities to…

And it’s done great.

But I’ve found a few ways to make it even more profitable. So…

We’ve Just Tweaked the System Again… Giving Bigger Wins Even Faster!

I am amazed at the raw speed these new system changes find high-profit trades…

And how much bigger the returns are.

But I still need to take one last step before I show my system to the investing public.

So I’m inviting 87 “pre-release Beta Testers” today.

I’m talking about serious investors seeking the same kinds of gains my readers were able to bank for themselves in 2020…

And again in 2021…

And once again inside the first 8 months of 2022.

So for my fourth and final Beta Test, I’m looking for…

The Next 8 Months To Be the Most Lucrative Beta Test Yet

I have to confess, though… these 87 slots could be filled as soon as this evening.

So if you’re able to claim a spot in our program today, I’ll expect three things from you:

  1. Place the trades exactly as I explain (even if you’re simply paper-trading on a spreadsheet).
  2. Provide feedback. This may come in the form of a short survey, so you can share your Beta Test experiences. All feedback will be welcomed.
  3. Agree not to disclose or share any of my trades, and the strategies behind them, to any other person or entity during this Beta Test.

The reason for all the hush-hush is simple.

This 8-Month Millionaire system is knocking it out of the park.

So, after this final Beta Test…

…once we release this system to investors across America…

…we know that we can ask for $5,000 per year…

Because making a million dollars in 8 months is well worth it.

Clearly I wouldn’t my 8-Month Millionaire system leaked to anyone outside our Beta Test group.

Once the 87th slot is filled today, we’ll be unable to accept new 8-Month Millionaire Beta Testers into the program.

After this round of testing, I’ll have more than enough success stories to launch this program at full price.

As a Beta Tester, though, you won’t pay anywhere near what others will, as I’ll show in a minute.

So How Do You Apply to
Become a Beta Tester?

The name of our Beta Testing program is Quick Income Trader.

And for a good reason.

The profits tend to come fast.

In days… weeks… not years.

My hope is that 8 months from now, you’ll look back on today as the day your life changed forever.

So if you’re one of 87 Beta Testers to lock in a spot today, you’ll get the following right away:

Quick Income Trader Benefit #1: The 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint

With this dossier, you’ll learn the exact steps that could lead you to your first million dollars in trading gains. It’s all written in plain English, and my team and I have gone to great lengths to cover everything you need to get started trading alongside me.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #2: Weekly Hotline Alerts with NEW Recommendations:

Every week, you’ll get my full updates, and any new recommendations showing you what stocks to trade, when to trade them, and when to close your positions. No guesswork involved.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #3: Special Email and/or Text Message Alerts

To make sure you never miss an urgent buy/sell recommendation or updates to your Beta Test portfolio, I will send you an email and a text message (if you choose to opt in for text), so you can take immediate action to capture the big profit moves before other traders.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #4: 24/7 V.I.P. Access to My Quick Income Trader Website

You’ll get your own password to the members-only section of my website. Here you can read all about Quick Income Trader and my breaking research on companies that fit the 8-Month Millionaire profile.

The website houses all my current recommendations, the positions of your open trades and a comprehensive library of videos, tutorials, and special reports.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #5: Investing Master Class:

From our good friends at Consistent Profits. You’ll learn the seven pillars that can help you rig the markets for your success, three elements to increase your trading results in surprising ways, learn how you can better control your long-term profitability… and more. You’ll also get a 30-45 minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.

You get all the above, backed by my research skills and leadership experience, gained from 20 years in the trenches on Wall Street. 

It’s everything you need to siphon off seven figures from the markets… whether the market soars or plunges off a cliff.

Does your financial advisor do that for you?

All you have to do is choose to make the trades I recommend… and choose to follow my instructions on when to close them.

Which means I’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.

But even so…

Becoming an 8-Month Millionaire
May Not Be Right for You

It’s not for everyone.

Sure, I’ve shown you the actual trades I gave to our Quick Income Trader Beta Testers to help them become 8-Month and 9-Month Millionaires.

I’ve shown you what may be the simplest way ever created to make a million dollars in short order.

There aren’t any tough trading decisions for you to make.

In fact, I’ll spoon-feed these Quick Income Trader plays to my members, along with plain-English instructions on what to trade, when to trade, and when to take your profits.

All you’ll need to do is follow my recommendations.

Quick Income Trader is an Easy, Simple, Yet Fast-Paced, Professional-Level System

Full Disclosure: Following the Beta Test, my service will command a Wall Street-level price.

Even at $5,000, this should be a drop in the bucket in exchange for an opportunity to make a million bucks in 8 months.

Which is why I want to give you a ridiculously low price to Beta Test our system.

It’s basically enough to cover my fees as your “guide” to this trading system…

What fees do I have to run a Beta Test?

It’s like running a small version of a Wall Street firm.

I have research expenses, trading room computer banks, data fees, publishing and communication costs, administration fees, etc.

But I’ve never seen a better opportunity. Most traders would walk through fire for the opportunity to make a million in eight months.

Again, it’s not for everyone.

Anything that makes this much money this quickly is an aggressive system.

You don’t make 7 figures in 8 months being passive.

Make no mistake: It’s a professional level service, and 12 months from now, it will have a professional price to match.

But even as a Beta Tester, you don’t get something for nothing in this world.

However, your price will be much, much lower…

If you’re one of the next 87 traders to take advantage of this program today.

First, Let Me Sweeten the Pot with
These Bonuses

I’m going out of my way to make this a no-brainer for you. Check out what else you get by joining me today:

Bonus #1: A Lifelong “Income Trading Plan”

Valued at $2,000 as a standalone service, but free to you: a second trading portfolio, included in your membership.

It’s easy enough for investors with just a bit of trading experience to use. It’s also very conservative and simple to follow.

Here’s how it works:

I show you Big-Name stocks to buy, and you make INSTANT CASH.

You actually get paid on the spot.

You can make anywhere from $75 to $7,500 or more.

Then do a simple, five minute technique called “writing covered calls” on these stocks.

In five years, I have never lost money on a single covered call trade!

It’s one of the hallmarks of my overall investing strategy.

But if you don’t know how to sell covered calls, or you’re still a little unsure if it’s right for you… no sweat.

I have your back, because I’ve put together an easy to learn video series.

Or, if you’d rather read, I’ve got you covered there, too — because you’ll also get my full report that will have you up and running in under an hour.

It’s called, Lifelong Income: The “One-Hour Pension Plan.”

One hour is a pretty small investment of your time for what could be a lasting income stream.

After that, simply follow the instructions I send you each week, and you can easily create more income than many folks get from annuities or Social Security — for as long as you want it.

Now, let me be clear about something…

You don’t have to use this system to become a 9-Month Millionaire. You already have that opportunity if you get a seat in my Beta Testing program.

I include this Lifelong Income Plan with your membership.

Like I said, the subscription price is $2,000 a year, but it won’t cost you one cent.

So, here’s how I see it.

You get paid instantly, on the spot.

There hasn’t been one single loss from a covered call in the five years it’s been in existence.

Getting all your investing decisions emailed to you is worth every bit of its $2,000 asking price.

But you get it for FREE!

Bonus #2: Quick Income Trader Video Series

I’ve created an educational video series that shows you how to take advantage of our trading system.

Taking everything I’ve learned in my 30+ year career as an investment adviser, I’ve boiled it all down to this multi video series – each less than five minutes long.

You’ll be happy to know that these videos not only detail how you can make quick income consistently, but they also reveal the theory and secrets behind my system.

Bonus #3: LIVE Conference Calls

Every 3 or 4 months – sometimes more often – you can hop on a LIVE conference call with your fellow members and me.

You’ll get my portfolio updates, along with my forecasts of which sectors and companies can pay you the most explosive returns in the coming months.  

I’d be hard-pressed to put a value on this call.

But others have said they’d readily pay as much as $500 to be on the line each time we hold one of our LIVE conference calls.

Yet, it doesn’t cost you anything as a Beta Tester of Quick Income Trader.

So let’s sum-up all the benefits you’ll receive as a Beta Tester.

Here’s Everything You’ll Get with
Quick Income Trader:


Benefit Value Your Cost
The 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint $97 $0
Weekly Hotlines with Private Trade Recommendations $4,000 $0
Email and/or Text Message Alerts $300 $0
V.I.P. Website Access with Critical Research, Updates and Report Library $500 $0
Lifelong “Trading Pension Plan” with Continuous Investment Recommendations & Weekly Updates $2,000 $0
Quick Income Trader Video Series $300 $0
Investing Masterclass Priceless $0
LIVE Conference Calls with Bryan Perry $350 $0
TOTAL VALUE $7,547 $0

The value of an 8-Month Millionaire package, with all the frills, comes up to $7,547.

So when I go public with this, $5,000 will be a bargain.

But you’ll get all of this for FREE as a Beta Tester for Quick Income Trader, after covering our expenses.

Which leaves me with just one question…

How Much is Being an 8-Month Millionaire Worth to You?

Think of it this way…

Where else can you become an 8-Month Millionaire…

Starting with a tiny account of just $5K?

The closest I’ve seen are the big trading houses like Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, or Morgan Stanley.

But you have to be entitled to “privileged access regarding income, net worth and asset size…” reports Investopedia.

Translation: You must already be an elite before these elite firms let you in on the best trades.

Even worse, you’d usually have to pay them tens of thousands of dollars to join, not to mention a percentage of all your wins.

An expensive trading service may let you collect significant cash payments every month… but be prepared to shell out $10,000 per year or more in annual fees alone.

Even at that price, I’d be surprised if your returns are as high as those you’d experience with Quick Income Trader.

That’s why, after this Beta Test, I’m confident I’ll have traders lining up to pay $5,000.

But for Beta Testers, in exchange for your feedback, I’m willing to give you everything I mentioned above for a drastically reduced price.

Bottom line: for a full year, you only pay $995.

Do you think that’s too much money? Then your decision is easy.

Do Not Join

Look, you’re getting a genuine shot at becoming an 8-Month Millionaire.

You could make your money back with just two trades.

But Quick Income Trader is for serious investors only who are dedicated to a seven-figure trading account.

I do not want the kind of trader who is willing to wait years for small, disappointing returns.

Nor do I want traders who don’t take their trading seriously or won’t make the trades that I recommend.

Since I expect these 87 spots to be snatched up quickly, I only want committed investors.

So if becoming an 8-Month Millionaire isn’t right for you, there’s no hard feelings.

Just step aside and let someone who needs this Beta Test program take one of the open spots.

But if you’ve read this far…

…I believe you’re the kind of investor who will take this program seriously.

You sincerely want a seven-figure retirement, so I welcome you.

Click the button below now and let’s get started:

Within moments after you join…

I’ll give you access to my subscribers-only website — and show you where to download the 8-Month Millionaire Blueprint and get all your Special Reports, videos and bonuses.

Now that I’ve shown you the kind of money you can make using my system…

I’ve also shown you how readers who followed my trades could’ve collected a cool million after only eight months.

Still, if you have a shadow of a doubt that this Beta Test is right for you…

100% Money-Back Guarantee!

Either you love it in the first 30 days, or I’ll rush you a full refund, no questions asked.

Here’s how it works:

You MUST be 100% thrilled with my service within your first 30 days of Quick Income Trader, or I INSIST upon rushing you a complete, 100% refund of every penny you paid.

Nothing to worry about… and NO QUESTIONS ASKED!

It’s only fair.

So you can choose to invest the old way, and hope to build your nest egg little by little, taking whatever the markets give you…

Or you can try out my trading strategy risk-free for 30 days.

Put simply, I believe that by following my trades, you can dramatically grow your investment portfolio year after year.

To that end, I’d love to have you along for the ride.

Just select the button below to get started.

I can’t wait to get started working for you.
Bryan Perry
Bryan Perry
Investment Director, Quick Income Trader

P.S. Considering the kinds of gains I’ve show you today using this system, I’m certain these 87 open seats on my fourth and final Beta Test will go quickly. When we meet our limit, the door closes shut — so be sure to click the button below to get started today.