How to Use EV and AI to Turn…
$5,000 into $1.04 Million in Only 9 Months


Hi, Bryan Perry here. 

Indulge me for a second.  

I want to show you a chart… a MILLION DOLLAR chart !

It shows how – starting with a starting stake of just $5,000…

You could’ve grown it into more than one million dollars… $1,044,071, to be exact. 

All by following my recommended trades. 

I call this my 9-Month Millionaire system.

And look, just about any investor can use this approach.

It’s not using penny stocks or futures, risky small caps, or some hot new cryptocurrency.

You don’t even need a lot of trading experience to get started.

What you will need – besides a trading account – is to follow the steps that I’m happy to be sharing with you today.

In fact, I’ll quickly run through these steps — all 11 of them — in the next few minutes…

And show how they turned a small $5,000 outlay into more than a million.

It’s the same trading strategy I used when I was a trader on Wall Street. 

And while it’s true that most individual investors know very little about this approach… I’ll say this: 

If you have a trading account and you can order a pizza with toppings online, you can follow my trading instructions. 

There’s nothing difficult or complicated in this system. Nothing hard to learn. No tough decisions to make.

I’ve made it pretty easy for individual investors to use it.

Easy enough to be able to turn $5,000 into a cool million, in just 9 months.

That’s right. If you’d been using my system starting in January 2021…

Again, with $5,000 in your account…

And made 11 consecutive trades you’re seeing now…

And by reinvesting each trade’s gains into the next trade…

You could’ve been the newest 9-Month Millionaire.

So let’s get into it, and I’ll show how we did it.  

And by the way, full disclosure… 

This isn’t even the FIRST TIME we pulled off this incredible feat… 

Because the year before – in 2020 – we got to a million bucks in trading gains, in just 10 trades.

And we did it – just like in 2021 – in only 9 months’ time! 

So you can see just how powerful my trading strategy can be. 

That’s why the pros use it. 

It’s a favorite among the top hedge funds and institutional investors out there. 

Heck, look at billionaire Warren Buffett, who used it to make $15 million from Burlington Northern Railroad, and $4.5 million from Coca Cola.

You know those mega corporations – well, they have to protect and grow their cash reserves – and so they love using this strategy.

Microsoft “has made about $300 million after tax.”

Intel corporation “has profited handsomely.” 

The high-tech giant Cadence Systems “has not lost money with this” (which is a nice way of saying they’ve made a killing).

Now I want to show how you can use it, too. 

And you know, I should point out here… in 2021, we “hit” on 31 trades that reached double or triple-digit gains. So we were all obviously real happy with that. 

So here’s how you could have collected a full million – trading alongside me – in only 9 months.

All you needed was $5,000 in your trading account on January 6, 2021.

(You may have to cover brokerage fees, like commissions and margin requirements, which we did not figure into these calculations.)

Here’s your first trade. 

It’s with Virgin Galactic (SPCE) on January 6th.

Virgin is challenging Tesla by partnering with Land Rover to make one of the most advanced electric vehicles available today.

Your trade would’ve gained 73%, giving a big boost to your money… and making $3,600 in just 13 days.

Your total so far:

$5,000 (starting balance) plus your $3,600 (profit)…

Your new balance is $8,600.

The very next day, by following my instructions and rolling all that money into your next trade…

You would’ve made $3,239 in 8 days from The Container Store (ticker: TCS), which had started using artificial intelligence (AI) to improve their customer’s experience. 

So with that win, your new balance rises to $11,839, which you invest in your next trade.

Then you collect $10,048 in 21 days from Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL), which is using AI to create “Floating Cities”… 

So now let’s see your new balance: it’s $21,887 – and you invest all of that into your next trade.

And that trade is with Macy’s. 

And you nearly double your money with a $21,867 gain in 16 days from Macy’s (M).  

It’s another AI win, because Macy’s has launched an AI “Virtual Agent” in March.

So now it’s March, and your new balance is $43,754 – which you roll into your next trade.

Here’s the thing. Macy’s is STILL going strong. 

You trade them again to pocket a hefty $28,911 gain in April, after only 22 days…

And your new balance? It is now $72,665.

OK now it’s mid-April.

So far, your total is a whopping $72,665 after starting with a mere $5,000 and reinvesting your profits into each new trade.

Obviously you’ve done great, but here’s where the real fun begins…

I send you yet ANOTHER trade on Macy’s (M) just 6 days later.

Why Macy’s again? 

And why a third trade in it?

Because it’s working! 

Macy’s was a money machine for traders in 2021.

And sure enough, in 26 days, this trade pays you $51,900 in May.

Your new total is $124,566, which you invest into your next trade.

Remember when I said, when things are working… we go back to the well?  

We also trade Carnival Cruise Lines (CCL) for a second time.

It pays you $57,090 in 22 days in June.

Your account swells to $181,656. 

Again, you invest this into your next trade.

And folks, I know this is a lot of money at stake, but stay with me. 

It’s now July. 

You make an amazing $108,970 in 21 days from Wells Fargo (WFC) – which has integrated AI and customer service. 

Your total is now $290,626. 

In August, you return to Wells Fargo to rake in $187,779 in just 7 days. 

Your new balance: $478,405.

It’s still August… and you take 7 days to make $92,000 from Palantir (PLTR), a global leader of AI and machine learning. 

Now get this. Your account balance is now $570,405. 

You could take the money and run, of course. 

But instead… you trust the system, and you plow it into your next trade.

It comes in September. 

The company KKR, which buys out electric vehicle parts globally, hands you an 83% profit in 42 days. 

That’s $474,336 you churned out, with one final trade using this strategy.

Here’s what that looks like:

Your Grand Total: $1.044 Million!

Just 11 trades. Only nine months. Over 1 million dollars.

Incredible! We did it! 

$5K into 1 million. 

So now that you’ve seen the proof, you may still be wondering why you haven’t heard of this system…

Or heard of me, for that matter! 

Well, before I started out on my own, I was a high-wealth advisor for big Wall Street firms like Bear Stearns, Paine Webber and Lehman Brothers.

I’ve penned columns for CBS’ MarketWatch, Bloomberg Businessweek and Forbes, and spoken at investment conferences around the world…

And written books like “Cash Machine” to help individual investors maximize investment income through high-yield dividend strategies. 

And I’ve used all that experience in developing this system, exclusively for individual investors. 

So it’s probably a good time to show you the inside details of this system.

I’ve boiled down my entire system into a single dossier, which I call the 9-Month Millionaire Blueprint.

It gives you step-by-step instructions on how to tap into this private 9-Month Millionaire strategy…

And to pull out returns like I’ve shown you today… gains like 73%… 83%… 89%… even up to 100% – and in an average of just 19 days each.

The blueprint is designed to help you be able to trade the 9-Month Millionaire system with ease.

So when you’re ready for your first trade using my system, you’re in prime position to collect your first big payout… 

And remember – we’re holding these positions for an average of 19 days. 

All you’ll need is:

A brokerage account, and the fees to cover your transactions…

$5,000 in that account (I’d recommend $15,000 for a bigger cushion, but the starting amount is entirely up to you)…

An internet connection (you’ll get my alerts by email and also by text, if you prefer)…

The 9-Month Millionaire Blueprint to get you squared away for your first trade.

Then it’s off to the races. 

In fact, after your first few trades, you’ll see for yourself how quick and easy the whole process is.

There’s only one catch…

You can’t buy the 9-Month Millionaire Blueprint


In order to get it in your hands, you’ll need to act right away. We’re only taking 100 new traders today. 

And as I’ve been saying, there’s really nothing quite like this program for individual investors. 

Twice in recent years, I revealed it to a small group of investors who agreed to beta-test the system with me.

Had you been one of them, you could’ve collected over $1 million in trading gains… 

In both 2020 AND 2021.  

And with that, an amazing 330.2% average annualized return.

Imagine how a big gain like that looks to someone just trying to keep up trading index ETFs, or otherwise keeping pace with the markets. 

As I said, this system’s been a big winner.

Starting January 6th, the first trading day in 2021, I took it to the next level.

I turbocharged a new version of my system, with two important upgrades:

Compounding our wins by focusing on 5G, EV and tech stocks, as well as companies employing artificial intelligence (AI) in their business… 

And secondly, by speeding up the system to give us profits faster.

With these new upgrades, I wanted to beta-test them as well.

The “alpha” generated by those two upgrades were HUGE.

To be exact: $1,044,741 in 9 months and 6 days!

Of course, not every investor following my recommendations would’ve chosen to roll all their money into the next trade. 

But even if you didn’t, you would’ve still profited handsomely had you followed this series of trades.

In fact, I had only two losses in 2021 using this system… 

And it has been making mountains of money for the past 3 years.

Still, I wanted to run one final “beta-test.”

Let me explain.

With my test in 2020, I proved all the bugs were out of the system.

In terms of profits, it exceeded expectations.

In 2021, I confirmed these findings once again, and took it to the next level by concentrating on EV and AI stocks…

Reducing your time in investments to an average of just 19 days.

And just like in 2020, it surpassed all expectations, making more than a million dollars in 9 months.

But I’ve gotta tell you… 

You must act now to take advantage of the amazing deal I’m offering today, because these 100 beta-test slots will go fast. 

They could be snagged before the end of the day.

And if you’re able to claim a spot today, I’ll expect three things from you:

#1 – Place the trades exactly as I explain (even if you’re simply beta-trading on a spreadsheet).

#2 – Provide feedback. This may come in the form of a short survey, so you can share your experiences with the beta test. All feedback will be welcomed.

#3 – Agree not to disclose or share any of my trades, and the strategies behind them, to any other person or entity during this beta test. It wouldn’t be fair to our circle of traders. 

So here’s the next step… 

To become a beta tester, you simply sign up for my trading service, called Quick Income Trader

Here’s what you get with it:

Quick Income Trader Benefit #1: The 9-Month Millionaire Blueprint 

Quick Income Trader Benefit #2: Weekly Hotline Alerts with NEW Recommendations: 

Quick Income Trader Benefit #3: Email and Text Message Alerts 

Quick Income Trader Benefit #4: 24/7 Access to the Quick Income Trader Website 

  • The website houses all my current recommendations, the positions of your open trades, and a comprehensive library of guides, Special Reports and videos. 

Quick Income Trader Benefit #5: Investing Master Class 

  • From our good friends at Consistent Profits. You’ll learn the seven pillars that can help you rig the markets for your success, three elements to increase your trading results in surprising ways, learn how you can better control your long-term profitability… and more. You’ll also get a 30-45 minute one-on-one coaching session with one of their experts.

It’s simple. 

Choose to make the trades I recommend… and choose to follow my instructions on when to close them.

Look, even though I’ve shown you the actual trades I gave to help beta testers become 9-Month Millionaires

And even though I do all the heavy lifting…

I understand this system isn’t for everyone. 

It may not be right for you. 

But what I’ve shown you may actually be the simplest way ever created to make a million dollars in 9 months.

There aren’t any tough trading decisions for you to make.

In fact, I’ll spoon-feed these Quick Income Trader plays, along with plain-English instructions on what to trade, when to trade, and when to take your profits.

So let me ask you..

What would YOU pay, for the chance to secure a million bucks in 9 months? 

Well, I’m going to make it easy for you. 

You’re not going to pay a lot to try out my system.

But before I share the details, I don’t want to forget a few other things that come with your membership. 

The first one is a way to make instant cash payouts. 

It’s a second portfolio that’s included in your membership. 

Not only is it easy enough for a seventh grader to learn, it’s pretty conservative and quite simple to follow.

Here’s how it works:

I show you ultra-safe, conservative stocks to buy, and you make INSTANT CASH.

You actually get paid on the spot.

You can make a few hundred… even a few thousand. 

It’s a simple, 5-minute technique called “writing covered calls” on these stocks.

In five years, I have never lost money on a single covered call trade!

It’s one of the hallmarks of my overall investing strategy.

But if you don’t know how to sell covered calls, or you’re still a little unsure if it’s right for you… no sweat.

I have your back, because I’ve put together something I call: Lifelong Income: The “One-Hour Pension Plan.”

Remember when I mentioned earlier how my trades are as easy as ordering a pizza with toppings online?

The same thing applies here.

Just follow the simple instructions I email to you each week, and you can have the opportunity to create more income than many folks get from annuities or Social Security…

For the rest of your life!

Now, let me be clear about something…

You don’t have to use this system to become a 9-Month Millionaire

You already have that opportunity if you get a seat in my beta-testing program.

This is a perk that comes with your membership, with my compliments. 

So, here’s how I see it…

You get paid instantly, on the spot.

There hasn’t been one single loss from a covered call in the five years it’s been in existence.

And that brings me to the next membership benefit…

The Quick Income Trader Video Series.

They run about 5 minutes each, and show you how to take advantage of our 9-Month Millionaire system… while revealing the theory and secrets behind my system.

And finally, here’s one of my readers’ favorites: Our LIVE Conference Calls.

Every 3 or 4 months – sometimes more often – you can hop on a LIVE conference call with your fellow members and me.

I recap the portfolios, share my updates and forecasts, and take your questions LIVE – so every member benefits from these calls. 

So how much does it cost to become a member? 

Most traders would expect to pay thousands of dollars for the chance to make a million inside 9 months’ time. 

With my track record, I know I could charge that much.  

But I want to make it easy for 100 new traders, and maybe you’re one of them. 

So, in exchange for your feedback, I’m willing to give you everything I’ve mentioned here, for the lowest fee I’ve ever offered.

Truth is, you could make your membership fee back with just 2 trades.

So here’s what I recommend…

Click the button below, where you’ll be taken to a 100% secure Order Page. 

You’ll see all the details on your membership, so we can quickly get you started in the program.  

I’ll even give you 30 days – on my dime – so you can try it out and decide if it’s right for you. 

Thanks for watching today, and I look forward to working with you.