Bank Up to $9,256 a Month for the Rest of Your Life from a $4.4 Trillion Pool of Secret Money

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Turn $20,000 into as Much as $334,071 in Just 24 Months

Congratulations for discovering Bryan Perry’s Quick Income Trader, an advanced, new income investing service that can add up to $9,256 in extra cash to your bottom line each and every month for the rest of your life.

Quick Income Trader reveals the very best “Dark Money” payment opportunities that help you lock in cash payments without having to buy a single share of stock or option – in fact, without having to buy anything at all!

Over the past 24 months, this revolutionary new income investing system has helped subscribers pocket thousands of dollars in instant cash payments, such as these…

  • $7,600 in Dark Money payments with World Wrestling Entertainment
  • $5,860 with CyberArk
  • $5,080 with Merck
  • $4,670 with Upland Software
  • $2,950 with Iridium Communications
  • $1,640 with Starbucks
  • $1,320 with Norton Lifelock

With regular wins like these, it’s no wonder Bryan’s subscribers have this to say about his services:

D.M. in San Mateo, California, wrote and said:

“I started with about $100,000 and now have about $550,000 – some of the funds being investment growth, some of it being ‘new money’ and some from trading profits.”

Fred of Muncie, Indiana, wrote to say…

“There are many recommendations I would not have known about without this service.”

Stan L. emailed to tell us:

“When friends speak of meeting with their financial advisor once or twice a year, I tell them I have constant contact with my financial advisor, which includes weekly updates and daily notices when needed.”

Bryan’s promise of thousands of dollars in “Dark Money” payments isn’t the only thing you’ll receive as a new member of Quick Income Trader.

Here’s a list of the most important, members-only benefits, beginning with:

Quick Income Trader Benefit #1: A Free Copy of DARK MONEY: How to Collect Monthly Cash Payments from a $4.4 Trillion Secret Market!

Once you become a member, you’ll have this special investment dossier and portfolio delivered to you via email within minutes. That way you can review the details on all of Bryan’s current “Dark Money” payment recommendations and lock them in within minutes.

This valuable dossier tells you HOW to set up your brokerage account for these payments… where you find the sign-up area… and the SPECIFIC NAMES, DATES and AGREEMENT NUMBERS of all the payments.

And Bryan will send you all the information about these payments… immediately.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #2: 30 to 40 Income Recommendations Per Year

New payment recommendations will come in email alerts directly from Bryan Perry at the rate of 3-4 a month, on average.

In each recommendation, Bryan gives you the breakdown of each payment and the specific reasons why he’s recommending it.

These recommendations can put thousands of extra dollars in your account each month.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #3: The Quick Income Trader Video Master Class Series

You also get instant access to Bryan’s Quick Income Trader Video Masterclass. This series of short videos show you how to take advantage of “Dark Money” payment opportunities on a popular online investing platform.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #4: The Little Black Book Of Options Secrets

In The Little Black Book Of Options Secrets, Bryan reveals the insider “tricks of the trade” for winning at options. He shows you how options work… how he decides if a stock warrants an option trade… the specific techniques he uses to maximize profits and minimize losses… and lots more.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #5: Real-Time Alerts

In this fast-moving, volatile market, Bryan stays in constant touch: every now and then he’ll have a trade to recommend that he wants you to jump on right away, and so he makes sure you receive these buy and sell alerts the moment they arrive – via email and text.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #6: Weekly Portfolio Updates

Every week, you’ll receive an email from Bryan updating each open position… revealing any big news on recommended stocks… and sharing what he’s looking for in the future. He’ll also alert you if it’s time to take profits off the table to protect your gains.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #7: Teleconference Events

Bryan hosts live teleconferences so he can keep his readers and subscribers up to date about what’s happening in the markets. Plus, he’s able to alert subscribers in particular to new recommendations coming down the pike.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #8: Quick Income Trader Online Network

You’ll have unlimited, 24/7 open access to Quick Income Trader’s members-only online network and website. Here you’ll find everything you could want on Bryan’s quick income strategy, including his latest recommendations, time-sensitive updates, special reports, and archives of past alerts. You also get access to a comprehensive library of all of Bryan’s current and past research reports.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #9: Exclusive Concierge Services

You’ll have your very own investor services representative at your beck and call to help answer any portfolio and service questions you may have. His name is Grant Linhares, and you can get in touch with him Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

Quick Income Trader Benefit #10: A Special $1,000 Instant Credit (50% Discount) Off the Regular Price

For an entire year of the quick income strategy used by Bryan in Quick Income Trader, investors usually pay $1,995.

That’s a screaming bargain when you consider that a single “Dark Money” income recommendation could potentially make you the same amount almost immediately.

But Bryan is a fierce advocate for his readers, and so, at his request, we’ve made memberships for Quick Income Trader available at a much lower price.

In fact, we’re giving new subscribers a whopping $1,000 credit off the regular price: which works out to more than a 50% discount.

New subscribers to respond to this offer will get an entire year of Quick Income Trader for just $995.

It’s a special benefit for watching Bryan’s recent video presentation on “Dark Money Payment Opportunities.”

Quick Income Trader Benefit #11: Your Personal Guarantee

If you join Quick Income Trader today, Bryan promises you’ll enjoy regular cash payments from his “Dark Money” deposit recommendations… and potentially TRIPLE-digit profits on his stock and option recommendations.

Plus, you get a full 30 days to decide if Quick Income Trader is right for you.

During that time, you’ll receive all the benefits of full membership, including:

  • All the new “Dark Money” payment recommendations…
  • All the buy, sell and hold prices for stocks and options…
  • All the stop-loss recommendations…
  • All the updates and market analysis…
  • All the take-profits alerts, and…
  • Full membership access.

In the unlikely event you find Quick Income Trader isn’t for you, just let us know within 30 days, and we’ll refund every penny you spent on the subscription — no questions asked.

Any information, recommendations, reports, or profits you received courtesy of Quick Income Trader are yours to keep.

In other words: You have nothing to lose by giving Quick Income Trader a try… and potential windfall profits to gain.

Simply fill out the order form below to start your trial membership right now!

If you have any questions at all, please call your personal concierge, Grant Linhares, Director of Trading Services, at 844-419-4548.