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Dividend Investing Weekly

As reported in Barron’s February 2007 issue, “Financial advisor Bryan Perry’s passion is double-digit income investing.”

That same passion for high-yield stocks is what led Bryan to create his Cash Machine service, his book — The 25% Cash Machine, and now his latest project… Dividend Investing Weekly.

Bryan’s new weekly e-letter combines decades-long expertise in income investing with a simple, easy-to-read format that investors of all stripes can put to work for their portfolios.

To sign up for Bryan’s free weekly e-letter, Dividend Investing Weekly, click here. (You’ll also receive a copy of Bryan’s special report, “My Top Monthly Dividend Payer.”)

Current Newsletter

Market Lives up to Its October Historical Profile

For much of the year, the stock market has zigged when it should have zagged. Investors try to use historical data to anticipate the near-term direction for equities. True to form, Mr. Market loves to upend a perfectly good pattern. By all accounts, the month of September is supposed to be the absolute worst time […]