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Dividend Investing Weekly

As reported in Barron’s February 2007 issue, “Financial advisor Bryan Perry’s passion is double-digit income investing.”

That same passion for high-yield stocks is what led Bryan to create his Cash Machine service, his book — The 25% Cash Machine, and now his latest project… Dividend Investing Weekly.

Bryan’s new weekly e-letter combines decades-long expertise in income investing with a simple, easy-to-read format that investors of all stripes can put to work for their portfolios.

To sign up for Bryan’s free weekly e-letter, Dividend Investing Weekly, click here. (You’ll also receive a copy of Bryan’s special report, “My Top Monthly Dividend Payer.”)

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Double-Digit Yields Abound Amid Market Volatility

The turmoil and volatility endured by the high-yield universe of assets has been just as unnerving as the correction in equities for the past three months. Being that most high-yield assets trade like stocks and are primarily owned by retail investors, fear really swept through all the sub-sectors of the high-yield space to leave no […]