Selling “Naked” Put Options: Video Series

This is how the “pros” make money…

It’s known as selling “naked” put options: a bullish play, in which we’re looking for the stock to trade higher.

I use this strategy in my Quick Income Trader service, and we’re having great success with it.

In fact, as of this writing — we’ve achieved a portfolio success rate of 82%.

That’s why I’ve put together these short videos, to show you how I execute this strategy to generate consistent and reliable income.

Video #1 begins with an introduction to selling naked puts, along with a portfolio trade we pulled off with one of my favorite companies: PayPal.

Click below to get started.

Good investing,

Bryan Perry
Investment Director, Quick Income Trader

VIDEO #1: How To Sell “Naked” Put Options [PayPal Case Study]. Click here for the full-screen video.
VIDEO #2: My Strategy for Managing Naked Put Trades [With Less Downside Risk]. Click here for the full-screen video.
VIDEO #3 Coming Soon

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