Dividend Income & Trading Expert Bryan Perry

Seeking Extreme Income in a Rising Rate Market

September 25, 2023

As far as the Fed is concerned, interest rates will be higher for considerably longer than both the stock and bond markets were banking on. The policy statement accompanying the rate decision laid out a path where the Fed is not expecting to reduce rates in 2024, essentially modifying in a negative manner the policy […]

Mountains of Debt Need to Be Addressed

September 18, 2023

Not much has changed in the past month to convince the markets that the Fed is completely done with the business of raising rates. This past week’s inflation and retail sales data, chip-sector theatrics and a host of industry conferences did little to change that. In fact, all it did was to raise the level […]

Stocks Are Set up For a Quarter’s End Window-Dressing Rally 

September 11, 2023

These past five weeks have been characterized as a normal period of consolidation following a strong reversal of the narrative during the last week of August. The softer economic data fueling the bullish pivot has essentially taken the chance of a Fed interest rate hike at the September Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting off […]

The Time To Think About Buying Bonds Is Now

September 4, 2023

Bullish investors were rewarded last week with a winning streak of economic data points coupled with a move higher for the majority of equities and bond prices. One could sense a huge sense of relief in how the data crossed the tape one good news report after another that fed the narrative of a definite […]

Big Week for Economic Data to Prove a Fed Pause is the Right Move

August 28, 2023

Following Fed Chair Powell’s speech at Jackson Hole, stocks initially traded off and were able to grind out a positive close to finish the week, with the S&P and Nasdaq posting gains while the Dow ended fractionally lower. Powell’s closing comment that “As is often the case, we are navigating by the stars under cloudy […]

Deflation in China: a Real and Growing Problem

August 21, 2023

Back in 1989, Japan was in focus and the target of a high level of criticism, as wealthy Japanese investment pools, corporations and individuals were buying up American trophy properties at sky high-prices, including the Rockefeller Center in Manhattan, the Westin Hotel chain and the Pebble Beach golf resort. Mitsubishi Estate Co. paid the Rockefeller […]

Lower Inflation Will Lead to a Much Higher Market

August 14, 2023

This past week’s inflation data came in as forecast with a few components still showing some stubbornness to come down, but the big picture that investors should embrace is that inflation is, indeed, trending lower. It would not surprise me to see the core annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) rate drop into the 3% range […]

The Road Ahead for Rates Looks Flat for Longer

August 7, 2023

Looking at the big picture for the stock market going forward, one only needs to pay close attention to the bond market. Rising bond yields will prove to be a bigger challenge to the market’s leading growth companies, a commonly understood assumption by most investors. And though there is strong disagreement as to whether the […]

Sell the Rally in Regional Banks

July 31, 2023

Rising interest rates, commercial real estate losses and increased regulatory scrutiny were the buzz phrases facing the regional bank sector in late May and early June following the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank, Silvergate Bank, Signature Bank and First Republic (FRC). In response to the early failures occurring in late February and March, the Federal […]

A New Rally in Energy Stocks Looks Legit

July 24, 2023

To hear more of my thoughts, watch this: For 2022, the energy sector was the standout performer, as the major averages were broadly lower over the same period. The sanctions on Russian oil coupled with the economy rebounding from the pandemic and an anti-fossil fuel policy within the Biden administration provided a trifecta of catalysts […]

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